Acquaintance from Sri Lanka

Wide in the magnificent Buddhist temples, watch the beautiful ceremonies, go very close to the elephants and support a small turtle in your hands, admire the incredible landscapes of the highlands from the train window, wander around tea plantations, climb into the mountains to the waterfalls, get the beach on the beaches, treat yourself to anose Massages and delicious Lankan food.


Countries on the route: Sri Lanka

Route duration: ten ; 16 days

Travel period: Round year

Approximate budget: 680-750 $ / human (calculated under the budget options for housing and transport. In useful links to the route), plus food (25-35 $ / day) and purchases

Acquaintance from Sri Lanka ; Short version of Sri Lanka for those who cannot afford a long vacation, but nevertheless, seeks to get closer to the nature and culture of this incredible island and / or for those travelers who try to spend more time in interesting places even to the detriment the number of such places in the route.

The route begins and ends in Colombo (looking for tickets)

Colombo, 1-2 days

Stroll by the old city of Colombo, plunge into a mad rhythm and flavor shopping quarters Petthas, explore the main attractions of the city, among which the National Museum and the magnificent Buddhist temples ; GangAramaya and Seema Malaka, try local food and join local residents for evening promenade along the Galle Face Green Embankment.

How to get from the airport

Taxi to the city from the airport will cost $ 17-20 plus a couple of dollars for travel on the motorway, you can order a taxi upon arrival at the corresponding rack in the airport terminal or take a taxi directly directly in the hall or at the exit (define the price and specify the passage of the freeway). A little more expensive alternative ; Transfer from the hotel (Request when booking in the field ; hotel message 😉 or order transfer online (see useful links).

Where to live

Mandarina Colombo ; Relatively small new hotel in Colpetti district, near the city center and the main attractions of the city. Not the cheapest place in Colombo, but at the same time a great option for ; comfortably calm after the flight ; and get acquainted with the city.

More fiscal option ; CJ Villas ; Clean, pretty and for the measurements of Colombo is a very inexpensive hotel, located also in the colliptic area along the coast (part of the rooms overlook the ocean). Breakfasts in the hotel are not served, toilets and showers are divided between several numbers.

Look for another accommodation in Colombo: on Booking | on agoda | simultaneously in different booking systems

See where to look for accommodation: Colombo guide (section where to live)

Approximate budget

  • Hotel in Colombo -80-90 $ per room / night or $ 40-50 more budget option
  • Taxi from the airport ; 17-20 $ or $ 29-35 per transfer

Paloney, 1 day

Set the hotel near the river in which the elephants bathe, look at the daytime bathing, watch the march of the elephants on the pinavnel, visit the elephant kennel to come pretty close to the elephants, feed them, watch charming family scenes, take photos. Next morning have breakfast on the terrace overlooking the river and see the morning bathing before you continue the path in the direction of Kanda.

How to get from Colombo

By train in the direction of Candy (just about 2 hours). Nearest station to Panoney ; Rambukkana, from there to a nursery or a hotel can be reached on Tuk Tuka.

Buy places with a reserved place in the second or first class cars. When booking a hotel in Colombo, specify in notes (in English) that you need help reserving a train ticket. Alternatively, you can order tickets in one of the local tour agencies or buy Colombo at the distance or two before moving.

More comfortable alternative ; Taxi from Colombo to Pinavlies, ask for a taxi at the reception at the reception of the hotel or book a transfer in advance on-line

Where to live

Hotel Elephant Park ; Cute, clean hotel near the river. It is worth booking in advance with a reduced price, as the basic price is too high (for a general opinion)) Check-in in a hotel at 4 o’clock. Book a room overlooking the river and request the current Schedule Bathing Elephants to properly plan your stay in Pinavnel.

Looking for another housing in Pinavel: on Booking | on agoda | in different booking systems

See where to look for accommodation: Pinavnel Guide (section where to live)

Approximate budget

  • Hotel in Porella near the river ; $ 50-55 per room overlooking the river / night with early booking
  • Train tickets ; 10-15 $ / Place Reservation Ticket
  • Knock Knock ; 3-4 $
  • Admission tickets for nursery ; About $ 16 / ticket

Kandy, 2-3 days

Stroll around the lake, admiring the types of Candy, inspect the famous sacred city of Kandy and watch the beautiful ceremony, the main attribute of which are living blue and purple lotuses, try local goodies and see the traditional dancing Sri Lanka.

How to get from Pinavel

By taxi (ask to organize a taxi at the hotel reception, cheaper option ; By train from Rambukkana station.

