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"The funeral for living, the dead they are for nothing," said the heroine of the film "To blame the stars". Probably, they also reasoned the same strange things with corpses. We have already written more about this in the materials "Postal Adventures" and "Delicious European", and today will continue.

Passport for Pharaoh

One of the greatest rulers of the country Pyramid Ramses II was unhappy after death. The tomb was regularly visited by rampants, so the priests reburied the body of the body as much four times. All these manipulations led to the fact that in the 1970s, scientists noticed in the mummy Pharaoh traces. Reanimate the remains on the spot was risky – the best equipment and specialists on this issue were in France. We decided to carry the body into the Museum of Man in Paris. That’s just in French laws, any citizen – no matter, alive or dead, – at the entrance to the country should have a certificate of identity.

Scientists had to arrange Ramsesu Modern Egyptian passport. In the column "Rod classes" wrote: "King (died)". Moreover, Pharaoh and met as the king – when the plane with his body on September 26, 1976 landed at Le Bourget Airport, the flight was celebrated by the Secretary of State for University Affairs Sonter-Say and the Army Detachment. For several months, the best French minds were engaged in the resuscitation of the Great Pharaoh – and unsuccessfully: the state of the high-ranking person stabilized, and the mummy was departed to their homeland.

Crime and Punishment

Life literally shouted Elmera McKurdi so that he leaves his destructive addiction. But the guy, born on the first day of the new, 1880 in Washington, did not give up and eventually heard. The most unfortunate robber of the United States. For the first time, he was arrested for the first time before making theft – when they acquired a tool for hacking safes. But justified, and those still got to the goal and blew up a metal bank box with money. Yes, only McCurdi used so much nitroglycerin to undermine it, which, together with the safe, destroyed money. Robbers left with nothing.

The new plan of McKurdi assumed the capture of the bank, and with explosives this time he turned carefully – so much that the steel door of the safe simply did not succumb. All that remained criminals is to pick up $ 150 from the cashier.

However, Elmer did not blame and conceived truly a major thing: robbery of a railway, which was transporting $ 400,000. At the right moment of the Sorvigolov burst into the usual passenger train. Their catch was $ 46, a few cheap pocket clocks and a pair of bottles of whiskey. The case took a completely bad turn when for the head of the offender, the order of all the annoying, the police offered $ 2000. For the McCreedi Horregter, this amount was a glove in the face, because in all her life he failed to steal just one tenth of this money.

As a result, in October of the same 1911, he was shot sheriff named Dick Wallace. Native to the mountain-rayer was not, so no one came for the remains. And then the employee of the funeral bureau displaced the deadman and put the mummia on the showcase as advertising of its services. And yes, I took for watching money – 5 cents. As a result, he enriched much more than Mackenzie himself for all his short life.

Adventures Mumiya

And in 1916 a person came to the Ultrasher, who called the brother of the deceased (this, of course, was not true) and demanded to return the body. He scared ships and returned. "Brother" began to rent a corpse for various attractions (like "houses with ghosts"), scenery and other attributes. So, probably, it would have been going on if in 1976, one of the televisers of the show "Man for $ 6 million" the lacquer did not hurt a mannequin, hanging on an improvised galloper in the California Pike Amusement Park. As a result, the hand fell off, talking true human bone. The frightened film crew caused the police. That during the investigation and found out that a real human body was hidden under the thick layer of wax, and not the uluzh. Bandita-who did not-surrender (that was how it was called during his lifetime) buried in the city of Guthrie (Oklahoma), and so that no one else could pull out the unfortunate of the earth, poured 1.5 m3 concrete grave.

Visiting a squirrel

But this story has become the subject of research of zoologists and was even published in the scientific journal Forensic Science International. In 2016, in the south-west of Poland, a human body hanging on the tree. In the study, it turned out that it spent in such a state for about 13 years and partially mummified. But the most amazing department of forensic medicine of the Wroclaw Medical University expected ahead. When they opened the corpse, inside it turned out to be real whit. There they found the nests of the OS and bees.

This is the first and only case of such a find. "Previously, any of us had the opportunity to describe the case of the nesting of mammals in the human body discovered in the tree. This discovery presented us with unique information about the behavior and biological features of these creatures, "said Marcin Cadi researcher from the Institute of Environmental Biology of the University of Wroclaw.

According to scientists, a person who has become a guilty for animals, committed suicide with himself, and the good preservation of his body for so many years is due to the fact that it hung highly from the ground – at a distance of 25 m.

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