Acquaintance with Kanagawa Prefecture

This prefecture is a series of major cities on the west coast of the Tokyo Bay, which forms the Keikhin Economic region. Along the coast goes sent by the harness of the motorway, repeating the ancient path of Tokaido, once connecting two capitals – Kyoto and Edo. Following this route, it is difficult to determine where huge Tokyo ends and Kawasaki begins – the center of ferrous metallurgy and shipbuilding with a population approaching 1.5 million. human. It is also impossible to note the boundaries of the next city – Iokohama – the largest seaport of the country, the population of which has already exceeded 3.5 million. human. And followed by Iokohama (the Japanese prefer the name of Ekohama) is the port and the naval base of Yokosuk, where large shipbuilding and ship repair plants are located.

In total, over 8 million live in the prefecture. human. She is the second largest population among 47 country prefectures, although on the area (2.5 thousand. kv. km) takes only 43rd place.

Canagaba Prefecture is often referred to as the sea gates of Japan. These are open "Gates" were in the middle of the XIX century. In 1853, the squadron of American ships arrived to the coast of the rising sun as a purpose "open" Her ports for their fishing and whaling vessels, which produced in the Pacific Ocean. Americans also had a strong desire to get a new market for their products. US Flotilla under the command of Commodore M. Perry was given an order to achieve the desired result by any means, even military force. The Japanese were forced to give in progress. An agreement was signed on the opening for foreign vessels of three ports in the cities of Nagasaki, Hakodate and Simoda. But these cities were far from the political center of the country. Therefore, four years later, the Americans concluded a new treaty with Japan, as a result of which she lost the right to a customs monopoly, and already in 1859 Iokohama became open to visiting by foreign vessels, a special territorial area for foreigners was also established here.

Gradually, Iokohama became one of the most important ports in Japan. Unfortunately, the destructive earthquake in 1923 on the Kanto plain caused great damage to the city and port. No less noticeable damage of Iokohama suffered from American bombing during World War II.

After the end of the war, Iokohama made a powerful jerk in industrial development. Plants of world-famous companies, financial corporations and banks settled here. Satellite cities, such as Cavasaki and Cavasaki also progressively progressed.

In the prosperous Economic Area of ​​Cayikhin, the capacity in promising areas, such as ferrous metallurgy, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering. This area has become the center of the hard and chemical industry.

The Cayikhin area joined large human and technological resources, excellent transport infrastructure, two international large ports in Cavasaki and Yokohama cities, as well as Handa International Airport. In the area of ​​Cayikhin, various types of industries are successfully developing: petrochemical, steel, electronic, automotive and other. Advanced research and development development.

In recent decades, there is an active restructuring of the scientific and industrial potential of the region. Production facilities are collected in ferrous metallurgy, in shipbuilding. Processing based on advanced technologies. Due to the neighborhood with Tokyo, enterprises and firms located in the economy zone of Cayakhin are replenished with new young specialists – graduates of the capital’s universities.

Acquaintance with Kanagawa Prefecture

In Iokohaam, their own databases are created for training, but with an emphasis on practical activity. The local administration established a research center to establish cooperation between universities and private corporations wishing to conduct research.

The Scientific Town of Mikon was created in Kavasaki, which specializes in high technologies in the field of electronics, computers, programming and service industry.

Structural restructuring in the industry caused a change in the appearance of cities. Kawasaki, the air of which for decades was poisoned by emissions of metallurgical and chemical industries, today acquired an environmentally friendly species. Lighted from plants and harmful enterprises Earth is built up by skyscrapers and shopping centers.

In Iokohaam, a project to arrange a coastal zone was implemented – "Minato Mirai 21". The heart of this complex of high-rise buildings was the office tower with a height of 296 m. This is the highest building in Japan.

Today Kanagawa – Showcase of Modernist Japan. But in it, the monuments of history, which very rich prefecture remains as gently. Every year, millions of tourists visit Kanagawa to get acquainted with the old Kamakura, once the capital of the Military Board of Medieval Japan. Here you can see a gigantic copper statue of a sitting Buddha. It has more than 13 meters in height, this is the second statue of height in Japan and the third in the world.

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