news "AEPOFLOT": to New York – with a buzz

Among the Russian airlines Aeroflot – the first and so far the only one who began to use the American Boeing-777-200 – the most expensive serial, supercomformer passenger aircraft. June 24 at the airport "Sheremetyevo" CEO of Aeroflot Valery Okulov personally met its new Boeing-777-200 from New York. Already this week the airline will release this cool car for flights Moscow – New York and Moscow – London.

Today, Boeing-777 is the best in the class of wide-body liners. In total, there are 136 in the world, and they are in airframes only several foreign airlines. Boarding Boeing-777 Today, such giants of the aircraft, such as British Airways, Air France, United Airlines and Japan Airlines, as well as air carriers standing at the first places in the ranking of the best airlines by passenger service level: Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines Korean Airlines.

In Boeing-777-200 three passenger salons: 240 seats economyracts, 43 – business class and 12 – first. In Boeing-767-300, previously used Aeroflot on flights to New York, there were salons of only economy and business class.

While the plane is not yet "Detailed", Fly on it is especially nice. Especially in the first and business class. In addition to luxurious food at the restaurant system, which provides for an individual choice of dishes (lobster, goose liver "foie gras", pancakes with caviar, white salmon, meatballs "Marechal" sauce "Beshamel", French cognac, Scotch whiskey, the Portuguese port wines, Georgian wines), passengers will have a bunch of other pleasures. Each seat is equipped with individual audiovideosistemoy. You can not just twist any movies, listen to tapes and CDs, but also play computer "catch-up", "Shooting", "razmyshlyalki", "pyhtelki" and "locker rooms". And all this in a comfortable position: chair "first-graders" easily converted into a bed, and in business class – in deck chairs. If we consider that a flight to New York lasts 8-10 hours, this service consoles.

"economists" It will also be good. Pull their feet, of course, can not be, but in the back of each seat mounted electronic pillow under your lower back: if you want – sit, as the count swallowing, you want – go to sleep in the fetal position. There are plump headrest "ears": Head in the cradle. And will not be bored. In the lounge – several TV screens, and armrests – individual headphones.

The Boeing-777-200 are special places, as well as dressing rooms for children and disabled.

Luggage racks is much wider and more spacious than other airplanes. Therefore, quarrels between passengers for a place on the shelf should not be.

AEPOFLOT news to New York - with a buzz

Everything else, saloons are equipped with satellite telephone communications. "economists" are ringing on a par with "first-graders", It would only be a credit card.

National Association of Aeronautics acknowledged Boeing-777 the best achievement in the field of aeronautics, and the design of its passenger compartment has been awarded the American Society of Industrial Designers award for the highest quality.

Despite the fact that the new Aeroflot plane so gorgeous, the price of tickets economy class airline is not going to raise: the cheapest – $ 600. The ticket price of business class increased by only $ 200 (now it costs $ 2.400). Well, flying in first class will cost $ 4.000. This figure is not compared with nothing, since the first class in the New York direction has not yet been.

In October, Aeroflot will receive the second Boeing-777-200 – as the first "Three seven", Also in Leasing. To buy such an expensive aircraft of a single airline in the world: the base price of the liner rolls over 150 million dollars. Where the second Aeroflotovsky Boeing-777-200 will fly, is still unknown, but it will fly. And over the next five years, Aeroflot Aeroflot will be replenished with another 12 new American aircraft – Boeing-737 and Boeing-767.

AEPOFLOT news to New York - with a buzz

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