Acquaintance with Prague

Prague, founded in the pre-Christian era, ancient and fabulous, fascinates with its charm. Combination of various architecture styles And the monumental buildings will be captivated and will remain in the memory of any tourist, flashing the bright orange tiles of the roofs, a cobbled cobblestone streets and, of course, the spiers of age-old towers.

Going to Prague, be sure toThread in the navigator and visit the unforgettable places of the city of Stilas.

Prague Castle. Giant Giant

It is noted that Prague Grad is not only a business card of Prague, but also Symbol of the whole Czech Republic. The old town rises on the hill of the left bank of the Vltava River, founded by the prince for sure in the IX century. Prague Castle provides the opportunity to see the temples located on its territory and palaces – The legacy of architects of different eras.

Tourists have long chosen this place and seek to take pictures with the honorable guard, which carries its service at the residence of the President of the Czech Republic.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Cathedral of St. Vita enters the ensemble of Prague Country. Vitivaya gothic thread of facades, islandic spiers, seeking clouds, give Feeling dive in the Middle Ages. The regalia of the crowned kings is kept here, and under the vaults of the chapel, the relics of St. Vaclav, revered by Czechs as the patron of land Czech.

The Charles Bridge

One of the bridges through Vltava. Unfortunately, the floods did not give it to predecessors the ability to preserve until our time. According to legend, July 9, 1357 Karl IV personally laid the first stone In the foundation of the bridge, but it was not associated with the name of the founding king until 1870. Now Charles Bridge invites visitors to the capital walk and penetrate the spirit of the Middle Ages, Consider the towers, touch the statue of St. Yana Nonooberksky, watch the unhonestly flow of water and, as usual, make a cherished desire.

Old Town Square

It is considered the heart of the Old Town, a peculiar Mecca for tourists visiting Prague. The monument to Jan Gusu, the Czech hero of the reformer, in whose honor the war was named after his burning at the fire, was located in the center of the square. Surround Square Historic buildings, architectural monuments. It is hourly by the attention of many tourists, Prague Couragents are counted, where 12 apostles appear in front of the audience, and in the windows you can see human troubles: death, greed, foliage and creature.

Jewish city

Josephs, so local call this place, located in the center of the Old Town. Very small on the territory, but rich in historical sights.


On the hill of the right bank of Vltava, there is a castle-fortress Vyšehrad, which was the most important of defensive structures and served as the royal residence. Visitors to the old castle are sent to Basilica Peter and Paul. It is also worth visiting the museum, according to archaeological exhibits, here presented, scientists concluded that These places were settled more than 5 thousand years ago. Parks in Vyšehrad typify peace, and the species of the castle wall are forced to think about the eternal.

Wenceslas Square

Acquaintance with Prague

The equestrian market, once located here, gradually turned into a lively boulevard with shops and restaurants, even at night a rapid life. It is believed that All the ways lead here. Having met "under the tail" (near the monument to the rider. Wenceslas), tourists diverge on excursions, in general, the reasons great many.

dancing House

A bit strange architectural construction built in 1996., caused many disputes, but at the same time gained popularity. Recently, with the change of owners of the building, as before, began to call the house Ginger and Fred, since the house was built in honor of the famous Broadway Duet.

Petrshinskaya Tower

Consider Prague with a sixtieth meter tower located on a hill. Something Petrshinskaya The tower is similar to Eiffel, They differ in the grounds – the Prague tower stands on the octagonal, and the terrain makes it above.

National Theater

The most magnificent architectural creation, built on donations, has become a symbol of the revival of the Czech Republic. Be sure to get here to the performance, because Prazanes are proud of their beautiful theater. And, no doubt, there is nothing! The repertoire of the theater is diverse, you can get acquainted with Czech and with world culture.

List and describe the sights of such a city as Prague, get acquainted with his centuries-old history, dive into the atmosphere, Inhale its air can be infinite. But Prague never get bored and will not bother, but will make all new discoveries.

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