Affordable depth

Submarines have long ceased to be exclusively military vehicles. The era of tourist submarine began in 1964, when the Auguste Piccard boat was demonstrated at the exhibition in Lausanne. Now plunge on the depth of one hundred meters with a camera, a mobile phone and a cup of coffee in your hands – the most common thing.

Larnaca, Cyprus

Submarine "Sadko" was designed to the CCB "Rubin" and built in 1997. As with most tourist submarines, passenger chairs are located back to the passage, so all tourists are sitting face to the portholes (all of them 23), looking at the shoals of red marine crucians and Barracuda. If you are more fascinated by the technique, you can travel for a long time and see how the submarine is controlled. But the main attraction is the inspection of the Swedish ferry "Zenobia", lowered into the water in 1980 and sunken near Larnaca during the first flight from Sweden to Syria. Now the 172-meter giant lies on board, and Sadko promptly slides along the deck, which is still chained long-range trucks, and not coming to Aleppo. In the cabins some of them can even sit. All equipment is preserved in the restaurant "Zenobia" to the coffee machines. But to see all this, the submarines are no longer enough: it is possible to penetrate inside "Zenobia" with scuba.

Number of passengers: 40
Maximum immersion depth: 40 m
Excursion cost: $ 72, for children – $ 30

Maldives, Male

Whale submarine descends as if on the steps. The first stop at a depth of 25 meters, where the boat is surrounding a cheerful flock of yellow-blue striped luciana, melancholic fish-lions with fins, similar to sticking feathers, and turtles. Next stop – Coral garden at a depth of 40 meters. If the current is allowed, the boat is "sitting" on a small sandy sanding at the entrance to a huge cave and directs the light of the spotlights there. Clawed from the darkness, sink a reef shark, gubastic fish-Napoleon, and if lucky, you can see the giant two-meter perch. However, this deepwater fish is afraid of a sharp light, so it may not seem at all. But it happened so that the scattered scatter was trained in search of ways to retreat spoke directly to the porthole, sample mouth with rows of randomly planted, sharp, like a razor, teeth. (They say one tourist shocked seen, said: "He would have braces".)

Number of passengers: 50
Maximum depth of immersion: up to 150 m
Excursion cost: $ 100, for children – $ 50

Bahamas, Nassau

Affordable depth

Excellent underwater attraction – submarine Bobble (Breathing Observation Bubble). The design resembles a scooter connected to a helmet-cap, in which you can freely vite your head, looking around. First you swim away to the sea on the yacht, and there is a ten-minute instruction on the control of "Bob" and group descent under water accompanied by an instructor. If you are with friends, you can try to play at the depth of the sea battle (unless, of course, the instructor will allow), completely safely facing scooters. However, in the first minutes, this happens even with unfamiliar people who have not yet learned to steer correctly. It’s a shame only that, as soon as you are lean and stop walking in a circle, it’s time to get out. Immersion lasts only 20 minutes, and this is his main minus. In the Mexican Cancun, a similar attraction lasts a little longer – 35 minutes. You can purchase a submarine for sole use. Netherlands U-Boat WORX sells similar submarines (they are called c-Quester). It costs it, it is not suiced – $ 125 thousand.

Number of passengers: 1
Maximum immersion depth: up to 20 m
Cost of excursion (along with a yacht) at the Bahamas: $ 121, for children – $ 60, in Cancun – $ 75
City-Discovery.COM, www.cancuncd.Com

Thailand, Phuket

Here runs the magnificent submarine Deepstar, the body of which is made from acrylic. The portholes are not available, transparent walls give a circular review, and in addition, there are liquid crystal displays in the cabin. During the two-hour swimming "Star" completely spends 40 minutes under water, and the rest is in half-loaded condition. At such a depth of real coral beauties you will not see, but there is an opportunity to get on the roof of a boat, where the deck is located, which is almost flown with the surface of the water, or go on a tour of the captain.

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