10 hotels near the sea in Athens. Athenian Riviera.

Athens are located on the shores of the Saronic Gulf, but despite the proximity to the sea, the Greek capital is rarely chosen for a beach holiday. I must say that tourists who want to warm up in the sun and swim in the sea can be understood. Athens is the city of attractions, and if you go over the sea, it is better to go to chalkidiki or the islands. However, if you want to get "2-in-1", then you can combine: and the Acropolis see and swim in the sea. For beach holidays in Athens usually choose areas of Paleo Faliro, Glyfada, Almimos, Voula, vulitamy and further to Cape Sunion, the tourists stop at Luts. If we consider the Greek capital for a beach holiday, it is best to choose the area of ​​the so-called Athenian Riviera. First, from here to the city center you can get in just 30-40 minutes, secondly, it is here that are better in Athens beaches, comfortable hotels and other tourist infrastructure. We decided to make a selection of hotels near the sea, but they did not even be limited to Riviera, so you can find and cheap hotels near the airport (suddenly you have a changeare for almost a day that there is a time to disappear).

Hotels in Paleo Faliro in Athens Riviera

Paleo Faliro district – one of the best districts in Athens. Perfect place if you want to combine sightseeing and beach holidays. Excellent infrastructure, proximity to the center (about 10-15 minutes per tram), sea, beautiful hotels. By the way, many rich inhabitants of Athens prefer to live in the city, so there are some of the highest prices for real estate in the Greek capital.

Poseidon Hotel in Athens Riviera – from € 150

The three-star Poseidon hotel is located on the waterfront, you can reach the sea in just a couple of minutes. The city center is only 6 km and you can get both on a taxi and high-speed tram, the stop of which is located a few dozen meters from the hotel. For guests of the newly renovated hotel, cozy rooms are offered with everything you need. On the roof of the hotel there is a terrace, a restaurant and a pool.

Great hotel in Athens Riviera


  • Tasty breakfast
  • Great option to combine the sea and sights
  • Comfortable transport accessibility
  • Near shops, restaurants
  • Nice beach and entrance to the sea


  • Few sockets in the room
  • Small numbers
  • The pool does not work in winter
  • Noisy road near

Estimation of guests: eight.3/10

Price: From € 150 for Double Room with Breakfast, Single Room from € 140

Hotel Coral Hotel Athens in Athens Riviera – from € 135

A good four-star Coral hotel in the Paleo Faliro area is located two minutes from the sea and a 15-minute drive from the center of Athens. For hotel guests, comfortable rooms are served, conference hall, fitness room, and a hydromassage mini pool. The hotel’s restaurant serves a traditional Greek breakfast daily, which is included in the room rate, a vegetarian dishes are prepared for guests.

Hotel Coral next to the sea in Athens


  • Polite staff
  • Good transport accessibility
  • Clean Sea and Malbitual Beach in the Season


  • Noise from Street
  • Not all rooms are renovated
  • Breakfast is not diverse

Estimation of guests: 7.8/10

Price: from € 135 per double room with breakfast, triple room from € 149

Other hotels in Paleo Faliro

    – from € 70, rating 8.3/10, to the sea 10 minutes. – from € 90, rating 8.7/10, to the sea 15 minutes

Glyfada district in the Athenian Riviera

If the Paleo Faliro district is suitable for a relaxing beach holiday for several days, then the district of Glyfad is considered a district of youth. There are many clubs, restaurants, bars, there is an excellent golf club with international field field. Beautiful, cozy area, combines luxury and comfort. We stayed in the area during your winter visit to Athens, appreciate the beach and the sea. We, of course, could not, but nevertheless, we can recommend the budget and convenient London Hotel. Detailed review of it can be found in Separate article.

Hotel Palmyra Beach Hotel near the sea in Athens – from € 70

Palmyra Beach Hotel is a few hundred meters from the beach and in close proximity to public transport stations. The hotel’s guests have an outdoor pool with a bar, as well as a good restaurant, where you can enjoy breakfast at an extra fee. The cozy rooms are furnished with comfortable furniture, satellite TV, air conditioning, tea / coffee making facilities. For travelers by car there is free parking.

Beach Hotel in Athens Palmyra Beach Hotel


  • Big pure beach
  • Polite staff
  • Comfortable transport accessibility (tram – to the center, bus – to the airport)


  • Noise from the street if the number goes on the road
  • Small selection of hot dishes for breakfast

Estimation of guests: eight.5/10

Price: from € 70 per budget double room, from € 140 per family room for 4x

Other hotels in Glyfada

    – from € 85, rating 8.0/10, to the sea 5 minutes – from € 200, rating 9.0/10, to the sea 5 minutes – from € 120, rating 8.2/10, to the sea 3 minutes

ALIMOS District in Athens Riviera

Alimos is also a prestigious area of ​​Athens and is located just between Paleo Faliro and Glifeada. This area is distinguished by good sandy beaches with a convenient entrance to the sea, there is a great park with a playground, in the area of ​​many good taverns and restaurants. Successful transport accessibility makes this area popular among tourists even in winter, because winter in Greece is warm and some do not refuse themselves to swim in the cold Saronian bay.

Hotel Tropical in Athens near the sea – from € 90

Boutique-hotel tropical in the Almim region is located just a couple of minutes walk from the beach, from most hotels rooms offer stunning views of the sea. Hotel Rooms are equipped with a standard package for tourist amenities: a minibar, satellite TV, free Wi-Fi, Soft Beds, a private bathroom.

