Advantages of rest in the countries of South

Laos, India, Vietnam and, of course, Thailand attract tourists with their excellent climate and unique cultural and historical sights that can be found only in these countries.

Countries of Yuva &# 8211; Pluses of rest in Asia

The most important advantage of tourism in these countries is the opportunity to relax there throughout the year. The tourist season almost never ends with the exception of a short period of rainfall. Rest is beautiful, regardless of the time of year.

But even in the rain season, the air temperature remains there quite high. In addition, weighty benefits of rest in Asia are:

  • abundance of beaches and extensive coastline &# 8211; the sea will not be as close as, for example, in Turkey or Europe;
  • hospitality and welcoming attitude &# 8211; Asians understand that tourists bring them income, so provide a high level of security and warm welcome;
  • There are opportunities for everyone &# 8211; Holidays in amusement parks, visiting night bars, peaceful massage and therapeutic procedures, you can easily find a lesson in the soul;
  • Exotic &# 8211; Still, the countries of the SUV are very different from European states, and nature, and climate, and culture will be surprised;
  • lack of bureaucratic problems &# 8211; Visa or not required, or is inexpensive, it is drawn up right on the border, for example, to relax in Cambodia it will cost only 30 dollars.
Advantages of rest in the countries of South

It is also worth noting that the cost of vouchers to the countries of this region is much lower than rest in popular European resorts, and the tourist infrastructure is at a sufficiently high level.

Features and dishes of Asian cuisine in the countries of South

Many tourists attracts national cuisine of peoples to the countries of South Kazakhstan, who inhabit this region. Culinary preferences of inhabitants of Thailand or Vietnam and other countries of this region have the most important cultural impact on the formation of traditions.

The main ingredients used in different countries of the SOUTH, approximately the same, but methods of cooking can differ quite. First of all, Asian cuisine can not do without rice. It is served as a side dish and with fish, and with meat, and with vegetables.

Extremely long coastline and warm waters of the Indian Ocean have great impact on the culinary preferences of local peoples. And for lovers of marine gifts, travel to Thailand or vacation in Vietnam will allow you to enjoy the freshest seafood that prepare for unique traditional recipes. Try here necessarily worth:

  • Acute Thai Soup Toms with shrimps &# 8211; This is a national dish, to prepare which is flawless and as tasty, as in Asia, can hardly be able to at least one food delivery service in Russia;
  • Rice Noodles Pad Tai &# 8211; Fried delicacy, which is served with a filler to choose from, for example, with seafood or meat;
  • Baked white fish &# 8211; It is prepared with spices, herbs, greens, pre-taxed in salt, the taste is carried out gentle;
  • Coconut ice cream &# 8211; Sweetness, which can be pleased with not only children, balls are served with fruits, nuts, jam, marmalade and even beans;
  • Fried frogs &# 8211; A dish, which, despite the problem, appeared not in France, but in Vietnam than the local people are very proud of;
  • Exotic dishes &# 8211; Soup from turtles, ostrich and crocodile meat, cooked with curry, one portion costs about 7-10 dollars, but you need to find a restaurant where a good cook works &# 8211; Not all Vietnamese are able to prepare exotic;
  • Sugar cane juice &# 8211; Delicious refreshing drink, which is prepared in the presence of a tourist on most lively streets.

Also, all countries of this region can please their guests with a large variety of exotic fruits. Many fruits can only be found in this corner of the Earth and most of them are sold in local markets throughout the year. A wide variety of bananas, nuts, rabbutan, cannon, mangosteen and many other tropical fruits will allow everyone to get in touch with exotic exotic.

Southeast Asia &# 8211; Sport and Active Leisure

For fans of outdoor activities, the country of Yuva offer a huge selection of entertainment for every taste. First of all, it is worth noting the unique opportunities for diving. Besides the fact that coastal waters are rich in various forms of life, so also in almost every hotel you can find an instructor who will introduce you to scuba diving.

Also, you can rent the necessary equipment and boat, which will be able to get to the scene of the dive. In this region, competitions are often held on various extreme sports, which are very popular today. If you like the active rest, the visit route is to include:

  1. Park Phuket Fantasy &# 8211; is in the western part about. Phuket in Thailand, there are many extreme entertainment, and you can also get acquainted with a unique Thai culture. Ticket price &# 8211; from $ 20;
  2. Amusement Park World Dream &# 8211; Located in the suburbs of Bangkok, Thailand, for 15 dollars, guests receive, too, as in Disneyland, here the show is held every day, the park is divided into 4 zones;
  3. Siam Park City &# 8211; Another park near Bangkok, but here are offered water entertainment. Slides, pools, artificial waves, educational zone &# 8211; and children and adult will be interesting. entrance &# 8211; 13 $;
  4. Funicular in Dalatte &# 8211; It is a cable car in Vietnam, which passes over the jungle and will have to choose extremal extremes and those who just want to admire beautiful views from height. The trip is just over $ 3;
  5. Park Waterfall PRANN, Vietnam &# 8211; Even adults can ride our ostrichs, most importantly &# 8211; Firmly press legs to the sides of the animal, otherwise it will place the wings and fly away with you to my homeland &# 8211; in Somalia. Ride worth 5 dollars.

However, in Southeast Asia there are dozens of other entertainment for tourists who have bored a familiar vacation, I want to break away ; on the full coil ;,, forgetting about work, and about bad mood. Yuva allows you to make it easily &# 8211; and thousands of travelers who are here annually were able to make sure.

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