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For half an hour, while our small boat with a swallow carries us to the place of the next dive, with a feeling of complete calm and some kind of density I watch white lamb waves. The head sounds, it would seem familiar to the obsessiveness of the motive, but according to an inexplicable mysterious reason already once again, the melody is interrupted on the most interesting and exciting place. Perhaps the melody eludes that it is born by the ocean, it is also limitless and its nature is also incomprehensible?

And, probably, the beauty of the musical letters of the ocean is that you re-open myself. When suddenly you want to eat off the regulator and in ecstasy to wear in the thickness of the waters among indescribably beautiful corals and multi-colored fish while there is enough oxygen in the lungs. Or, on the contrary, when sometimes you experience an inexplicable fear, gradually developing into a panic, and then everything that happens under water begins to seem to seem a solid nightmare. Unity and struggle of these opposing feelings – a drug for any diver who has time to figure out a little, what’s what. I’m damn happy! In front of me affectionate azure red sea. I waited for this meeting for so long!

Based on our own experience, I dare to say that a trip to the Red Sea to the Hurghada area – Sharm El Sheikh is the most optimal in terms of financial costs, because for relatively small money you will receive a decent quality of the dive service, and, especially important, – beauty and a variety of underwater landscapes. A week of stay with half board in a three-, four-star hotel, flight and transfer will cost you at 350-450 dollars.

It is convenient to stay at the hotel with a private dive center and located on the seafront. Although justice for the sake of I will say that in Hurghada, and in Sharm El Sheikh, these very centers occur every 50 meters. Moreover, you can even find such where the very original immersion will be offered: sex under water or some more adrenaline "Strawberry". But it is an amateur. And the main principle of operation of any center – Western service standards. Competition, you see. The small stock of English words is enough to communicate with the instructor, and under water and they are unnecessary – divers among themselves communicate exclusively with the help of gestures.

The lack of equipment or the absence of it can be easily compensated for by local ride, it is quite balanced and inexpensive here. So, for example, a compensator vest, wetsuit or regulator will cost $ 6 per day. Mask, flippers and tube – and more cheaper. True, Material divers never trust the equipment taken for rent. Safety issues for some reason worry professionals more than amateurs.

And yet: in the dive center will definitely be asked to present a document that gives you the right to dive, instruct that you can, and what can not be done under water, will take a subscription, where the responsibility for the consequences of your adventures you will lay on your own shoulders. By the way, about the consequences. Learn Azam Diving is still better at home. There instructor intersectively explain that in case of emergency

Farmers from great depths should not be delayed in the light air, but on the contrary, try to get rid of it as quickly as possible, literally squeezing out. Otherwise "Koyko-place" in the barocamera will be provided. And this means that you are great to blame: without that disgusting condition is unlikely to improve after receiving an impressive account for accommodation in this very gauge.

After examining the underwater map of the alleged plug places, we chose an inexpensive 4-day program (it costs about 20-25% cheaper than one-time excursions).

So that readers had at least an approximate view of the possibilities provided by divers, I will talk about the first day of this program. Waste of boat from the wharf in the morning, immersion on a coral reef 1-1.5 hours with one cylinder. Next Lunch on a ship with a small rest, transition to another reef, swimming and returning to the hotel to 17 o’clock. Together with lunch, all this costs about $ 45.

. I do a short step – and now I’m already in the water. Immediately down. Around the world of amazing beauty and perfection. Side vision I see how the whole rest of our company is doing the same surgery for me. Air bubbles fountain ruting to the surface. Somewhere at a depth of 6 meters going into a small circle, lowering the knees in soft sand. Everyone is looking forward to the lingering girl – she apparently has problems with ears. It can be seen how she diligently compresses his nose, trying to blow drumpipes. Finally she joins us. Everyone is here. We are at the bottom of the town, which is called Erg Aburamad.

Show our instructor that we are all right. That gesture suggests. While we are floating a close group, as if going into the surrounding environment, watching curious fish, which seemed to be specifically gathered to lay on us. The coral splendor of the seabed is striking fabulous beauty. Before us is a real city. This is a house for a wide variety of creatures – from miniature bacteria, to a huge sea devil. Spirit captures from understanding how much this coral kingdom was built. After all, it is known that the corals in the year grow only 1.5 centimeters.

