Acquaintance with Bologna

This is one of the richest cities of the country. Bologna – Capital of the region Emilia&# 8211;Romina, Located in Valley River by. You can get here with traditional lines, such as Lufthansa (Transplant B Munich or Frankfurt).
Although to get acquainted with Bologna, You will have to spend there at least a few days. Even if you have between the flights of the day or two, this does not mean that the wises will not be able to visit many Extremely interesting places in the city known for his Kitchen And arcade architecture.
Bologna Airport name Gulielmo Marconi (LIPE / BLQ) moderately loaded. V 2009 year It was serviced less 4.8 million passengers. it ninth By the magnitude of the airport Italy. You can get to the city on buses from the municipal company ATC Bologna. Line "Airbus»Curses S 6:00 to 00:15, Going approximately every 12 minutes. Road to the Central Railway Station (Stazione Centrale), located in the city center, occupies 20 minutes, And the ticket one way is worth 5 Euro (in an automatic or driver).

Traveling by bus, easy to find out in which country you are. Drivers sometimes stop, to Touch with friend or Pick up passenger. When two buses stop close to the red light, drivers Open windows wide and start talk. Moreover, even if the driver does not speak-English, when he will be asked about the route or a suitable stop, he will start response with a smile on his face, clearly assuming that if you do not speak in this language, everything you need to do so that you understand it – it is shout loudly.
Chief station, Where the bus stops, is located on the northern outskirts of the old city. This is a charming neoclassical building built in 19 century. The station itself is one of the most loaded in Italy.

Central station was the place of one of the most Bloody terrorist acts v Europe. August 2, 1980 As a result bombing explosion 85 people died and completely destroyed one of the wings of the station. Building Reconstructed, But in memory of the victims there are many traces. Currently Stazione Centrale represents huge Construction site – a project is implemented there, which Connect Ways of the speed and ordinary railway, and suburban train.
Looking at the map center Bologna, You can clearly see how passing old walls, surrounding city ​​center. Currently in their place acts Two-band ring road of the old city, and within this rings every few hundred meters are located Beautiful gate (all of them 12). Most of them are renovated, although some are still in Bad condition. If you start a tour of the city from the railway station, that is, from the north, the first will be the gate Port Gallery. At the gate is located tour agency.

Walk through the streets of the city

From Porta Galliera You can get to the very city ​​center on the street Via Dell&# 8217; indipendenza.
However, it is worth a little extend the path (the distances are small) and go to Parco DELLA MONTAGNOLA. This is a beautiful green area in the city center, to which you can climb the Renaissance stairs with numerous Sculptures and Fontamans.
Park itself is also full of centuries-old Artistic decorations. This is one of the favorite places of recreation of residents and guests Bologna.

Passing through Montanol Park, You can return to Via Dell&# 8217; indipendenza and go to K Center, But walking in Via Imerio No less interesting. To the right of the busy street are typical homes Renaissance (of course, with famous Bologna Arcadami), and on the left side, in the former Palace richest families, Now are located Faculties of Bologna University, The oldest university in the world (based in B 11 century, In official documents dates 1158 year).
However, to fully understand the importance of the university for the city, come to Ruins Port of San Donato, and then roll up Via Zamfoni Street. The most important university buildings are located along this narrow street with a limited car movement. It is worth mentioning that students Bologna University were in particular, Petrarch, Dante and Copernicus, and in later history – Umberto Eco. Currently, at the university and its branches is learning more than 100 thousand people.
Between faculties, libraries and offices have Tiny cafes and trats. In each of them you can try this Italian tiramisu with a cup strong espresso.

Acquaintance with Bologna

On Via Zamfoni Also located the most famous and largest Museum BolognaPinakotek Nationalale. Among other masterpieces – work of Raphael and Jotto.
Continuing traffic Via Zamfoni, You drive Communal Theater and Church St. Jacob, To finally get to the city icon – Two towers. Both these buildings are inclined. The Higher Tower of Azinelli rises to a height of 97.2 meters and tilted from the vertical on 2,2 meters, A Nizhnya Garistenda on high 48 meters inclined more than on 3 meters.
A few hundred meters from Two towers Located the main square of the city – Piazza Maggiore.
Around the square are beautiful Palaces, But especially noteworthy Palazzo Comunale.
Currently here is Town Hall, and public library and Centre Arts. He is worth spending time and go inside.
Opposite the entrance to the palace there is a richly decorated Fountain Neptune, Traditional meeting place Bologna students.

In the opposite corner of the area is Saint Petronia Basilica, One of the largest Christian churches In the world (during construction it was planned that it would be more than basilica St. Peter in Rome, but Dad I did not agree). Characteristic feature of the building 14th century is the unfinished facade and the meridian line marked on the floor.
A few hundred meters south of the square Piazza Maggiore located Castle Archigimnasio. There used to be university here, and now one of the libraries are located here. However, the most interesting place is definitely Teatro Anatomico – One of the oldest rooms intended for public openings.
A few hundred meters from the main square Bologna There are also several major religious complexes that you should visit. These include churches Holy Dominica and Francis with the characteristic tombs of the first rectors Bologna University with conical roofs.
Big advantage Bologna is an Proximity to all monuments to the center cities. People who are bored to attend churches and palaces, you can simply deviate from Main roads and go through a narrow streets. For tourists tired of inspection attractions, There are many Small restaurants, where you can enjoy dishes with the famous Bologna sauce. It is also worth not afraid to enter various buildings – churches, museums or palaces. Even if they are not described in guidebooks, the inspection of them may be very exciting.

Generally, Bologna – This is the city with Typically Italian flavor. Knowledge English Language there is not very useful, but Italians its openness and joy fill the lack of language. Each visitor of this city will certainly face a dilemma – Visit the monuments of the Renaissance and Assess the historical values ​​of the city, or enjoy Italian cuisine and desserts, Sitting on Spilled Sun Square Piazza Maggiore. To fully enjoy the stay in Bologna, You need combine these two elements.

Acquaintance with Bologna

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