Acquaintance with the Mountains

Taoism – original Chinese religion. He has 1800 years. His followers are called Dais. Taoists worship "Dao", supernatural limited origin; They believe that all people by psychophysical self-improvement can become immortal or possessing eternal youth saints. Daisy love to engage in Chinese gymnastics "U-Shu". There are many mountains in the world, but the mountains representing the cultural heritage of the country or all of humanity are not so much. Mountains are good-shan just belong to such vertices of the Earth. Mountains are well-shan are the shrine of Chinese Taoism. They are located in the northwestern part of China’s Central Province Hubei. For a few hundred years, the mountains are well known for their bizarre peaks and great timing shrines.

When it comes to the mountains of a well-shan, it is impossible not to mention one famous Emperor of China – the emperor in the Ming dynasty, which rules under the motto "Junle" 600 years ago. It is by his order for a well-shan, construction work widely unfolded. It is said that every day a job came out about 300 thousand local residents, masters and builders. For ten years, more than 30 architectural ensembles have increased in these places. These architectural buildings, like the Gugun Palace in Beijing, belong to the imperial facilities of the Ming Dynasty. Architectural ensembles in the Uden-Shan mountains are called structures built between vertices, ridges, on the slopes between rocks and streams. In 1994, architectural ensembles in UNDAL-SHAN included UNESCO in the World Cultural Heritage Catalog.

Up to the mountains is a convenient transport connection. From the city of Wuhan – the Administrative Center of Hubei Province – you can take a trip to the foot of the Mountains Udan-Shan, and travel buses drive up directly to this picturesque area. Lifting up the mountain along the winding mountain path, you can admire tea plantations, precious cunnings and sequoia, towering on both sides of the road, as well as elegant homes located in the mountain valleys. Udna-Shan unique in their outlines and forms of numerous peaks. 72 vertices are tested here, on which a variety of palaces and timing temples are erected. These buildings are truly great and amazing in their unity, in harmony with nature. The main vertex – Tianzhufen, racing down at 1600 with more than meters, as if the pillar, supports the sky. Here is the most famous building of the Mountains Uredn-Shan – Golden Pavilion.

You can climb into the Golden Pavilion on the top of the mountains on the stone path. The golden pavilion has a height of more than 5 meters and towers on a smooth jade foundation. It has a 600-year history, but still looks sparkling and gorgeous. The pavilion is not made of pure gold, and from bronze and covered with gilding. It is said that 20 tone of copper and 300 kilograms of gold went to build this building. He is the biggest bronze construction in China. Many pilgrims come to the Gold Pavilion. They not only worship the sacred construction, but also pray for happiness and well-being in the future.

In the Gold Pavilion, as in other monasteries located in the Mountains of the Udan-Shan, is the bronze statue of the jade emperor. Not far from the Golden Pavilion, a very beautiful wooden building in two floors is towers; On its cornices you can see the bas-relief images of the saints and various deities of the ductane. They, although burned in the sun, but still look like alive. This is a room where Dasa read timing canons, sacred texts "Dae-de Jina" and where the timing lists and literature are stored.

Mr. Lee History – Histor. He came here on a tour. After visiting the repository of timing canons, he said: "This building has good safety. Stone walls remind of his former splendor. The building built during the Ming dynasty has a 600-year history. The atmosphere of spirituality in the building allows you to feel infinity and at the same time traces of time".

During a visit to the temple on the mountains of the Udn-Shan, you can meet with timing clergy and monks. Some young dasaists, unlike the older generation, even wear wide beards. After many years of self-improvement and long hermiting life, these dasa looks in peaceful. One of the Daois on Nickname Zhang Yun said:
"I arrived in this monastery 4 years ago. I have been more than 30 years old. Here I live without suffering. This is what they say, my lot".

Acquaintance with the Mountains

Mountains are well-shan are also the birthplace of one of the popular types of Chinese traditional gymnastics "U-Shu" – Udn-Quyan" (good-old school fight). Her creator lived in the time of dynasty North Sun. His Zhang Sanfen. He observing the battle of birds and snake, I knew the truth and found that static state wins the dynamic state that softness overcomes hardness. He created a well-known school of struggle "Najia". Like you probably know "U-Shu", or "martial arts", – This is an important part of the traditional culture of the Chinese people. Folded for thousands of years, it affects today with its great manifold. There are local, national varieties "U-Shu". And they, in turn, are divided into new varieties. In geographical basis, it is customary to allocate two main directions – southern "Nanzuan" and Northern "Bakeuan". At the place where the famous school of struggle originated, they talk about Shaolinsky, Udansky and Emese "U-Shu". Finally, on the set of exercises "U-Shu" divided by Najiazyuan" and Weijianzuan". That is, on "domestic" (self-improvement) and "Outdoor" (powerful martial art).

Today, when "U-Shu" widely distributed worldwide, the number of its foreign fans is growing continuously. Chinese and foreign disciples often come to a good-to-shan, who adopt in front of the high authority of the teacher and want to know the basics of this struggle.

The Mountains of Udan-Shan are rich in the ancient monuments of culture, in local museums there are up to several thousand valuable exhibits made of gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, wood, rare metals, jade, porcelain and epochs yuan and min, here often meet Stels with memorial inscriptions, as well as rock paintings.

If you are interested in Chinese Taoism and Chinese gymnastics "U-Shu", And you will have such an opportunity, then come to the Mountains of the Udan-Shan on the tour. We are convinced that you will be interested, and you will learn a lot.

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