According to Napoleonic places

The last of the reinforced towers, where Corsican families were usually covered from blood revenge, was abandoned by people and locked up for a castle ten years ago. Now "vendetta" ceased to be so bloody as before. The maximum, for which the extensible and angry Corsican is capable of abandoned – it is to throw a chair or an empty bottle in his offender. Corsica’s mitigations are obliged not only to educational work of the Central French government, but also one and a half million tourists who visit this island annually.

Tourist business gives the work of the quarter of Corsicans, and the locals do not want to frighten the consecration of their morals. On the extension of the tourist season, the Corsicans are softened even stronger. This is where the time and go to Corsica – from October to November there is still warm, in some coves you can even swim. And prices are much lower.

In the summer, a week of rest in a three-star hotel costs (together with airlines from Marseille or Nice) at least $ 1.100. (Tickets to Marseille or Nice and back – individual money.) In autumn this amount decreases one and a half times. Even less can pay for his vacation that tourist who decides to bypass Corsica on foot, stopping not in hotels, but in rural pensions. Then such a journey will cost no more than $ 500 per week.

Weekly walk will require a trainee and spartan unpretentious traveler. Just in case, it is good to capture a tent with you and, of course, a stiff alcohol flask, such as a local inexpensive brandy – for Sugenrev. But the lack of comfort with interest compensates for the beauty that the hiking tourist will see. Rich, resting in chic hotels of the island, they are not available.

Especially for those who are not afraid of long hiking, the Corsican tourism agency has developed a route under the code GR-20. This is a special, proven by foot tourism trail, leading from the capital of Ajaccio Island to Calvi town in Northeast Corsica. It partially passes through the Corsican National Park, located in the Interior Area.

In those places with their sharp mountain peaks, fitted over the bottomless adoptions of villages of two or three houses, stormy robes with ice water on the car get difficult. Yes, and hardly most vacationers will like the risky driving manner inherent in the Corsicans. They are temperamental people, and even drivers of large-sized buses go through narrow high-mountain roads with exactly the same speed as on flat highways. Mountain roads inside the island – not better quality, besides, they roam Otara Sheep. In short, riding a car in the inner regions of Corsica is not for the faint of heart.

Stress from mad ride on a mountain serpentine in one day will not even drop even the best Corsican wine CAP CORSE. Therefore, if you want to see the internal areas of Corsica, it is better to go there for your two. The mountain air and the aromas of eucalyptus groves are too worse than hot grog, welded in ancient marine recipes with cloves and pepper. Fear of dashing people in secluded corners do not need. For Corsicans, a foreigner is almost a holy man, and in mountain villages a traveler – always welcome guest.

If a long weekly transition to mountain packers someone seems too long, it can be replaced by short walks in the vicinity of Ajaccio. There are many cheap boarding houses, and two-three-star hotels in the fall make discounts. Having stopped in a city hotel or boarding house, you can study Corsican attractions independently.

According to Napoleonic places

Start standing with Cours Napoleon streets passing through the Ajaccio Center. Be sure to look into the cathedral, built in 1582, where the most famous natives of the local places were baptized – Napoleon Bonaparte. Nearby installed equestrian statue of the great emperor of France with a gold-plated wreath on the head. Napoleon is perhaps the only French statesman to which on the island are with absolute reverence. It is understandable – countryman. Even close and long-range relatives of the emperor: aunts, uncle, grandchildren, great-grandchildren – Personal Personnel Popular and Ctubi.

However, on Napoleon, the Light of the Wedge did not come down. Near Ajaccio There are wonderful beaches and picturesque bays, some of which enters the Scandol Reserve. Rocks rose straight from the sea, in climbing nature is scattered huge slippery boulders. The Corsican coast has a rather quiet and glows with all the shades of blue. From the roller coast of Skandol in transparent water, the shoals of sea perks are visible, which are still worth the clock, slowly turning over fins.

"Wild" A tourist can walk on Corsica where he wants. Only we need to take care of local nature and not to litter. On the beaches near Ajaccio there are places for breaking tents. Ready Food Food Food. In the wrong places, put the tents and burn fire is prohibited – for the violation of the police and fly.

From the coast of Ajaccio, vintage guard towers, built by another Genoese, who in due time belonged to the island. Once these towers guarded Corsica from conquering raids. Then they were hidden from the bullets of the bloodshots of hostile families. Now these – already uninhabited – towers restore. Open museums. And in others – restaurants with simple but delicious Corsican cuisine.

Guests are fed with wild boar meat in blueberry sauce. Just in the fall, when Corsican boar, embraced by acute and fir bumps, trust, his meat is considered a special delicacy.

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