Adventures wish? Or non-standard holiday in Tunisia

What are your holidays with Tunisia? In order to answer the question and write this article, 15 people aged 21 to 44 years have been interviewed. The most popular answer was "beach holiday", as well as "sugar" and "Carthage". If you adhere to the same opinion – you are right! If it seems to you that Tunisia can offer much more – and here we will agree with you. And tell about non-banking and even exotic vacation options.

Towards the wind: "Star Wars", Berbers and Salt Pecomers

Amateurs of real adventures can go on a trip to the place of filming of the movie "Star Wars". You can get to Location Tatooin from different places. But if you have chosen to relax a popular resort of Djerba, your trip may look like this: on the way you will drive the city of Berber Matmata. Here you can see authentic locals and their interesting housing – caves in one or more floors. At night here you can stay in one of the local underground hotels.

In places your path will pass through the desert on a well asphalted path. This highway leads to the city of Tozer. Noticing the roadside of interesting sculptures in the form of people and riders, be sure to stop to make several pictures. You can consider them a "sign" – here and then you will meet small salty lakes of white and pink. This place is called Shoto El Jerid and is actually one large lake with a length of about 5000 km². Somewhere completely dried, somewhere still "living", represented by salted water islands. On it can be rolled on high-speed boats (Speed ​​Sailing). Or gain salt to memory. Not even so much because of the benefits and rarity of the product, as in order to feel like a real adventurer-minider. Dry it and add to the bath. Or use as decor.

In addition, it is in these parts that can be found non-PUBLED herds of camels, peacefully grazing right at the curb. Well, besides animals, in these places your satellite can be a real sandy storm and wind more than 25 m / s. So strong that by opening the car and trying to pour into the hands of water, you will find that the jet does not reach the earth. Enjoy this wild breath of Sahara, but do not forget to close the door.

Secret of Sahara

After inspection of the film "Star Wars" film George Lucas and Tatina buildings, you can continue to get acquainted with the greatness of the Sahara desert. Just a couple of minutes away from location, and you will find yourself in the kingdom of vegans and dunes. Here you can listen to silence and feel the original beauty of the planet, not touched by time or a man’s hand. If you look at the horizon line for a long time, you will most likely see Mirage – the trembling hot air is able to deceive even the rational skeptic.

I want more? Familiarity with the desert can be made even more exciting thanks to Senbanding. No, you can, of course, conquer it and on quad bikes. This entertainment is suitable for almost everyone, even if you have never been driving a vehicle. Or go to jeep safari. Take off on the sandy mountains at a speed of at least 120 km / h or ride under a slope of 70 °, balancing on two wheels … From such a heart beats with a tripled force! But also slide hot sand on the board is a special exotic. From the equipment for sendboarding you will need only loose clothing covering the body.

If you want a "full dive", go to the Sahara as part of a caravan for one or two weeks. Such excursions are available since October to May. In the remaining months, the exhausting heat will stop even the most extreme travelers. During mini-expeditions, you will be walking daily on foot or camels, stopping for the night in special campsum. Finding such entertainment is the easiest way in Duz – "Gate of Sahara".

And in the oases of the tozer, you can discover the parkour for yourself – this is a sports discipline, which is bypassing various natural obstacles with agile and fast movements – example, running or jumping.

The beauty of the natural landscape can be appreciated by also paragliding. Or see the desert from a bird’s eye view of a balloon. And even try yourself in full – ride on the sands by bike. Sunscreen with maximum protection and water will be your best friends in this simple, but breathtaking trippe.

Tame water: from kaitsurfing to diving

Who argues, beach holidays is good! But why not add a drop of extreme? March-June, as well as September-November – Kitesurfing time in Tunisia. At this time the wind reigns, waves and pleasant temperature regime that will make riding not only unforgettable, but also comfortable. Coastal waters of sandy beaches Shallow, which is a plus for this sport. The best kite-spots are on the island of Djerba, as well as in the popular Hammamet and secluded Mahdia. Reef Djerba ruins waves, creating calm water. And from June to September, moderate and even winds are blowing on the island, and such conditions are ideal for beginners. The remaining months are loved by professionals, as the wind is intensifying, bringing a lot of new opportunities. How to start? You have a choice: contact one of the specialized schools right in place, buy a kite tour in advance and devote all his time to study this sport. Or find your mentor right on the beach.

Almost all of the above applies to Windsurfing, and to the surfing in Tunisia. Windsurfing can be found on Djerba (Radisson Beach, Dolphin Beach), in the city of Sidi-bu-Said and Porto Bizert. And try to repeat the tricks of the heroes of the film "On the crest of the wave" – ​​again in the coastal waters of the island of Djerba either on the east coast: in Monastir or Hammamet.

Adventure Would you like or non-standard holiday in Tunisia

Water sport will give you a lot of bonuses. Beautiful smooth tan literally in a couple of days, a feeling of freedom and flight, to work almost all groups of body muscles, adrenaline, endorphine, new knowledge about yourself and their fears, a sense of balance and coordination, beautiful photos and admiration of observers … Do I need to continue?

Well, for those who are used to associate rest with diving, Tunisian resort Tabarca will meet you the biggest, 300-kilometer coral reef of the Mediterranean and an interesting underwater landscape. Djerba will delight crystalline waters in which you can meet the most different inhabitants of the underwater world. And the east coast, from Mahaty to Hammamet, is perfect for beginners of divers due to a small depth of water – from 5 to 20 m. In addition, pay attention to the La-Galit archipelago resulting from volcanic activity. Here you should meet with monk seals and wake up to the sunken trading ship. And yes, if you are a fan of descents to racks (drowned objects), in Makhdi you are waiting for objects of the Second World War. Under water, for example, you can see the remains of a military helicopter.

You still have little? How about water skiing, boar-boards or beach surfing? The latter is a mix of skateboarding and windserph. But, unlike the latter, you will slide not by waves, but on the shore.

Well, finally – parasailing. This is a flight following the boat on the airborne dome and another popular extreme entertainment in Tunisia.


Someone likes to search in Tunisia Antiques of the Beeev era, and this can be the most real adventure. After all, even one eastern bazaar, communicate with all sellers and find what you need is not one day!

Well, for lovers of all mystical Tunisia, also prepared a surprise. Drive in Sousse, and perhaps you will feel yourself a hunter for ghosts on excursions in the catacombs, which in antiquity served as local pagan necropole. About 15,000 people right in the niches of the walls of this interesting institution.

You can finish your journey by rented a small private aircraft that will sweep you over the ground. Green oasis and transparent lagoons, endless sands and ruins of ancient cities … Such a flight will be one of the most unforgettable adventures in life.

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