Aegean coast of Turkey

Bodrum, Kusadasi and Izmir – large resorts of the Aegean coast, oriented in many ways to massive tourism. But, the Aegean coast of Turkey can offer independent travelers much more than just hotels ; Ollinklusion 😉

Antiquity monuments and traces of ancient settlements, colorful fishing villages and charming small resort towns, picturesque beaches and a lazy sleepy atmosphere – this will find the Aegean coast of an adventure seeker who seeks to find out true Turkey.

ASSOS. Photo Credit: Serial Hikers, Flick

Conditionally the Aegean Coast of Turkey can be divided into three parts. The starting point of traveling along the northern part of the Aegean coast is usually Chankkale, from where it is convenient to get to the Troy, a born and Assos. Traveling through this region is conveniently combined with a visit to Istanbul.

Izmir ; The largest city of the central part of the Aegean coast, which often serves as a starting point for visiting Ephesus and Pamukkale. From the beach resorts in the region you can choose between Kusadasi, Czech and Fur. If you want to inspect all the interesting places of the northern and central part of the coast, the best option ; Rent a car in Chanakkale, drive along the coast and return the car in Izmir or Kusadasakh.

South region: Bodrum ; Dane ; Marmaris. Although, geographically, Marmaris is already located on the Mediterranean coast, architecture and atmosphere of this charming town, allows you to attract it to the Aegean South. The starting point of traveling through the region is usually either Dalaman or Bodrum. Traveling through this part of Turkey is perfectly combined with a tour of the turquoise coast.

Resident Aegean coast

The indispensable part of the Aegean coast is the least visited by tourists, there are no large resorts, no entertainment infrastructure. Small cities and villages, scenic bays and a special atmosphere of provincial Turkey attract Eco-tourism fans.

Thanks to Homer and Hollywood, Troy is perhaps the most famous antique city. Elena’s love story and Tsarevich Paris, who served as the Trojan war, was considered a beautiful legend for a long time, while the rich German gold detector Shliman did not find the remains of three, buried under several layers of soil. The ancient city of Troy remained not as good as, for example, Ephesus or Pergam, the reason for which, including the amateur excavations of the Schlaman, but, nevertheless, lovers of history know that even stones sometimes know how to talk &# 128521;

Hotels and Pensions: Troy Pansion, Chanakkale
How to get there: by bus or miniwaste from Chanakkale (45 min), on a rented car

Famous Trojan horse. Photo Credit: FRANS SELLIES, FLICKR

Bozkada Island

Bozkada (Teenos) – a small island in the Aegean Sea, which will be appreciated, first of all, the fans of the "unknown" places. Bozkada Island (Bozcaada) is a special lazy atmosphere, characteristic of similar places, kilometers of picturesque poppy fields and vineyards, beautiful bays and beaches, tiny cozy guest houses and restaurants where you can enjoy Aegean cuisine. Bozkada is the place where coming for a couple of days can be left for weeks.

Hotels and guesthouses: Bozkada Island
How to get there: by bus from Istanbul, Chanakkale, Troy to the port of Geyikli Yukyeri Port, from there on a ferry to the island of Bozkada (Season of Ferries leave once a hour).

Narrow streets Bozkada. Photo Credit: Harikakora, Flickr


The tiny town of Assos (Behramkale) on the shore of the Aegean Sea pleases its guests with charming architecture, amazing views from the collapse of the ancient temple of Athens, an amazing little beach a few kilometers from the embankment of the town of Assos and cute boutiques. The ASSOS will appreciate, first of all, fans of lazy rest and pleasant atmospheric places, well, and lovers will be curious to visit the place where Aristotle who lived and worked his philosophical works.

Hotels and Pensions: Assos
Getting to: By bus from Chanakkale to Ayvacik (do not confuse Ayvalik Ayvalik), from there with a miniwist to Behramkale. More convenient alternative to a rented car from Istanbul, Chanakkale or Izmir.

Little Beach in Assos. Photo Credit: Antonio @ Photos, Flickr


Ayvalyk ; Charming seaside city on the Aegean Coast of Turkey, surrounded by pine and olive groves. In any shop of the town of Ayvalyk, you will proudly offer olive local oil oil, and in any restaurant – delicious fresh fish dishes caught by local fishermen. Ayvalyk – the city of the port, hence the boats regularly go to the Greek Island of Lesvos and many travelers combine familiarity with the Aegean coast of Turkey and Lesvos. Ayvalyk – a place is also well known for divers who come from all over the planet to admire the red corals off the coast.

Hotels and Pensions: Ayvalyk
Route: By bus from Izmir, Chanakkale, Istanbul

Fishermen on the embankment Ayvalyk. Photo Credit: NEJDET DÜZEN, FLICKR


This, seemingly unremarkable town on the Aegean coast of Turkey, once was the capital of the Great Pergamian kingdom and wore the name pergamm. Nowadays, Bergama is a modern seaside city with a lot of noisy colorful markets and a friendly atmosphere, and the superbly preserved ruins of an ancient city are reminded about the brilliant antique Pergama, for which travelers from around the world come to Bergam.

