Accommodation in London

All major attractions in London are located in the 1-2 metro zone, so if you want to live in easy reach – choose hotels / Hostels / Apartments in these areas. The most popular areas for Russian tourists: near Paddington Station, in the Hyde Park area (Baywater Road), Kensington, Bloomsbury. As for the first two, then when booking, I advise you to pay attention to Edgware Road Street and avoid it in all possible ways, t.To. This is a very troubled Arab place where the scuffle is quite often occurring without much reasons. I somehow walked there (wandered randomly), real ghetto. Located in walking distance from Marble Arch and Hyde Park.

The main cons of hotels in the center of London is the size of the rooms (often remind more coupe of the train than the room), no elevator (4-5 storey buildings with narrow stairs do not have to drag on them with suitcases).

If you do not exist fad about "living in the center", I recommend to consider such areas as the London Chiswick (Chiswick), Hammersmith (Hammersmith), Ealing (Ealing) and Fulham (Fulham). Former suburbs of London, today is very quiet respectable area with good access to the city center (within 20-40 minutes, depending on the location) and airports (Heathrow and Gatwick). Partly related to the 3 metro area (travel more expensive by 5 pounds in a week). Hotels in these areas often offer very tempting discounts on tariffs, ie.To. Guests potentially "scary" such remoteness. I for myself have chosen these areas as best.

2. How to book.

Hotels: Booking through a trusted sites such as, expedia.COM, HRS.Ru. For reservations in most cases need a plastic card (credit, debit – it does not matter). Sometimes, to find a hotel at the most favorable rate, will have to pay the entire cost at once. This armor is always non-returnable, so you should use it only if you are absolutely sure that the trip will take place.

hostels: The same advice can book through trusted sites (, hostels.Com, Booking.COM). Where you need to make a small deposit (about 10% of the cost).
Accommodation in hostels suitable for young, active and nebrezglivyh travelers (shared shower and toilet on the more adult audience produced a depressing effect). Certainly, there are hostels and undeniable advantages: location (often not the central case), price (700-1000r. per day), the atmosphere is fun and freedom.

Flats / apartments: very easy to book an apartment if you are coming by and have a friendly relationship so that they are ready to share the common areas (kitchen, living room, bathroom). Huge advantages: the price shares evenly on all participants, which, in general, it turns out an order of magnitude cheaper at the hotel; The presence of the kitchen is useful if you want to save on food, buying products in supermarkets and doing cooking at home or when traveling with children, when an attempt to feed them in a restaurant can fly to a penny or to cause certain problems; The special atmosphere of the house away from home, you come not the hotel number, but in almost your apartment?

One of the services for booking apartments in London Here you can book both separate accommodation and a room in the house / apartment. You can also use or Airbnb.Com. However, be careful with the unverified resources, the sites of this kind have a lot and it has become Razdat. First feature: an unrealistic low housing price in central regions.

Accommodation in London

3. How much to pay?

The price of accommodation as and everywhere depends on the location, category and seasonality. Central areas have a price tag from 65-80 pounds per day (for 2.-room number) to infinity. What do you get for 65-80 pounds? It will be a hotel 2-3 stars, a standard room at an average of 10-14 kV.M., T.E. Little, T.E. Overnight only. Sometimes for a slightly smaller price, you can stay at the hotel with shared bathroom for 2-3 rooms. More familiar hotels (with large numbers, in the main mass of 3 stars) will cost 100-150 pounds per day. However, if you get to good discounts, then you can live as I lived in the last trip, for 52 pounds per day for the 2-bed room in 4 stars (Hotel Chiswick Moran, room 30 kV.M.).

Hostels in London are on average 15-20 pounds per day (per person) for accommodation in Damme by 6-10 people. For example, popular places like Astor Quest in the Bayswater area (cute Rasseur near Hyde Park, Paddington Station, Portobello Market), or Palmers Lodge (the one in Hampstead).

The price of apartments / apartments depends primarily on the type of accommodation, for example, the so-called Share Flat (divide the apartment with the owners or other guests), t.E. In fact, the room in the apartment is pretty cheap, in the area of ​​30-45 pounds per day. A separate apartment will cost more expensive, from about 60-70 pounds per day, which is also quite adequate price in comparison with the cost of hotels. Technology of booking of this type: Choose a specific object (room, apartment), connect with the owner (or by the administrator), make a deposit (usually 10-20%), you receive the keys by arrival. If you live with the owners, besides all the voiced, you get a complete consultation on movement, attractions and other necessary information, plus excellent language practices.

Accommodation in London

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