Bangkok with children: Active Entertainment

The capital of Thailand will be interested in all: lovers of old temples and historical streets, fans of street food, nightlife fans, desperate shopaholics and families with children. I continue the story about children’s attractions of Bangkok. Read previous articles about the most interesting museums, in which unusual restaurants go, what to do in the evening in Bangkok, what kind of playgrounds and entertainment parks visit. This time it will be discussed about active entertainment. They will suit those who live in Thailand or comes in Bangkok far from the first time.


Little fidgets from 3-4 years will like several traveling centers opened in Bangkok. If you stayed on the communion, choose AMPED TRAMPOLINE PARK or BOUNCE in the Emquartier shopping center. Siloma residents will be closer to Rockin ‘Jump. Another trampoline center is located in the Street Ratchada shopping center near the station MRT Thailand Cultural Center. All trained complexes are equipped with European standards with soft walls, foam lines, a zone for waiting and a restaurant. Capture socks with me.

Airplane simulator

Fans of airplanes and boys who dream of becoming pilots, it is necessary to fly aboard Boeing 737. The simulator located on the second floor of the Gateway Ekamai shopping center is equipped with sound and visual effects. Before flying, you will be briefing and allow you to choose one of the thousands of airports of the world. You can fly among the skyscrapers of megacities, go to landing from the sea, choose sunny weather or rainy with a thunderstorm. Half-hour flight includes two takeoff and landing.

Flight Gibbon

The Popular Attraction Flight Of The Gibbon is located between Bangkok and Pattaya, near the open Zoo Khao Kheo. Suspended bridges, platforms on trees, flights to ropes are suitable for children with growth from 100 centimeters. Excursion can be booked from any Bangkok Hotel.

Karting Easy Kart

You wish to feel Michael Schumacher and get behind the wheel of a racing car? Then you should go to the RCA street, a famous percussion show of Nanta and a racing track. Karting indoor and perfectly suitable for rain. There are three types of single racing machines in their arsenal: for children from 7 years, for beginners from 12 years old and for experienced drivers from 15 years.


Bangkok’s intellectual entertainment lovers offers two games: Escape Hunt in the area of ​​Avok and Escape @ Room in the MBK shopping center. Once the quest escape Escape Hunt was on Phuket, but did not fit among the beach tourists. Both puzzle games are made on European standards. Young children will like the quest Escape @ Room and the Up Bon Voyage room, where you need to dive into the pool with multi-colored balls in search of tips.

Wakeboarding and Surfing

In Bangkok, it’s hot for almost all year round – it’s time to refresh yourself in the Wakepark Taco Lake or on the artificial platform for surfing Flow House. For experienced wakeboards on the lake, located near Suvarnabhum Airport, there are springboard, cycles, slides-rails and fan boxes. Professionals will feel freely, and beginners will help the instructor. Flow House is a real beach club in the A-Square Gallery with a surfing and bodyboard platform, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a RIP Curl shop, table tennis, darts and other entertainment.


Active children's attractions in Bangkok - description, photo, video, card guide

Laser battles or quasar are popular and in Bangkok. In my opinion, Lasertag, unlike more traumatic paintball, is perfect for playing with school age children. Labyrinth for battle with lasers is located on Sukhumvit Street, on the 5th floor of the Holiday Inn, close to the Dinosaur Planet, Planetarium and Museum of Science, Ruftope Octave, Parks Benjasiri and Benjakitti. Bypass these sights for several hours will not be a lot of work. LaserTag has a discount when booking online.


Rock Domain Climbing GYM is the largest clodder in Thailand. About 100 routes are located on the 11-meter wall, which are interrupted every week. There is a separate zone for bowlding with dozens of routes. The complexity of the tracks is designed for newcomers and professionals, there are routes for school-age children.

Snow town

Another entertainment of the Gateway Ekamai shopping center – Snow Town – more suitable for local expansions that missed snow. Here is a real city, divided into a street with restaurants, shops, playground and snow lounge with children’s slides, ski rental, snowfall and sculptures from ice. The constant temperature of +15 degrees is maintained in the hall, the price of the ticket includes winter shoes, and the rest of the clothes can be rented. Another small snow town is located in the Amusement Park Dream World.

Skating rink in Bangkok

On skating, most likely, only expat. Ratops in Bangkok are a few, and they are located in Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 shopping centers, Central World and Fashion ISLAND. And in Shopping Mall Zpell @ Future Park, except for the roller, is the center of SKI365 with the climbing, training tracks for snowboarding and ski skiing.

See where to go to Bangkok with a child on the map above, combine with other interesting places in the capital and having fun. Pleasant stay and entertainment!

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