Active weight loss. You can or can not?

Often, before leaving it happens so that you begin to stick to the strictest diet, and you can’t achieve the desired result. Or, on the contrary, kilograms disappear, but hunger is so tormented and the general condition of the body too «leaves much to be desired». And sometimes diet goes «like oil» – And I do not want, and the results are beautiful. What is the case?

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For reasons that may prevent you from thinning to lose weight, are very different factors. It turns out that it all depends on the microclimate of your body, and from the climate outside the window.

  1. Woman in different ways lose weight in different days of his physiological cycle. Recall that the maximum weight of a woman is usually gaining a cycle in recent days (before the start of menstruation), and after their end, the weight becomes minimal.
  2. Completely contraindicated actively lose weight in critical days. It is no secret that these days many prefer to please yourself with something sweet, assuring that «The body requires». In fact, the body requires vitamins and minerals that loses these days. If you really wanted sweet or fat, you can afford a small piece of chocolate. But better in this case not immediately «Pack» on chocolate, and limit the protein food (as a last resort, sweet curd) or eat a little fresh fruit. If you become in such cases there are no candy or pastries, but raw fruits (bananas, pears or apples), then notice that and «Wolf hunger» disappears, and the bad mood passes, and even the weight of the last day of the cycle does not increase.
  3. Active weight loss. You can or can not be marked by tourism from the tourism
  4. We must try not to overeat, but in no case are not hungry for ovulation (middle cycle). These days the body itself is inclined to stock up the Caloi. Do not argue with him and sit on a strict diet.
  5. But the very beginning of the cycle, immediately at the end of critical days (5-7th day of the cycle), the most favorable for the beginning of a diet. Not only the physical condition of the body, but also its psycho-emotional state has or prevents the weight loss.
  6. You can not force yourself to sit on a diet in the days when you experience any stress. But also «Lack stress» abundant food is not recommended. Balanced nutrition, vitamins and moderate physical activity – excellent allies in the fight against stress. Can also be advised on the days of stressful situations to increase physical activity. If you have experienced a strong excitement or an emotional explosion, do not rush to relax physically after.

It is better to breathe deeply several times, perform a few simple exercises, run a little or go fast for some distance. After all, your body, excited by stressful situation, begins to mobilize resources to fight stress. If you do not implement them physically, it will become another step towards more than kilograms, which will hurry to the fissure. Only you should not hurry to the gym (after all, excessive load is nowhere to you now), it is better to walk in the park (or forest), you can visit the pool.

Any stressful situation should not be accompanied by sharp changes in nutrition (except when the body for saving forces itself decides to limit oneself in food), overeating or malnutrition.

That is why it is undesirable to limit your usual diet on trips, traveling. No wonder in ancient travelers, all nations were released from posts or received significant reflection in nutrition. But on the road can not be overeat, it is not necessary to abuse inappropriate products.

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Active weight loss. You can or can not be marked by tourism from the tourism

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