Activities on Bonaire, Sabe and Sint-Eustiatory

Diving on Bonaire – Home Badge for Tourists. Transparent and all year round Warm water, sheer underwater walls and coral "Gardens", The riot of paints and the abundance of underwater flora and fauna – this is what determines the attractiveness of the island in the eyes of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Dozens of fully equipped boats are sent daily daily, there are weekly dive tours (license is needed for diving) to the east coast of the island and to Washington-Shopbai National Park, and the number of main places for the immersion will translate for a hundred. All plots for dive are marked here with yellow markers or buyns and necessarily have any colorful name, like County Garden, Fantastic Food, Yello Mens-Reef or Bloxt. The best of these includes the Pink Beach water area on the south-west coast of Bonaire, near Salt Pierre in the north (here, at a depth of 30 meters there is a sunken ship "Hillma Hucker"), water from the beach Sausend-Pades, Ovenle Rappel, reefs off the coast of Klein-Bonaire or shallow water of Boca-Shopbai.

Permanent Passats make Bonaire one of the best places in the region for windsurfing and yachting. The most popular for sailing sports bay of Kralenek (within the sea parking lot on anchor is prohibited), Bay Lac, Sorobon Beach and other open shores of the south-east coast.

Saba Island

Full-time for divers and on the island of Saba: the water around it was declared a protected area with the status of the National Park, so for an experienced diver here is just paradise. Visibility under water here is from 20 to 30 meters in summer and 40 m – in winter, and the water temperature is rarely lowered below +30 C in the summer and +24 C – in winter. Fragile coral reefs, clinging for the underwater slopes of the mountains, abound with colorful fish, sharks and barrags, and giant sea turtles and humpback whales in this water area are quite ordinary guests. The diving infrastructure is also developed quite well – the boat and equipment can be rented in specialized stores and offices of clubs, and qualified instructors work almost in all dive centers (newcomers are usually allowed to be immersed only in shallow-water Fort Bay).

Most of the best dive sites focused on a calmer western side of the island, between awning Bay and Diamond Rock, where the reef walls, caves and real underwater ridges are found in abundance, decorated with beautiful "Coral gardens". The best places for immersion here are the underwater wall TENT-RIF WALL, underwater turret TENT-OF-NIDL, the best place to observe cartilaginous fish – Diamond Rock, as well as Wells Bay and Torrens Point. 4.5 km south-west of the island spread out an extensive bank of Sabs with a huge variability of living inhabitants. This is the main area of ​​sports fishing on the island and one of the best places to catch lobsters in the region.


Activities on Bonaire, Sabe and Sint-Eustiatory

Saba Island

Saba is quite well suited for various types of hiking. The most popular excursion on the island – from Wyndvardside to the top of Mount Sceret (accurate 1064 steps). From the top offers a fantastic view of the magnificent tropical and pseudo-alpine vegetation of the surrounding area, and the trail itself passes through the secondary rainforest with fern "Ear Elephant" and numerous palm trees, on the slopes of an ancient volcano with its unique fertile soils, past the isolated Mountain Cottage or the desert village of Krispen (just 2-2.5 hours the excursion trail will pass through 6 natural complexes inhabited by more than 70 species of living beings, which for countries in the region quite unusual).

Although Saba practically does not have beach districts, anywhere in the island you can find some secluded cove, in which you can easily swim (however, sharp fragments of rocks and corals, as well as strong currents make this occupation quite risky on most coast). More or less safe can only be swimming in Wells Bay Bay on the North-West Bank of the island and in the Bay Bay Bay.

Activities on Bonaire, Sabe and Sint-Eustiatory

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