Active tourism in Western Malopolsk

Active tourism is in brief – fashion connection of a typical local lore with spatial sports. Thus, it needs in contemporary territories. It may happen that tourist parades will be called not very popular places, weakly advertised, however, satisfying adherents of active forms of rest.

A book example is a piece of Europe suitable for various forms of qualified tourism, is the region called Western Malopop. Perhaps this may not be a very clear definition, because this region goes out a little over the historical line of this area. However, you can use such a name that acts as a definition sign for all interested in the active type of rest.

Western Malopolsk is mountains, forest, water, rocks; art and history; The largest grouping of the highest class monuments; Five national parks in a small area; the largest urban forest park; The largest ensemble of local history parks; The only mountains in the country of the Alpine type; the largest and longest network of ski lifts; The longest mountain and gentle routes; The largest amount of caves on the largest karst territory in Poland Krakowsko-Czestochovskaya Jurassic Hills.

Western Malopolsk is an exceptional territory on which the tourist season lasts all seasons.

Paradise for skiers, snowboarders, skalpinists, skiers-runners, as well as skaters, Sannikov, boiler drivers. This list proves that the offensive on the side of the ski sports, which has created the most numerous variety. It seems like an interest in the possibilities to engage in separate winter sports disciplines.

Weather for skiers? The best in the tatras, although free movement is limited to the frontier and rules of the Tatrin National Park (TNP). Therefore, the number of ski and excursion tracks does not change, the tourist skiers can, therefore travel only on several high and west tracks. Tatras. Well-thought-out variants of these tracks increase, however, the possibilities to engage in skiing in extreme versions, and the strokes are similar to the alpine, regularly increase the level of adrenaline in the blood of the bolt. More prone to reflections "Runners" Take advantage of tracks near the zloty flow, Yanov, jerseys.

Welcome to you, ladies and gentlemen with young children, in the flail and Bukovina! Greeting Tatrinian Gorztsev. Sparkling lights and artificially covered by snow Private slopes work 24 hours a day. You are waiting for ski schools, instructors and rental points of sports equipment.

Beskid’s slopes covers a thick network of lifts and a fairly large number of diverse, well-trained tracks in the area of ​​the Shrine, Barnish, Corbelva, Deon, Vistula, Pranical. Numerous skiers come to the pendant cable car on the shodorrine of the Krynitskaya, Shanvnitskaya Palenitsa and Tobolow in the mountaineers. In general, when the weather is favorable, in almost every mountain and underground area are mounted short lifts consolation for less experienced speeds.

On the heights of Beskidov, Penin and Hytsev, hundreds of kilometers also pass on ski tracks, and a well-developed network of turbases provides multi-day trips through mountain chains. A wide space, snow-covered naked slopes, forests at the foot of the mountains can create the impression of Scandinavia in the nator to comparisons. If we add closed and open rollers Krakow, the new Targa, the covenant, Belsk, Czestochowa, the new Soncha, Tarnanova, the sails of boilers on "Siegeny Sea" or the roznovsky lake, the image of winter in Western Malopolsk will present us very attractive.

In March, Snowball Saniduli, and April Sipit Yes Blow. The first two months of spring in the conditions of our climate really carry the twinkle of winter. Therefore, in the natural situation, Malopopian may appear during this period helmet helmet or wing of a managed parachute suitable for this time.

Tatras provide the best conditions for speleologists, and movement under the ground is often limited to the above-mentioned Rules of TNP. But Krakow-Czestochovskaya elevation is a real speleological Eldorado approximately with a thousand deepening and caves detected here. In several of them, convenient routes were laid and laid. So prepared the famous pit of the dragon under Wawpem, the Other caves of the intake and dark, "Shakhovnitsa" 1000m long, as well as Veshshovsk and Nashoothodzhova. The remaining caves need special equipment and appropriate training. Speletologists are grouped in sections of high-mountain clubs, or in individual organizations existing in all major cities of Malopopian. For controlled parachutes, TDnetsky hills are best suitable, near Krakova, surroundings of Otsev and open areas with appropriate density of isoips and famous paragliding centers at Nosalya in Zakopano or Durbashka in Penica. Mountain Planer School "Heat" On a mountain with the same name in Mendisibrod Zhishtsky to a wide range of deltaplanenism capabilities adds airports with a special accounting of planer sports. And the planevers also love the airfield of the Novotar Aeroklub, since thanks to the flocks of the hair dryer, they reach the height gained, which in other places it is difficult to even dream. Another airfield, in the mines near Czestochowa, systematically increases the number of their adherents.

And when the sun will shine stronger and above, on the waterways of the two largest mountain rivers in Poland – Danis and Poprad – kayodniks appear. Extraly thick and interesting network of cycling mountain and low routes invites cyclists to cross and tourist records. It is necessary to recommend a variety of and relatively light riding tracks: Tenzhkovitsky and Vepitsky. Recommendations also deserve well-prepared and labeled Beskids and Krakow-Czestochov Hills.

Active tourism in Western Malopolsk

Western Malopolsk welcome always, even with the most capricious summer weather. Witched by the Sun of the Rogsnova and Cherchetne over Danica, Zeyshtsky and Mendjobrod lakes, several segments of the rivers Varta and Pivans, "Trynakovsky Balaton" Water sports lovers expect in Crowpin. All these places are equipped with waterproof markers and centers.

Of course, swimming and worked out sailing in other places. Krakowsko-Czestochovskaya Jurassic elevation, despite the problems with water, rich in large swimsuits, such as rapid, frying, and artificial bays near the limestone rocks, where it is possible – without overcoming additional kilometers to improve climbing and windsurging.

Jurassic rocks with climbing tracks of varying degrees of complexity attract students and masters of different types of mountaineering and tourists who amaze the forms and whiteness of limestone. Not by chance in the list of 50 of the most interesting in Poland of natural reserves in the 6th place turned out to be the Cranekovskaya Valley Benkovskaya. And the limestone face, a length of a kilometer located between the world and the Bobolians, with the ruins similar as the twins of medieval castles, can be safely placed in the world of wonders of the world. In the future, the Jurassic National Park will arise here.

In a completely new dimension, the spontaneous development of equestrian sports. Along with large clubs and equestrian plants there are many small, private centers that are evenly located throughout Malopopic, since everywhere their occurrence is promoted by natural conditions, corresponding to this type of active recreation.

Despite visibility, it is time most favorable for tourists. Reduced air humidity and fallen leaves from trees contribute to the wealth of panorama of distant species, the extension horizon is even up to several tens of kilometers. It is time for fires in the fields, it is time for the collection of mushrooms in the forests. All these entertainment are available to you in Western Malopolsk. A large number of forests in the Czestochowa area in the north, non-collapse of the forest, the remnants of the Dulley forest and the Beskid forests with the Relights of the Carpathian Forest in the south favors the collection of mushrooms, but first of all are a holiday location. WATER Slaves and Danube attract fishery lovers.

Autumn – Time of distant pedestrian and cycling travel. From Krakow and Rudava lead two longest low routes. The eagle sockets marked in red leads 160 kilometers in the most interesting corners of Yura. And its natural addition is even longer, the blue route of Jurassic castles. On the heights of the mountains of all Malopolski, the Red Beskyd Route also passes. It is probably not necessary to talk about the fact that everywhere where the glades and open space appear and open space appear, a wide panorama of hills, mountains and foreguides – an open book of natural and local lore rain.

Active tourism in Western Malopolsk

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