Active rest on Montserrat

Despite all the peripetics and shocks of its modern history, the island is still one of the most interesting natural objects of the region. The mountainous landscape of Montserrat hides a lot of interesting places, from the lush and ancient rainforest to extensive orchards, and from the majestic mountain landscape, to beautiful coastline. Magnificent, overgrown with Trees Hills Centier Hill are known for a variety of their inhabitants and are home to thirty-four varieties of local birds. Here you can see the rare Montserrat Oriole (national symbol of the country), wilderness droinds, a pest earthen dove (Geotrygon Mystacea), a mangrove cuckoo, a grain sampling (CincLocerthia), pomegranate hummingbirds and other rare feathers.

Therefore, many pedestrian trails are laid here, allowing you to visit all its secluded corners and get acquainted with the history and culture of local residents. Most of these routes passes around the perimeter of the central hilly region, capturing, however, and peripheral lava fields, and luxurious black beaches. The most interesting of them includes Oriol Walcs ("Trail Ivologi"), crossing green hills with a wet tropical forest, replete with various types of feathered, lizards and amphibians; Path trail trail passing through old banana plantations "OKI" and the ruins of once rich places (the path named the path by name is just one of the houses located among the green arrays of Centier Hill); Route Blackwood Ellen, leading by the picturesque northern villages from Baker Hill to Mongo Hill, passes through the Blackwood Ellen River Valley with plenty of fish; And also dozens of routes to the famous local Ranui-Goths gorges, for which rivers carry rainwater from the mountains to the sea, breaking in the body cliffs of rather deep canyons. The local legend says that people who jumped cool key water current from the spring in Ranuway Goths will return to the island again and again.

Also good routes through the Hills of Silver Hill, located at the northern tip of the island (this is one of the oldest volcanic centers of the island, the destroyed crater of an ancient volcano gives an excellent idea of ​​local geology and fauna), through a dry forest near Drammond, past the only colony of Fregates On the island of Pelican Point, the Bay of Randevu-Bay and Surrounded by the Bay of Little Bay surrounded by its famous snowy beach. Many beaches Montserrat serve as a natural masonry medium of eggs for sea turtles (here you can see three of the seven of their varieties: green, Biss and Loggermed, or carriage). Therefore, in the period when sea turtles come ashore (from August to September), here you can watch these ancient marine inhabitants.


Although most of the ocean surrounding the southern and southeastern part of the island is still forbidden for dives, Montserrat in the environment of a certain circle of divers remains a real legend. Many of the local reefs, with the exception of, of course, damaged by lava flows and ashes, remained in an almost priority state, since the activities of the volcano scared the mass diver from these places. Only on the island of Si-Wolfe shop (WWW.seawolfdivingschool.COM), which sells equipment for scuba diving, leases equipment for diving and snorkelling, and also offers various applied courses, including underwater course. Equipment for snorkeling and diving is also easily accessible in the main resort complexes.

The best places for dives are considered the coast site from Old Road Blaff in the west of the island to North West Blaff, around Helles-Gate on the northern coast, as well as almost all East shore to the border for a visited volzenik-meritime-exclusive zone ( And this is almost 20 km of coastline). In this area, the volcanic effect of souffrier, unlike the southern coast, turned into an unexpected effect – the underwater world here will absolutely do not touch the person with the impact of man, and the pyroclastic flows that glasses in the sea are somewhat south of this plot, brought with them huge boulders that have become the basis for new Reefs, while ashes and volcanic slags were rapidly carried out by tidal flows. As a result, such well-known plots for dives, like Lime Kiln Bay (the most southern dive site of the Eastern Coast), reefs at Ranuway Goths and Woodlands Bay Bay, abounding underwater bay Bay Bachum, excellent cliffs of Virgin Island, Carrs -Bay in the north of the island (present Eldorado for underwater photographers), Reef Potato-Hill at the southern end of Little Bay (here almost near the sea of ​​the sea live rare deep-water black corals), Bay Randevu Bay with a cave, whose dome is littered with thousands of bats, And the underwater bed is almost completely overgrown with various representatives of the sea flora, as well as an extensive system of reefs between Rendezvu Beach and North West Blaff in the northern part of the Western coast of Montserrat.

Active rest on Montserrat

In the northern part of the east coast, a lot and other exciting places, however, in these parts, there are quite high waves and strong currents, which makes it difficult to immerse. However, it does not even scare extremals, considering the best place for diving on the island of the bottom of the rocky island of Redond, the area of ​​PinNelace near the northeastern tip of Montserrat and Yello-How somewhat south (the ruins of sunken in the middle of the XIX century schooners, whose fragments are scattered by extensive The bottom site at a depth of only 6-7 meters).

Unique black and gray beaches are already so "Comed off" With the image of Montserrat, that one single white beach in the rendezvo bay is more like a miracle. Beach holidays here has its own specifics – most of the fashionable beach resorts remained on a strongly affected by the volcanic activity of the southern shore of the island, so the northern regions are just beginning to develop their infrastructure. Most villas located in increasing areas have their own swimming pools or straight out on the shores of ferrous volcanic sand. Rental of such villas gives the greatest freedom in choosing a way to rest, and also guarantees absolute security from both the activities of the volcano and contact with dangerous marine inhabitants, as such villas are usually built in carefully checked places and are provided with all modern amenities. The beaches are few while hotels are also good in their parameters, but often not very clean. However, here you can find a lot of excellent seats by the sea.

One of "Business cards" The islands have always been considered marine fishing, which is normally organized by local hotels, tour operators or directly by the fishermen, as the disadvantage of either boats or yachts, nor in experienced maritime fishing experts have never been observed here. The best seats for this type of rest are located off the coast of Old Road Bay, Little Bay and Randevu Bay.

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