Adventureland in Disneyland Hong Kong

This small article with a large number of photos is part Big guide on Hong Kong Disneyland. In it, we describe in detail one of the brightest Thematic areas of Disney Park in Hong Kong – Adventureland. We specifically devoted each of the zones a small note, and in the main article we tried to collect only useful information, which will be easy to find, without considering 100,500 bright attractions pictures. So what is adventureland? What is worth seeing here, but what can be missing, so as not to lose the precious time in the queues? How old are children? Will it be interesting to adults here?

Tarzan House in Adventureland in Hong Kong

What is Adventureland in Hong Kong

It is worth noting that the Adventureland zone has almost all the Walt Disney fleets around the world. Of course, the zone in Tokyo will differ from the same name in California, but they are all like something like. Thematically everyone is a jungle somewhere in Asia or South America. But in Hong Kong Disneyland there is one important feature – it is in this park that is the largest Adventureland zone in the world. At the same time, its development does not stop and every year something new appears here. For example, most recently there appeared the corner of Moan – the popular Disney Princess, which perfectly fit into the subject of this park area.

Entrance to Adventureland (Right, where Blue Fence is now Moana)

Schedule of free show in Adventureland

Hong Kong Adventureland is considered the birthplace of the "Festival of the King Lion" – one of the brightest ideas in Disneyland all over the world. The show is a colorful musical producer with heroes from the well-known Jungle book and reminds a small musical based on the famous cartoon. The protagonist, of course, Slimba Lion.

The whole performance goes in English with a translation into Chinese and lasts only 30 minutes. If your visit coincides with the holding of the show, then you must come and look at this great holiday with your own eyes, but note that already 30 minutes before the start of the show – free seats find it impossible. The show is held daily in the Adventureland Pavilion at 12:00, 14:00, 16:30 and 18:00, but it is better to clarify the schedule on the official website of the park or a special mobile application.

Musical King Lion in Hong Kong Disneyland © Jasonhuen

The second show is dedicated to the new Disney Princess Moen. It is completely small (goes 20 minutes), but invariably collects a lot of little girls with burning eyes. The show itself is a history of Moan with songs, dancing and active involvement of children in all this interactive. Boys here can be boring, but girls will definitely be satisfied. Presentation goes daily at 13:15, 15:15, 16:35 and 17:50.

Show Moana in Hong Kong Disneyland

Visit of all the shows is included in the price of the entrance ticket to Disneyland, it is not necessary to acquire individual tickets, but it may be necessary to write to have enough places.

Attractions in Adventureland

Rides in this part of the park are not very much, but they are all very interesting.

Jungle River Cruise

The most important and visited attraction of the Adventureland zone is, of course, a journey by boat Jungle River Cruise. The very first attraction of this type appeared on July 17, 1955 in Disneyland California, now the cruise on the jungle is in many parks, but Hong Kong is considered one of the most spectacular.

Landing on the attraction Jungle River Cruise in Hong Kong

The attraction takes place in English and Chinese (while Chinese is divided into Cantonese and Mandarin), so if you want not only to see, but also to find out the background, then it is better to choose a turn with your understandable language. If you don’t care – choose the one that in short.

River Cruise Jungle River Cruise

Defending a rather reason, you sit on a small boat man for 20-25. After that, your ship past the house of Tarzan goes to an interesting jungle trip. Total on the route of 9 boats, of which 2 are equipped for people with disabilities.

Boat with passengers in Hong Kong Disneyland

Travel lasts only 8 minutes, but during this time you can see both elephants, and giant spiders, hippopots, natives, merry gorillas – in general it will not be boring neither children nor adult. The shkiper of the ship tells the story and asks tourists to see it on the left, then the right to not miss anything interesting.

Jungle River Cruise in Hong Kong

Burning water causes delight even in adults (especially Chinese) tourists

The attraction is very dynamic and especially performs the impression of preschool children. Please note that once a year the attraction closes for service, for example, in 2018 the cruise does not work with 04.eleven.2018-14.12.2018

Tarzan House on Tree

The second legendary attraction in the Adventureland zone in Hong Kong is Tarzan’s House. It is more correct to say that there are even two entertainment in one. You can visit the house on the tree and admire the panorama of Disneyland from a height of 19 meters, visit the rooms of an unusual home, and you can also swim along the river on the raft.

Tarzan House in Hong Kong Disneyland

The tree on which the house is located, artificial and has 717 branches and about 10,000 leaves. Thanks to the painstaking work of designers – the tree is forever green and looks quite as a real. To climb up the top will have to overcome 157 steps and platforms.

Tarzan House in Hong Kong

If you look closely, you can see unusual details, for example, crocodile

Visiting the house of Tarzan, parents become for some time children, because many dreamed of their own house on the tree, and some even tried to build it. Here this children’s dream was embodied and very skillfully.

Caribuny Market

Adventureland Zone in Hong Kong Disneyland

Another entertainment in the Adventureland zone in Hong Kong Disneyland is Marketplace Karibuni. This is a real African market, which can be found at all next to the pavilion, in which the show of the king lion is held. Here you can find thematic souvenirs: bright African bead bead beads, musical instruments, as well as try exotic snacks. Here are often a photo session with the heroes of this zone, which in other parts of the park you will not meet: Bear Ball from the "Book of Jungle", Timon and Pumba from King Lion, Gin and Princess Jasmine from "Alladina" and many others.

MARKETPLACE KARIBUNI in Disneyland Hong Kong

Liki Tika

The last attraction of the Adventureland zone, about which we want to tell you especially like the kids. Yes, and adults will enjoy, especially on a hot day. We are talking about water entertainment – Liki Tikis. All ingenious is simple – the attraction is a few totem African pillars that splash around them. Around the game area there are drums, in which anyone can knock on his pleasure.

Liki Tikis in Hong Kong

Cafes and shops in Adventureland

From entertainment moving to food and shopping. In this area of ​​the park, several places where you can eat.

Tahatian Terrace Restaurant

The largest and most popular restaurant in ADVENTURE LAND – TAHITIAN TERRACE. Mostly here serves dishes from the kitchen of Southeast Asia and halal kitchen. If you are gathering here to dine, then one dish will cost you about 100-200 Hong Kong dollars ($ 13-26). If you get the so-called "coupons for food" with tickets to the park (Meal Voucher), then you can use them in this restaurant – one main dish and one drink. The restaurant is open from 12:00 to 20:00, it finds it right in front of the caribuny market entrance.

Tahatian Terrace Restaurant in Hong Kong

Cafe River View

Second place where you can dine – River View Café. It is located opposite the pier where landing on the boats for a cruise. It serves Chinese cuisine, if you like Singapore noodles with sea scallops or fried Fujian rice, then this is a great place for lunch. In December 2018, the cafe is closed for reconstruction, but in 2019 it will reveal its doors for tourists.

River View Café

Snacks, ice cream

In addition to the restaurant and café on the territory of Adventureland there are several places where you can buy water, ice cream, fried squid and other snacks of fast snack.

Who will be interested in Adventureland

The Adventureland Zone in Hong Kong Disneyland will be interested in both adults and children of any age. Attractions are selected in such a way that all visitors get pleasure. The only minus of this zone – there are always a lot of people here, and the queues are very long.

Adventureland Zone in Hong Kong Disneyland

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