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Visiting East Egypt and its Western Territory in Africa, you can see a huge difference between these regions. The resorts on the Sinai Peninsula are not so crowded as Cairo, Alexandria and Hurghada, so you can safely relax from the noise and bustle. In addition, they are favorably located: the hotel and entertainment business built up only the southern part of a blue, which is protected from the Mediterranean cyclone mountains, has access to the Red Sea and high temperature indicators even in winter.

Despite the fact that the sights of Egypt are mainly concentrated near the Nile River, the Sinai Peninsula also has historical places and protected areas of amazing beauty. It is worth remembering that the biblical history of Egypt is connected with Sinai. Therefore, wishing to actively spend rest in Egypt, visiting the excursion and getting acquainted with the rich underwater world of the coast, it is worth considering Sinai as the main purpose of the trip.

The most interesting places in the Sinai Peninsula:

The best places for diving

Professional divers often come to the resorts of the Sinai Peninsula. They are attracted by bright and numerous coral reefs, as well as interesting fauna. Here you can find tropical fish (butterflies, clowns, parrots, angels), octopuses, sea ends, mollusk "Spanish dancer", skates, barracud and turtles. Inexperienced divers should avoid contacts with rapid fish and comply with the rules of behavior with sharks, which also live here.

The most favorite places for diving is Ras Mohammed and Dahab. The coast of Ras Mohammed can be seen over 200 types of corals and about a thousand species of fish. And in Dahab ride for the site "Canyon" and "Blue Hole". The site "Blue Hole" is a staomete depression with a coral reef on the surface. It’s a beautiful but very dangerous place, so the beginners here exactly do nothing. Taba provides safer sites for poorly extracting divers – Pharaoh Island, Code City and Topaz. Sharm el-Sheikh is known for immersion near the nearby Tyran Island, and Nuweiba – Snorkelling and underwater photos of the site of the devil head.

The cost of a single immersion from the coast of Sina is $ 30-40. Five-day subscription with rental equipment – $ 250. But for a tour of many sites, you need a certificate confirming your experience in diving. For obtaining a two-day course of Padi Open Water (in Dahab diving school costs $ 180) and pay $ 30 for issuing a plastic certificate (this amount in some schools includes the rate price).

Safari in the desert

You can travel through the Sinai desert on jeeps, quad bikes, buggies or camels – the type of transport to your choice. One-day excursion will cost $ 55. It usually includes visiting a couple of attractions on the way – Colored Canyon, Monastery of St. Catherine, Bedouin and Other. 5 or 7-day excursion costs about 400-500 euros per person. During this trip, you will have to spend the night in the desert, but you will see a lot of interesting things – the temple of the goddess Hator, rock paintings, mysterious structures of Nawamis and several oases. You can also dine with Bedouins and, if lucky, visit their wedding ceremony.

Traveling in color canyon

Color Canyon is a real work of nature – a giant sandy gorge, the walls of which have multi-colored overflows due to the enclosures of cobalt, granite, copper and the remains of the ancient corals. In addition to graduations, the color of the sandstone (white, yellow, shades of red) can be found overflows blue, gray, purple, bright yellow. Its length is 5 kilometers, and the height in some places reaches 30 meters. It is likely that this gorge was formed due to the earthquake and was once a river bed.

Canyon excursion is delayed at noon and costs 40-45 $. Transfer – jeeps. You can leave from the nuweiba, Taba or Dahab. From charm there is also a tour, but it will be a little longer.

Climbing Moise Moise

Believers come to the Sinai Desert for the sake of pilgrimage on Mount Sinai. In another other, it is still called Chorive or Mount Moses. This is the very top where God handed Moses 10 commandments that became the moral and moral code at once for several religions. Now there are two shrines on the place – the temple of the Holy Trinity and a small Muslim mosque. Two roads lead to the top: one – steep and short, the other is long and colorful. True pilgrims walk on the first. These hard path they nickned the ladder of repentance. And tourists choose the second, preferring to get to the top on rented camels.

At the foot of Mount Sinai there is a monastery of Holy Katerina, a huge construction of a building with fortress walls. It is built in the 4th century. The church of Saint Catherine is decorated with marble and mosaic. Also on the territory there is a garden, a well of Moses, ancient cemetery, 12 chapels and a library with ancient manuscripts. Every pilgrim comes, by tradition, having swallowed, and after visiting the memory, a silver ring with a heart image gets.

Water parks Sinai

Activities in Spa resorts

The best water parks are in Sharm el-Sheikh. This is an aquapark Cleo Park and Water Park Albatros Aqua Blu. The first is thematic: it is made in the style of ancient Egypt. All his pools are heated in winter.

Cleo-Park has such attractions:

– Cleopatra trail – Pool with artificial waves;

– The adventures on the Nile – an attraction in the style of a mountain river with waterfalls;

– Spring cruise – the attraction "Lazy River";

– Oasis "Young Pharaoh" – a children’s pool with slides and a playground;

– The pool for kids is a shallow water pool with figures of pyramids and water inhabitants, located in the shade.

Waterpark Albatross Aqua Blue has 62 slides for entertainment of adults and small visitors. It works with the hotel of the same name in Sharm.

Activities in Spa resorts

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