Adelaide (Adelaide)

Adelaide (Adelaide) – The major city in the south of Australia, located on the coast of the Bay of St. Vincent, approximately 723 km north-west of Melbourne and 1376 km west of Sydney. Is the fifth largest city in the country and the capital of South Australia. Population – About 1,226,000 people (2011).

The city was founded in 1836 in the territories of the Kaurna Aboriginal (Kaurna) tribe as a center of a colony of free settlers, guaranteed civil liberties and lack of persecution for religion. It is in principle and different from Sydney or Hobart, originating as a settlement of convicts.

While in other Australian cities, the government over time was forced to upgrade historical centers, expanding roads and increasing the number of squares, the historical part of the Adelaide, with wide streets, central squares and many parks, thanks to a successful initial layout, remained virtually no change.

Modern Adelaide – This is a large cultural and economic center of South Australia, in which the ancient architecture in the Mediterranean style is successfully combined with modern skyscrapers.

The city is famous for its warm Mediterranean climate, stone buildings in colonial style, extensive parks and noisy festivals, which attract numerous tourists here.

Adelaide is located in the Mediterranean climate zone and is considered the desirable of all major cities of Australia.

A significant part of precipitation falls on the local winter (on average about 70-80 mm). In the summer months, the precipitation is very rare and usually not significant. Freezing is extremely rare.

By the way, about the days of the year in Australia, they are here directly opposed to our Russian: summer – period from December to February, winter – From June to August, Spring – from September to October, and autumn – from March to May.

Adelaide is on the sea coast, so it is not only a major economic and tourist center, but also a beach resort.

Glenelg Beach (Glenelg), located in Holdfast Bay, use the most popular among travelers and locals. Vacationers can enjoy warm sea, snow-white sand and developed infrastructure – In the coastal zone there are numerous cafes and restaurants.

Also on the beach Gleleg can be seen dolphins. Couples run by ships, from which everyone can admire these mammals.

Before the European immigrants built Adelaide, Australian Aborigines Garna lived in this place for hundreds of years. The heritage of their cultures can be found in South Australian Museum (South Australian Museum), Where the huge collection of household and art assemblies are collected. Also in the museum in parallel and other exhibitions – local fauna, culture of neighboring countries.

Adelaide (Adelaide)

Animal and vegetable world of Australia is not like the usual Europeans and deserves the most close attention from tourists. You can get acquainted with the latter in Adelaide Botanic Garden (Botanic Garden Adelaide), Located in the eastern part of the city. Plants from all over the world grow here, including several copies planted in the XIX century.

In Adelaide, there is one of the oldest on the continent Zoo (ADELAIDE ZOO).

Tourists also enjoys popular Wildlife Wildlife Park (Cleland Wildlife Park), where you can admire sample animals and other inhabitants of Australia.

Adelaide Hills (ADELAIDE HILLS) – Highlights from where a beautiful view of the city and its surroundings. The beloved viewing platform among tourists is Lofty Mountain (Lofty) 727 meters high – The highest point in the city. Here you can not only admire the Panorama of Adelaide, but also to arrange picnics.

Himeji Gardens (Himeji Gardens) – Classic Japanese Garden, founded in 1982 in honor of the friendship of Adelaide with the Japanese city of Himezi. They are christmas cities. The garden was planned by Australian and Japanese masters of garden art, and consists of two parts, the first – Lake and Mountains, Second – Garden stones.

Also located in the city is worth a visit Central Markets (ADELAIDE CENTRAL MARKETS), where you can buy a variety of fruits and many more goodies. Farmers are flown here from all over, offering customers appetizing delicacies, from oysters to homemade olive oil and cheeses.

Australia – This is a British colony, but just 20 minutes from Adelaide are a piece of Germany – Hahndorf village, founded by migrants from Prussia. This is a typical German settlement, where you can stroll through the picturesque streets and taste the national cuisine. Also in Handorf is a strawberry farm.

Adelaide (Adelaide)

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