Activities in Greenland

Greenland Island as if nature is created for active types of recreation and extreme travel. Local residents understand perfectly, creating a carefully marked and equipped network of routes for active tourism in recent years, and for the most part they begin and end in large settlements, which facilitates access to the most interesting places.

Greenland Business Card – Polar Lights (so-called "Oraora Borealis"), which here you can observe almost all year round, and polar Mirages ("Fata Morgana"), which in these high latitudes are sometimes shown so fantastic pictures of majestic sailboats or surrounded by a lush greenery of cities that the inexperienced tourists are literally "Eyes climb on the forehead".


If the inspection of glaciers is bored, the island can provide excellent travel conditions on foot, and every place has its own specialization in a specific sport or its own special routes. Around many of the 18 Greenland cities, specialized two or three-hour routes are laid focused on acquaintance with Flora and the fauna region, local history, glaciology and geology, and overnight stays on the route are provided in very comfortable conditions – in tents on this earth, sleep risky. For more extended routes, more serious trails between different settlements are widely laid everywhere. The most popular pedestrian trails from Kanghelurgsssuaka to Sisimuita, from Kutka to Igalik and Cassiecuika (in the south of the island), around Tasilak, on Angmagssalik Island and T. D. Also popular trekking, which in these parts is especially extremal. Many trails pass through the ancient glacier valleys, on the slopes of the most picturesque mountains, under the walls of centuries-old glaciers, rich numerous small lakes and fjords – it is unlikely where there is something like that on Earth.

Dog battle

But the visiting card of active recreation in Greenland is, of course, dog sledding trips ("DOGSCHING"). Greenlanders – recognized masters of this sport (if you can name this mixture of ancient traditions). Some routes are planned so that with a length of time in a few weeks, they cover huge expanses of the mainland, passing through its most interesting natural and historical places. Moreover, the tourist can pass the route as a simple passenger or try to manage the harness itself, for which it will be necessary for non-real skill and the ability to handle dogs. Although the most interesting routes of hiking are laid north of the polar circle, a lot of interesting tracks take place along the east coast, around Tasilak (there is a training, and the Cayer license is issued), around Kekertarsukha (Disco Island), Sisimuita, Kanghelugssuaka (this is the Western Coast) and Along the southern border of the ice shield, and in the summer, dog harness trails go far into the depths of the glacier, to Lingmarsbreen himself. Well, of course, you can visit (and even participate!) Numerous dog sledding races that are gathering lovers of this sport from all over the world.


Skiing, especially cross-country hiking, recently becomes more and more popular in Greenland. From February to April, here you can try yourself in classical disciplines for rough terrain and skiing (small ski resorts can be found in almost every city of Islands, in Nuke, for example, there are 3 lifts, 6 tracks and a few kilometers of cross-country skiers), There are many universal trails suitable for both snowboard or helie-ski and downhill. Special flavor to local ski slopes gives the fact that due to climatic conditions here you can ride at any time of the year and at a lesser height than in Europe or the USA. And this means that there is more oxygen in the air, which saves more energy athlete. Do not forget about virgin snowy and ice cover, as well as about the unspoken human landscapes. The height of the ski season is usually for March and April, but something can be skiing and in the summer (the most vivid example is an apissis-edge-camp, which is located on the top of the glacier 25 km from the Manitok). Do not forget about dozens of all kinds of ski comments held on the island almost all year round.


Another kind of recreation, firmly associated with Greenland, – kayaking. Polar peoples are the inventor of Kayak as such (Inuit call him "Kajak") therefore it has achieved tremendous success in its application, which is proud to demonstrate and tourists. Here are hundreds of types of excursions with the use of Kayak (the locals calmly go on this, Utol at first glance, the boat into the polar waters for the hunt behind the sea beast, so it is difficult to scare them enough). And on kayaks are committed both uncomplicated tours of fjords and coastal lakes, and quite serious expeditions to ice fields or marine fishing, requiring special training and a certain experience.

Activities in Greenland

On kayaks are often satisfied with another local entertainment – China Safari. Along the coastal districts of Greenland, there are ways of migrations of several types of whales (including the rare narrivals), observation of which is quite an exciting occupation. On a boat or boat, you can get to the sea gigners very close – whales in these parts seems to be accustomed to constant attention from people. You can, of course, look with the shores – all over the coast arranged a lot of special observation posts, but close contact with these huge marine mammals in their natural habitat will not be compared to any other.


Although the hunting in the island is not prohibited, in relation to it there is a very strict code of rules and instructions – the polar nature is very raw. Many local species of fauna is guarded by law, and even trophies in the form of dead animals can not be taken out of the country, so the hunting here is very specific. A classic example of replacing the hunt for more environmentally friendly activities is numerous animal observation excursions, the most popular of which the so-called "Safari Sheby". Greenland is one of the best places in the world to observe these relict animals, and the traditionally most popular routes are concentrated around Kanghelgssuaaca. Such safari does not require anything else, except the camera and binoculars, as well as warm and strong clothes and shoes. Tourist Migration Places are usually delivered on a jeep, snowmobile or bus, but the most extreme tours are held within a walk or dog sledding, which allows you to combine several types of rest. Equally popular object for observations are sea birds that arrange on the slopes of fjords famous birds, deer Caribou, walruses, sea seals and again by cetaceans.


Sea fishing is one of the most popular types of rest both the islanders themselves and tourists. Local waters are extremely rich in fish and – despite the fact that it is not possible to share here as somewhere on the bugs – in T-shirt and shorts, you will not be able to give an experienced trophy to experienced fisherman. Organized fishing tours are arranged in Manitskok and Kanghelugssua. Most tourist offices in the south and west of the island can also provide fishing boats with a qualified crew, and organize a trip to any of the traditional championships of local fishermen.

Activities in Greenland

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