Active Entertainment on Phuket

For active travelers and those who are tired of lying on the beach, Phuket prepared sports entertainment. In hotels 5 * you can rent a kayak and swim in secret cove. On the beaches they offer renting boards for surfing and lessons for beginners, parachute riding and water scooter, entertainment "banana" and flyboard. Below will tell about the sights of Phuket, where you can actively spend time, and our excursions. Full list of sports entertainment with description, photos and addresses will be found in my mobile guide. Download it by links for iOS and Android.

Extreme Parks with Rope Roads

By analogy with the Pattaya Park, such entertainment is called "Flight Gibbon" or zip-line. Phuket Open Flying Hanuman, Zipline Adventure, Jungle Xtrem Adventure. All parks are safe, do not require special physical training and differ in the length of the cableways attached between trees, height, suspended bridges and the number of platforms. Verpel Park – great entertainment for the whole family. If you do not know which attraction to choose, I recommend Flying Hanuman or Skyline Adventure, their best programs. The cost of the excursion begins from 900 baht per person.

Diving on Phuket

Immersion in the beautiful world of the Andaman Sea will suit both beginners and professionals. For divers without a certificate, only 2 Points are available: Racha Island and Phi Phi. For certified divers, the spectrum of dive points is huge. Dive SPOTS are not limited to the islands of Racha and Phi Phi, turn on the drowned ship King Cruiser, Anemone Reef, shark the place of Shark Point, Similan Islands and multi-day safaris. Children can dive with 10 years. Order an online excursion.


Park with rolling ball is located on Kalim Beach, near Patong. After briefing, the participant of the entertainment climbs into a transparent ball and rolls off the hill – fun and moderately extreme. In the park it is worth capturing towels and swimsuits. The cost of the program starts from 1000 baht.


Rafting programs are held on the mainland, in Phang Nga. Several companies broke their kamps on the river bank and arrange excursions, in addition to rafting, including riding on elephants, visiting a waterfall, riding on quad bikes or flights on a tarzanque. Water in the river is cool, but not ice. The level of complexity of thresholds is suitable for beginners and children from 6 years. The alloy is carried out on inflatable rafts rafts accompanied by instructors. Individual kayaks no company provides. The cost of a group excursion begins from 1,300 baht.


To ride a quad bike, you do not need rights. The driver’s age begins with 10 years, and the children ride with passengers. You will drive through the jungle and puddles, so do not wear white clothes. The cost of the excursion starts from 900 baht.

Horseback riding

If you are not such an extreme lover, pull on horseback. Equestrian clubs are located on Bangtao beaches, Ravai and Nai Harn. Book online riding online.


If you have already been driving on quad bikes on the jungle, try a racing car. The route is located in the Katu area, near Patong. You can take a single or double card, as well as a children’s model.


Banji Jump or Tarzanka is located in the Katu area. Here they offer jumping with a cable over the lake from a height of 50 meters. Weight limitations: minimum 35 kg, maximum 235 kg. Possible jumps in tandem. For an additional fee, video and photography make. Book your excursion online.

Thai boxing

Active Entertainment on Phuket - Wakeboard, Surfing, Thai Boxing, Trampolines, Tarzanka, Karting Guide

On Phuket, all kamps offer training from 1 day to regular training. Boxer preparation is not only in the development of shocks, but also physical training: Running, jumping with a skipping, exercises for the press and others. Anyone can come to a trial training. The price of classes from 400 baht, more detailed information for each Keep is described in my mobile guide.

Battoo Center

Two trampolines are open on Phuket: in Big C and Jungceylon shopping centers. They offer programs for adults and children from 4 years. Classes are held under the guidance of professional coaches. For trampoline jumps do not require special skills. Best Clothing for Classes – T-shirt, Sports Shorts or Pants, Socks. Restrictions are contraindications of doctors, high pressure, problems with spine, joints and weight of more than 140 kilograms.

Ice Palace

Large indoor rink Ice Arena is located near the entrance to Marina Boat Lagoon. Every day there are several sessions of watch riding for everyone. Permanent cool temperature is maintained in the hall, it is better to take warm clothes with you. At the ice palace, a school for hockey players and skaters with Russian-speaking coaches.

Rock climbing

Phuket can not be called Mecca climbers. Groups travel to Phi Phi, Peninsula Rilea and in the mainland of Krabi Province. There, the mass of the tracks categories of difficulties from 5V. Community and climbing for beginners and professionals are located in the Hostel ART-C House in Phuket Town. In the area of ​​Bangtao, another ROBK climbing climbing climbing climbing.

Surfing and wakeboarding

Two Wake Parks Anthem Wake Park in the Talang area and Phuket Wake Park area in the Katu area are open at Phuket. Instructors will tell how to get up on board, and help newcomers to get used. Cost of hours of skiing begins from 650 baht. Surfers open areas with an artificial wave: on Patong, opposite the immigration office, and on Kat, near the Kata Beach hotel. Hour cost skating 1000 baht.

More information about active entertainment and attractions are described in my application. Pleasant holiday in Phuket!

Active Entertainment on Phuket - Wakeboard, Surfing, Thai Boxing, Trampolines, Tarzanka, Karting Guide

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