Where to live

Yoho Sky Settle (Sandamalla In) ; Pure New Guest Hauz, from numbers Exit to a small terrace with a wonderful look. Good breakfast, rental of Tuk Tukov, not bad Wi-Fi, very friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

Look for another housing in Kandy: on Booking | on agoda | in different booking systems

See where to look for accommodation: Guide to Kandy (section where to live)

Approximate budget

    Acquaintance from Sri Lanka
  • Guest Hauz in Kandy ; 40-55 $ per room / night
  • Taxi ; 18-25 $ / Machine
  • Admission tickets to Temple Tooth Buddha ; 7 $ / ticket

Ella, 2-3 days

Spend a couple of days in pleasure ; Take a walk among tea plantations, exotic gardens and rice fields to waterfalls, small temples and local attractions, treat yourself with hedonistic breakfasts on a terrace with a gorgeous view, excellent procedures in the local spa and traditional Lankan dinners, which are commonly served by a mass of small plates with curry, chutne and Other goodies.

How to get from Candy

By train with Railway Station, Candy or from Peradeniya station (about 7 hours), leave Candy early in the morning, to catch the most beautiful section of the move, which falls on the final section of the path.

Book tickets to the first class in OBServer cars or in the second class with reservation.

Timetables and train tickets

Where to live

Ella River Front ; This is one of those small beautiful gestures of Ella, with the terraces of which are awesome stunning views of Ella Rock and Waterfall. Excellent breakfasts, simple, but very clean rooms, silence, nice owners, homemade Lankan food. This guest is located per feature of the city, walk for 10 minutes, dollar on Tuk-Tuka.

Look for another housing in Elle: on Booking | on agoda | in different booking systems

See where to look for accommodation: ELLE guide (section where to live)

Approximate budget

  • Guest Hauz in Elle ; 35-40 $ per room / night
  • Train tickets ; 1-2 $ in the second class without reservation space, 10-15 $ ; With reservation
  • Tuk-Tuki railway station ; Lodge / hotels ; 5-6 $

Mirissa, 3-5 days

Spend a few days on one of the most beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. Nothing particularly non-making. Try yourself in surfing or just jump on the huge waves of the Indian Ocean, try success in search of whales in the ocean, sitting in the local sauna and take a couple of healing auminous massages sessions, rate the beach barbecue and admire the traditional fire show.

How to get from Ella

By taxi (2-3 hours, ask to organize a taxi of the Gesta owners in Elle or book a transfer online, see useful references). More fiscal option ; Local buses with a transfer in the town of Wellawaya.

Where to live

Palace Mirissa ; far from the cheapest option, but if you want to pamper yourself before returning home, then Palace Mirissa ; Wonderful choice. Cute bungalows with xaRacter design are located on the hill (many bungalows ; overlooking the ocean). Very pretty territory with peaceful walking peacocks, a fantastic look, opening with a restaurant terrace. Board and Surf Point ; Immediately near the descent from the hill.

Look for another housing in Mirissa: on Booking | on agoda | in different booking systems

See where to look for accommodation: Guide to Mirissa (section where to live)

Approximate budget

  • Comfortable beach bungalow in Mirissa ; 100-120 $ per room
  • Taxi from Ella to Mirissa ; About $ 50 / Machine
  • Bus ; About 7-10 $ / ticket

Bentota, 1-2 days

Stroll on an endless sandy beach, enjoying the wild beauty of the desert coast, visit one of the volunteer centers for the protection of the skulls, learn more about the incubation of the turtles and take part in the ritual of the release of small turtles in the ocean.

How to get from Mirissa

By train or flight bus (1.5-2 hours).

Tickets See here or buy on site

Where to live

Shangri-Lanka Villa ; Absolutely charming villa a 5-minute walk from the deserted beach next to Bentota. The three-story villa with large comfort rooms is surrounded by engraved nature, on the territory ; Little Pool and Massage Cabinet. At the reception, you can call Tuk-Tuk and / or order a transfer to the airport.

Looking for another housing in Bentotes: on Booking | on agoda | in different booking systems

See where to look for accommodation: Bentota guide (section where to live)

Approximate budget

  • Villa in Bentota ; 70-90 $ per room
  • Train tickets ; 1-2 $ in the second class without reservation
  • Tuk-Tuki railway station ; Lodge / hotels ; 5-6 $

Moving to Colombo Airport, departure home

From Bentota It is convenient to travel to the airport by taxi or shuttle. Time on the way about 2 hours, the cost of about $ 50-70, you can book a shuttle service in a hotel or online.

Acquaintance from Sri Lanka

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