Activities in Armenia

Besides? What Armenia — The country is rich in historical monuments, because of which it is often called «open-air museum», Here, the nature of the nature has been created excellent conditions for outdoor activities.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in addition to excursion tours of Armenia, active and extreme tours are very popular with foreign tourists. The most common of them – Mountaineering and climbing.

Thanks to its natural relief, Armenia provides ideal climbing conditions: numerous rocky arrays and lifts. Pretty popular views of the mountaineering are Hayeking and trekking, which do not imply the presence of good physical training and professional equipment. And for those who prefer the mountaineering climbing can choose special routes that require serious training of participants. Complex routes include routes around the mountains of Aragats (4090 m) and the Floder (3214 m). Climbing also passes on the rocks of Noravank Gorge and Dzhokhki Dzor.

For lovers of feeling of free flight and feeling of height, the most suitable type of extreme tourism will be flights on paraglider. It is believed that the second half of the summer – the right time for such flights here. Air flows begin to stabilize in mid-July. But since autumn in Armenia is solar and warm, tourists will be able to enjoy flights until the end of October. Abundance of bright colors, landscapes and incredible landscapes, – All this is an attractive bonus to the adrenaline obtained from flight.

If you are inexperienced and doubt in choosing a single flight, then the most secure will be the flight on paraglider-tandem. Tandem is designed for pilot and passenger. In this case, the paraglider will manage an experienced pilot, and tourists will only remain enjoying the free flight and admire the beautiful species of Armenian Highlands. Flight preparation takes only 5 minutes. Passenger dress the suspension system and conduct introductory instruction. The only function of the passenger – Hold on the legs during the start. Then you need to run a little when takeoff, after which you will be covered by a sense of weightlessness. The most interesting and convenient flight seats are considered to be Apararan, lead, Mount Aragats.

Flight lovers do not disappoint parachute jumps that are pretty common in Armenia. Because of the mountainous landscape, the conditions for jumping in Armenia are quite complex. For this reason, athletes from other countries come here for the most difficult workouts.

Activities in Armenia

Choosing a winter holiday in Armenia, it should be noted that snowboarding and alkaline skiing are among the winter active sports. One of the most suitable sites for snowboarding or skiing is the Ski Resort Tsakhkadzor. Skating season here begins in mid-December and ends at the end of March – early April. The longest route in Tsakhkadzor – Eight kilometers. The entire riding zone is divided into several sections designed for people with different levels of training. The track is serviced by four-chair cableways. All equipment for snowboarding can be purchased in place, or rent.

Lovers of acute sensations can do “Freeride”(skiing or snowboarding outside the tracks). Also extremals may be interested in Helie Sking (Variety of Freeride). During helix, the helicopter is used for the lifting. In Armenia, these types of skiing are practiced on Mount Aragats. For such a pastime, good physical training is necessary.

Recently, on Lake Sevan began to practice high-mountain diving. Alpine dives include immersion at an altitude of over 300 meters above sea level. At an altitude of 2 thousand meters on the lake there is a diving school, where 2 instructors and 5 dive masters are operating.

In the near future, in the south of Armenia, the city of Goris is planned to open a new tourist complex “Gate Tatev”. Tourists will be able to make a mountaineering, pedestrian and cycling walks on incredible trails of the neighborhood of the Tatev Monastery. Wishing will also be able to take advantage of rolling for air balloons and services of audio guides.

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