Hotels and guesthouses: Bergama
Route: By bus from Izmir, Chanakkale, Istanbul

View from the ruins of the ancient Pergami. Photo Credit: Pilar Azaña Talán , Flickr

Central part of the Aegean coast

In the central part of the Aegean coast, the most famous sights and the largest resorts of the region are located.

Picturesque resort town on the Aegean Coast of Turkey. Most often, the city is called old focal, as there is a new focus near, the city is more modern and noisy. The old focus is a very colorful place in which rare aliens meet although with surprise, but good-naturedly. Charming Embankment, on which there are dozens of fish restaurants and narrow streets of the Old Town – the main attractions of the Foakes. If your goal ; Lazy beach vacation, it is better to stay in one of the little hotels or guest houses in the vicinity of the city.

Hotels and Pensions: Focal, on the coast of Teras Motel
How to get there: from Izmir by bus or micro bus

Flavor streets of Fero. Photo Credit: Yonca Evren, Flickr


Noisy, dynamic, modern city in which energy beats the key. Izmir ; The third largest city of Turkey and the largest city on the Aegean coast. The embankment of the city is overwhelmed by street restaurants and open areas of cafes and bars. The surroundings of the city of Izmir are famous for leather workshops, the products of which can be found in noisy bazaars and dozens of corporate stores of the city. If desired, you can go directly into one of the workshops, in order to familiarize yourself with the process and chat with the masters of the leather affairs.

Hotels, guesthouses, aparthotels: Izmir
How to get there: by plane, train or bus

Izmir. Photo Credit: NEJDET DÜZEN, FLICKR

Aegean coast of Turkey


Resort Czech (çeşme) – one of the most popular places for beach holidays on the Aegean Coast of Turkey. Czech is picturesquely located on the Sea of ​​the Peninsula with the same name. On the peninsula a lot of good long sandy beaches and excellent conditions for windsurfing. In addition, there are healing thermal sources in Czech, on which thermal baths, hamamy and spa are built. In the city and along the coast ; Mass of hotels and aparthotels.

Hotels, Pensions, Apart Hotels: Cesme
Getting to: bus from Izmir

Surfing in Chashma. Photo Credit: Raffaele, Flickr


Alacati (Alaçatı) ; A small historical town on the Peninsula of Snya, with a characteristic Greek architecture and a completely special atmosphere. This city adores wealthy Istanbuli, who come to reselle and sunbathe on the weekend, which sets the city a certain atmosphere. The city has a nice beach, a large embankment, a mass of trendy restaurants and street cafes, shops, boutiques and galleries.

Hotels and aparthotels: Alacati
Route: bus from Izmir

Amicious cafe Alacati. Photo Credit: Yonca Evren, Flickr

Selchuk and Ephesus

Hilt ; Ancient Antique City, famous for one of the seven wonders of the world – Temple of Artemis. Archaeological excavations, which are conducted here for more than 150 years, allowed to restore the streets of the ancient city of Ephesus, at home, theater and library. If you really want to imagine what an ancient antique city looked, then you here. Ephesis is also part of the history of Christianity. According to legends, Mary, Mother Jesus Christ, lived here.

Selchuk, located next to Ephesus – a tiny tourist town, which serves as the main base for independent travelers who want to visit the ruins of Ephesus. There is a very good choice of guesthouses and guesthouses and, moreover, a pleasant provincial atmosphere. The town has a small museum in which samples found in Ephesus, charming basil, mosque and old fort on a hill.

In addition to Ephesus, you can also visit less famous ruins. Motobike or bike rental ; Great way to get acquainted with the surroundings. 14 kilometers from the city (15 minutes away by Dolmush) Located picturesque wild beach Pamucak, where you can spend a good day, sunbathing and bathing.

Traditional houses in Selchuk. Photo Credit: Recepmemik, Flickr

Hilt. Photo Credit: Rmanders, Flickr


Worldwide ; Famous thermal sources, one of the wonders of nature located in Turkey. Pamukkale – Translated from the Turkish "Cotton Castle". Magnificent landscape created by nature – fabulous white terraces with numerous reservoirs. The source of mineral waters, thanks to which this beauty was formed, is located in the center of the ancient city of Jerapolis, who, together with Pamukkale, is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Pamukkale. Photo Credit: Stefano Gambassi, Flickr


Kusadasi – the largest resort on the Aegean coast of Turkey, which offers its guests a large selection of housing, both in the city and on the coast, developed infrastructure of active recreation and entertainment, hot springs and good beaches. Kusadasi usually choose travelers who want to get acquainted with the main attractions of the Aegean coast – Ephesus and Pamukkale, without refusing to the pleasures of the beach holiday.

Aegean coast of Turkey

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