Acquaintance with Montenegro: five days, five cities

So, in Montenegro, two airports: in the capital Podgorica and in Tivat (small airfield). We have chosen flight to Tivat, and in the same town they decided to stay in private apartments. The airfield is surrounded by high cliffs and is located in 4 kilometers from the city, move on a straight road – do not confuse. Our house "Apartments Marco" with a welcoming mistress in spring (emphasis on "E") was very close, at the entrance to the city. The hostess met by car, brought to the house and drove a cafe (insanely delicious local cooked coffee, in a cafe – order certainly – Kuwana Cafe, the price of about 2 euros).

Tivat is a very quiet and calm city, located on the shores of the Tivat bay, where the famous yacht pier "Porto Montenegro", A huge amount of yachts for every taste and coastal summer restaurants. Very many children. A lot of roses – they are grown in the courtyards, and in the morning the first thing you feel this smell – tart, floral, sweet.

In Tivat there is a bus station (with free Wi-Fatch), from where you can leave in any direction, from there we rode.
First of all, we went from Tivat to Kotor – a beautiful city, protected by UNESCO. Before which can be reached by a regular bus (quickly, but you need to expect, on a schedule), or urban buses (not in a straight line through departure from the city, but as if back through the whole Tivat and along the coast and all of the villages, this path takes 40 minutes, But the beauty is indescribable).

In which there is a so-called old town, a fortress city near the tall cliffs, go there – and, most importantly, do not get lost in narrow streets (so it was done to confuse the enemy). What to do in which? Certainwise climb the mountains to the fortress of St. John, along the dilapidated steps, the path is long and better not in the heat and not in the rain. Login costs 3 euros. From the tops are excellent panoramas on the bay and kind, the best photos we made exactly there. Time is not limited, so you can climb hours, it is worth it.

Before the capital, Podgorica, we also went by bus, go for hours two in narrow and terrible mountain serpentine, winding and confused – scary there to rent a car, because the roads though good, but high and narrow, drivers – masters of their business. In the capital – boredom, there is nothing to do, except to reach the hill of Goritsa (type Park) and climb him to make fun and admire the species. Where to eat – a good restaurant "Tsarin" With acceptable prices and national cuisine, two steps from the hill. It is also worth seeing about the river some ruins, it is beautifully pofotkatsya, find blossoming poppies and leave because the city brings melancholy. Silence there is not a capital.

Before Herceg Novi, also bought a bus ticket, and eventually floated on the bay on the bay – beautifully and unusual, the driver opens the doors and you can walk by ferry, watch. Herceg Novi also resort city, with its atmosphere – narrow stairs between the houses, the fortress walls and the bay with screaming seagulls. Before the famous monastery "Savina" did not come – there was heavy rain, and it would be necessary.

Acquaintance with Montenegro five days, five cities

It is worth a visit to the Women’s Monastery Rusto – in the mountains over Budva and mandatory to see the island of St. Stephen, built up with beautiful houses. Stunning views on Budva open from the mountains and yet – from the city walls, for which you can climb and walk along them, considering everything from above.

What to eat in Montenegro?
1. Cafe – Chernogorsk coffee.
2. Meat meat – a huge plate (for me so on four) different types of hot meat (pork, roasted bacon, chicken kebabs, beef, cutlets) to which Potato fries and fresh vegetables. Tasty, a lot, and it is not quite expensive.
3. Chorba – a delicious soup (from veal, mushroom or fish)
4. Baclava – very juicy and sweet Pahlava, melting in the mouth.
5. Wine "Varnats" – Red, dry, light.
6. Fruit or honey rash – type of vodka, but drinks easily.

Make a note:
1. Accents in all cities – for the first syllable: Tivat, Podgorica,.
2. Duty Free at Tivat Airport is very small, from the series – sweets and alcohol. In hand bags, it is allowed to carry any liquid, so carry Raku in backpacks.
3. Honey.Insurance for visiting the country is not needed.
4. On arrival need to be issued "White cardboard" – pay the tax for staying, we took us the owner at home in the office, then when you fly away – can check these cards.

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