Here, at the base of the big reef, there is a major grotto. This place is affordable and very curious. Napoleon, Angels, Skatov.

Several smooth movements with flippers, and I turn out to be in front of the coral grotto. Looking at the head in the crevice, unexpectedly nose to the nose I come across a moray. And although the fishing of its dimensions clearly did not pull the exhibition sample, it still became a little terribly.

Muren, it seems that herself did not expect such a meeting and only sluggishly opened her mouth, demonstrating a magnificent grinding sharp teeth. Correctly appreciating her hint, I was slowly, without sharp movements, I was retracted by providing the opportunity to increase the level of adrenaline dive-partner in the blood. Of course, I had no desire to tickle my nerves, but everything turned out somehow myself and very quickly. Sasha, before that, impatiently twitching me behind the last – Like other grots there was no! – took my place. I did not have time to come to my senses, as my friend bullet flew off to a kind tent of meters and with indescribable expression tried gestures to say everything he thinks of me. From the side, everything looked very funny, although somewhere in the depths of consciousness, it was the idea that such a meeting could end and not so harmant. It is well known that Murena reaches the size of 2.5 meters and strongly attack the enemy, causing a cruel and enough painful bite with sharp teeth. Especially since the distance that the toothbone predator could consider aggressive, was clearly broken. We will assume that we were lucky!

Fly further. Now only together. Only somewhere far away the silhouettes of other divers. Our instructor and the trail has bothered – apparently, he has acquired another company.

Active people

Around the riot of colors. And if you look up, through the thickness of the water, the blurred outlines of the sun are visible, whose rays do not pierce, but rather spread inside the water world, heated with their warm all around. The feeling of euphoria, amazing delight and indescribable lightness impresses you through, forcing you forget about the worldly bustle. The underwater kingdom is near. It seems that only this world – the world of dreams and unrealized desires – the only.

I want to pressent on the solar heat and light underwater lawn and a minute to relax among the coral splendor. Thought – done. Smoothly sank into the sand, took out the regulator from his mouth and closed his eyes. Here it is a feeling of harmony and unforgettable bliss! Words it is difficult to convey.

Gradually I begin to feel the lack of oxygen in the lungs. I open my eyes and push the regulator’s mouthpiece again. Right above his head hung the figure of a partner. He is something intense. Though words do not distinguish, but according to characteristic gestures and roar (water is a very good sound conductor) I understand that he is not a supporter of my relaxation methods.

Fly further. Having reopening a small coral reef, suddenly stumble on one other couple, which is not at risk with a huge group, still frozen on the spot. From one type of this monster becomes somehow not. I have already begun to fear for frivolous divers, so carelessly teasing fish. But showed visible signs of aggression and only sluggishly drove the tail, as if not noticing us. Looks like a much greater interest for the group represented some small black-shaped fish, causticing the gills.

In general, on a coral reef, the predator does not always carry a threat to death. So, for example, the group will often annoy several varieties of bulls, who boldly sink near the predator, cleaning it from parasites and dead fabric. Other Claimers – Other Customers. An amazing example of symbiosis: and the clever is full, and its client gets rid of parasites. And maybe these relationships imply another factor? For example, getting sensual pleasure? Or is it a pleasant break in the fight for survival? After all, amazing liberties are allowed to cleaners.

Second place of dive – on Brothers Island. This is a system of coral reefs, forming two islands – Big Brother and Small Brother. At the north-western part of the first at a depth of over 30 meters, the ship was sunken in the late 50s in the late 50s "Ayda-11". Interesting landscapes are found here until 50 meters. And what is noteworthy they are quite accessible. Only when swimming at such considerable depths, it is necessary to strictly observe the decompression regime and be prepared for the action of the caisson syndrome when consciousness begins as if "bug", And the diver unconsciously begins to rest in its own significance and permissiveness.

This place requires serious preparation from the diver. Large gray sharks, hammers sharks, frequent guests in these waters. Islands beautiful places. Very elegant, thickets of corals at a depth of 30 meters. Their bizarre outlines create a fantastic game of light and shadows.

And the feeling of stay in the underwater kingdom – let only one moment! – So Divine that I want to survive him again and again.

Active people

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