According to Egypt, meeting aliens and sphinxes

Amazing places sometimes open to those who have happened at least once to travel in Egypt. They do not just enjoy the beauty of the desert, which retreats in front of the red sea and powerful cliffs, it again returns to the immense territory of this huge country, where Her Majesty Sugar (which is translated from Arabic and means "desert") 86 percent of the area belongs. Unusual paintings give abundant food for reflection, and a considerable place among them occupy the thoughts about true origin of the pyramids.

Scientists, relying on the inscriptions found during archaeological research, came to the unequivocal conclusion that these unusual buildings, which can be found in an amazing coincidence of circumstances only in Mexico, were intended for pharaohs, which were buried in underground chambers of the pyramids. From there, the governors of the gods on the ground went on a trip to the kingdom of the dead.

Some researchers tend to believe that the pyramids, first of all, located in the Giza area near Cairo, were built not by a person, but rather aliens who knew the technology of the construction of such grand structures, which still could not reach humanity with his rich knowledge. After all, despite the impressive scientific base and numerous assumptions, so more specifically and did not establish how the pyramids of Heops, Heffren and Mikherina were built.

It has the right to exist and the theory of Atlantis, who once existed somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean and gradually left by the will of the gods under water. Atlanta, allegedly managed to get to other continents, built these pyramids in Mexico and Egypt, which are a certain sign, the decoding of which may allow people to learn something so far hidden from them.

But there is another theory, to which they involuntarily inclined, traveling through the Sinai Peninsula. In the south-east, blue between the mountains looping the motorway leading to the resorts of Dahab and En-Nuweiba. The road is posted between rocks that make up a huge canyon, strongly resembling a large canyon in North America. Centuries blown by all winds that are here very strong, these rocks are built into an amazing mosaic, which no one person could be folded even with the richest imagination. Driving between them, clearly distinguish and pyramids, and sphinx, and even. Aliens. The fact is that the smallest grain, persecuted by the wind from the desert, not one millennium, painstakingly and filigiously worked on this natural "Material", As a result, the most real pyramids were born, to which a person’s hand did not touch, but which many really created with pharaohs may envy. By the way, small pyramids, in particular, in the Sakkara area near Cairo, who are truly built by the slaves of Pharaohs, have long collapsed and now represent only the slide of the stones together.

By the way, according to one of theories, Sphinx "Abu al-Hawl" – "Father of horror", The purpose and time of the appearance of which is still not known, was "Built" It was the wind from a solid rock formation: the centuries gradually pulled out the pedestal, who accepted the body shape of a certain animal in time, and people had already completed the process, giving him concrete outlines and adding his head to him. Because of this, according to, and turned out to be disproportionately large body and paws against a relatively small head.

Returning to the Large Canyon area, it is worth noting that nature is capable and not for such wonders. Our car hardly flew into a ditch, and we experienced the real shock when the rocks broken after the next mountain serpentine appeared to the light. A huge soldier-alien, leaving the world with the elevation of another array.

The figure of the Giant Warrior in the armor and with a shield in his hands visited one thought: this could be done only by a person – the details and natural human forms were too accurate: the head, body, arms and legs clearly visible. But the doubt that someone could have begun to build among the rocks in the wilderness, where even now for the whole day there are hardly several dozen cars, a multi-meter sculpture, a place was inferior to another thought – this is an evil joke of nature, a mirage that dissolves when Nearest consideration. No, the warrior did not disappear even when, with difficulty overcoming black, as if the burned mountain, it was possible to consider this miracle closer. He stood on the spot, only turned. In the woman who gotten to the rock, who, with sadness, broken from the almond-shaped eyes of an alien creature, looked at this world.

According to Egypt, meeting aliens and sphinxes

This is what the desert and her close friend are capable of wind, which appeared to medieval jinn travelers. But it was also a lot of interesting things during the trip according to Sinai, this time from the field of historical heritage. We are talking about the baths of the pharaohs, which have been preserved since the time of the ancient rulers of Egypt. After moving from Africa to Asia, the boundary between which the tunnel serves under the Suez Channel, the very edge of the sea is a huge mountain, the entrance to which two small decesses serve at her foot. The first entrance leads to seven rooms, which can be overcome only with a crawl, and in some stomges – so there are so low.

Moving better with a lantern and accompanied by a guide volunteer from among the Bedouins living in this area, otherwise you can easily get lost in the labyrinth of the rooms. As it approaches the main, the longest, the grotty is incompletely hot – a real sauna, heating up to 120 degrees. Dry steam comes from the rocks themselves – the body is instantly warming up and covered with small droplets, after five minutes the person is already wet – for a long time to withstand such an organism hard, and you have to return.

However, after warming up in such a natural sauna, it is good in a small underground lake, which was formed from beating mountain healing hydrogen sulfide sources. Local Bedouins argue that dirt from the bottom of this lake is very useful from rheumatism and other diseases, and with pleasure they smear tourists. Next to the cold lake beats a hot source, but it is dangerous to walk there – you can get a terrible burn if slipping on wet from constant moisture plates. These sources flow out of the mountain and fall into the sea, and those who know about the paranoons, prefer to receive healing baths right on the seashore.

The existence of these natural baths know a few even from the long-living in Egypt. This place is not landscaped and not enlarged, which, however, only gives it additional value. Who knows, suddenly another mystery of nature dissolves in non-existence, if a man invades her, as it happened more than once with some historical monuments and in the country of Pharaohs, and other places? It is said that the detection of all ancient Egyptian artifacts archaeologists will need about 500 years – so much is hidden under the multi-meter of sand in this ancient land.

To comprehend everything that is on the surface will undoubtedly leave much less. But for this, there will be a lot of strength and desire to learn and understand the main riddle of this amazing country, not ceasing to struggle even those who lived here for many years and seemingly studied Egypt well.

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