Additional services of buying tickets

When it comes to additional services anywhere, most users immediately turn on the protective mechanism: click on "no, thanks", close the pop-up windows without reading, and feverly check for a hundred times the page, did not turn on any other The partisanka service that is not needed. But in the Cubicle is not. In additional services there is nothing wrong, because they exist for your comfort – so we show our care for you. Therefore, in this article we will tell about our additional services in detail, why and who need them. And this is not a call to buy everything at once, but please think.


This service is still available at the stage of buying a ticket. It will be suitable for passengers who have no insurance for travel. And you can make not only medical insurance, without which it may not be abroad, but also insurance of baggage or from unbearable.

That is, if you are not sure that 100% fly, but the ticket has been bought, insurance from the unbearable compensates part of the flight costs. Also, if something happens to the luggage in flight, the insurance will help you buy everything you need for the time of waiting for your suitcase.


Under the terms of this service, we offer you a compensation of 5,000 or 10,000 rubles for a delay or cancellation of the flight.


If you refused to travel for any reason, you can return to spent even for a non-return ticket thanks to this service. What is put on the tariff we will return money (minus a fine of the airline, if any), the rest of the points on your bonus account in the buy. In the amount you will receive a quarter of 90% of the cost of a ticket. Yes, you will immediately have many thousands of points, but then every next ticket will be 2,000 rubles cheaper ( According to the rules of the bonus program A maximum of 2,000 points can be spent on the air ticket, While the scores will not end.

The service is suitable for those traveling more often once a year to have the opportunity to spend the filled points, and they did not lie without.

Online registration

There is no time and desire to engage in online registration for flight. It opens 24-36 hours before departure and not always at a convenient time (at night, early in the morning and so on). It happens, they forget about it at all, and remember already before entering the airport. And it happens just laziness, because we are all people. Another obstacle – the airline’s site is not in Russian, or there has happened some kind of failure and you technically fail to do it. Just on all these cases, we invented this service.

Just tell us where you want to sit (at the window or in the aisle, in the nose or tail) and we ourselves with the opening of online registration register you. Send a boarding card by mail, and you will not have to go to the airport in advance and stand in the queues. If you have luggage, it can also be handed over to a special rack. Ideal for introverts!

Notification of loved on arrival

Mom worries – once, dad is worried – two … "Write how to land!" – three. Learned? Familiar?

Worried about loved ones – it’s natural, especially when they visited the sky along with a hundred bags of nuts and jars of juice. Alas, not at all airports there are Wi-Fi, and roaming can do withoutone. But you need to warn relatives about your arrival! And here we are in a hurry to help.

How the service works: on the phone number you specified we will send a message that everything is right as only your plane will touch the earth and people will start to accumulate in the passage to go out.

Additional services of buying tickets

But the service is valid only for the end item. If you have transplants, we do not notify anyone about them. Yes, and why? After all, the main task is to notify that you are in the destination.


The fact is that we have three traveler status: travel lover, trip fan and travel guru. Each status has a different percentage of cachekack from buying tickets and additional services.

To become a "guru" you need to buy tickets by 130,000 rubles, and this is quite a long way. But there is a way to speed up: acquire the service "VIP-status", which includes:

  • All the privileges of the status of the "Travel Guru";
  • 24-hour access to chats with support in WhatsApp, VKontakte, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and via LiveChat on the site;
  • Extension personal manager;
  • Fast processing of queries for exchange and return tickets.

The service is connected already for three months and is automatically extended by their expiration.

She will suit those who often flies and used to quickly solve questions about flight.

Details for each service read link , there are also prices. Good flights without incident!

In our Telegram Channel There is also useful and relevant information. We tell about the places where you immediately want to fly away, publish cheap tickets, share news and lifhaca. Walkam!

Additional services of buying tickets

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