Activities in Espoo

The proximity of the Espoo to nature and the constant concern of local authorities about ecology led to the formation of an extensive network of pedestrian and cycling routes with a total length of about 600 kilometers. No newly under construction of the city street can be commissioned without equipment on it special strips, the movement of machines for which is prohibited! Many routes are highlighted from the total road network, equipped with 200 tunnels and transitions and are contained in perfect order even in winter, although some (mostly park routes and tracks along the urban trail) are suitable for movement only in summer. In late May, the city of Giro d’Espoo bicycle festival is held, and in September Rantamaraton Holiday.

Around Espoo, and often right among its residential neighborhoods, the order of 200 km of skiing, approximately 60 km is lit (usually from 18:00 to 22:00). Moreover, according to local traditions, they are all obliged to be cleaned and re-prepared for riding in a minimum term (more often after 1-3 days) after the last heavy snowfall. Large ski areas are Central Park, Ota (Oittaa) and Leppyavara LEPPÄVAARA SPORTS PARK). The state of the tracks can always be traced on a special online map at www.Mski.Fi / ESPOO / on which their preparation is indicated by color.

Covered pools work in Esponlachti (Espoonlahti), Keskey Espoo (Keski-espoo), Tapiole (Tapiola), Leppyavara (Leppävaara) and Olari (Olari), and in the winter period to the services of vacationers – almost 90 rinks (9 more are under the roof and mostly available year-round).

On the North-East, the Espoo lies the Korpilampi region (Korpilampi), which is perhaps the main center of active activities of Espoo. Here are two excellent golf clubs – SUUR-HELSINGIN GOLF (18 holes) and Keimola Golf, Several hotel complexes and lake databases, but the true decoration of these places is the largest water park of recreation in Scandinavia countries – Serena and the most southern ski center of Finland.

Aquapark "Serena" It offers a year-round working closed complex of pools and many summer, as well as several water rides – slides (the longest – 140 m), pipes up to 12 meters high, terraces, waterfalls, artificial waves and a special small pool for babies, plus four saunas. Moreover, part of the premises is cut right in the slope of a wooded hill. From June to August, the open part of the water park works daily, it closes in the winter season (in some years it is open on weekends and in the days of school holidays), the indoor complex works all year. In August, next to the water park is held Music festival serenapop.

On the slope of the underlying west of the hill SERENA SKI Ski Center with multiple start-up shutters and snowpark. Sopka is low, so skiing is possible only in winter and early spring. Works center equipment, several restaurants and cafes. Next to the tracks there is a small residence of Santa Claus (Korpilammentie 5, FI-02970 Espoo, Finland), in which it is believed to be resting from winter work. There is a small nursery of Siberian husky. And in the literally in a kilometer to the southwest of Lahnus, the shooting range of the AMRY City Association also operates.

Activities in Espoo

Get to the complex "Serena" From the center of Espoo, you can on bus number 82, from Helsinki – by bus number 339 from Kamppy bus station. By car from Helsinki, you can drive around the highway 120 to Pori, on the fork in front of the gas station, turn right on the road 1234 towards Lahnus (Lahnus), in which once again turn right by the signage Serena.

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