Hotel near the sea in Athens


  • Polite staff
  • Great view from the window to the sea
  • Tasty breakfast
  • Near the beach
  • Comfortable bed
  • Afin Riviera - beach holidays in Athens. Hotels in Athens by the Sea


  • Narrow balcony
  • To the center of 40 minutes
  • Near a noisy road
  • Monotonous breakfast

Estimation of guests: 7.9/10

Price: From € 90 For Standard Double Room with Breakfast, Executive Room from € 140

Other hotels in Alimos

    , from € 250, rating 9.5/10, to the sea 10-15 minutes, from € 90, rating 7.8/10, to the sea 10 minutes, from € 45, rating 7.6/10, to the sea 5 minutes, from € 45, rating 7.8/10, to the sea 5 minutes

Voula district in Athens

South Gliphad, but not reaching the lakes of Wolagmena, there is a Voula district, which is considered to be a real decoration of the Athenian Riviera. There are magnificent beaches, designed for both swimming and water sports, excellent beach infrastructure and good hotels. This area is one of the most expensive in Riviera (more expensive only vulgaria with its resort hotels), so restaurants are slightly more expensive than in Almimos and Glyfade, but the food of the same high quality.

Hotel Galini Palace near the sea – from € 77

Hotel Galini Palace is a 10-minute walk from the beach, approximately 16 kilometers from the center of Athens and 20 km from the airport. The spacious and cozy hotel rooms are classically decorated and have everything you need for a comfortable stay: a balcony overlooking the sea, air conditioning, a TV, a private bathroom with free toiletries. The accommodation includes breakfast, which is served in the hotel’s restaurant.

Galini Palace – Hotel near the Sea in Athens


  • Easy to get from the airport
  • Near a free pebble beach
  • Russian-speaking personnel
  • Near shops and restaurants
  • Clean numbers


  • Noisy road near the hotel
  • Scale breakfasts
  • Little souls

Estimation of guests: 7.7/10

Price: From € 77 for Standard Double Room with breakfast, from € 90 For Triple Room

Other hotels in Vla

    – from € 70, rating 8.0/10, to the sea 3 minutes – from € 80, rating 9.5/10, to the sea 10 minutes

Vulgmena district in Athenian Riviera

One of the most expensive districts of Athenian Riviera – Lake Vulumagmena district. It is here that there are expensive hotels and apartments, due to the proximity of the sea with beautiful beaches, as well as a unique thermal lake, which takes tourists all year round.

Resort Hotel Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso – from € 325

The Divani Collection hotel chain is very popular in Greece, it includes luxury luxury hotels throughout the country. Hotel Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso is perfectly like a beach holiday in Athens: own beach, three swimming pools, exquisite restaurants, some of them have the "All Inclusive" system, Thalassotherapy Spa, Roman Baths, Turkish saunas, a shaded cortex, this list can be continued. But for all this, the luxury has to pay well – this is one of the most expensive hotels in the Athens Riviera, but judging by the reviews, it costs those money that they pay for him.

Chic hotel by the sea in the Athenian Riviera


  • Polite staff
  • Free indoor pool
  • Daily change of linen
  • Delicious and rich breakfast
  • Great spa


  • High price
  • Little beach

Estimation of guests: eight.6/10

Price: From € 323 for Superior Double Room with Breakfast, from € 1930 for Deluxe Suite

Hotel The Margi near Lake Vulgmena – from € 450

The Margi Hotel enters the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. These are small hotels (usually up to 100 rooms), which offer their guests an elite rest. The hotel is located among the pines, just a few minutes walk from the sandy beach. It features a swimming pool, sauna, steam bath, restaurants, yoga classes, fitness center, spa. Rooms are equipped with satellite TV, a DVD player, a minibar, a safe and air conditioning, as well as a bathroom with Korres toiletries, soft bathrobes and slippers.

Chic Hotel Margi to relax in the Athens Riviera


  • Clean numbers
  • Polite and knowledgeable staff
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Excellent beach


  • High price
  • Little beach

Estimation of guests: eight.7/10

Price: From € 425 for Superior Double Room with breakfast, from € 1100 per family suite

Other hotels in Vulgmena

    – from € 185, rating 8.1/10, to the sea 5 minutes – from € 270, rating 8.8/10, private beach on site

Lutsa district near the airport and sea

East of Athens next to Airport Eleftherios Venizelos Lutsa district is located and the beach of the same. Tourists usually choose tourists who have a daily dock or fans of water sports (in the summer there are excellent winds and kaiteserfing fans like this area). We have already said that, in our opinion, Athens is not the most successful direction for a beach holiday, but you can always find a compromise, for example, combine and spend a week in the city, examining the sights, and a few days on Lutsa beach. Moreover, there are good and inexpensive hotels.

Apartment Michalis – Apartment in Athens near the sea and airport – from € 50

Great apartment right by the sea in Athens. The room has everything you need: free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a kitchenette with a fridge, kettle, stovetop and kitchenware. Bed linen and towels are included in the price. Near the big sandy beach, without music and excess noise. Suitable to lovers of a relaxing holiday or rest with children.

Inexpensive apartment near the sea in Athens


  • Price
  • View of the sea
  • Sociable and polite owners
  • Calm holiday without music on the beach


  • No airport shuttle
  • Old furniture

Estimation of guests: nine.0/10

Price: From € 50 for apartments on three

Penthouse next to the sea and airport in Athens – from € 100

Another apartment near the sea in Athens is located in Artemis 25 kilometers from Athens. The apartments have a terrace overlooking the sea, air conditioning, a TV, a kitchenette with everything you need. Posted with pets, there is parking and free internet. If necessary, you can order a transfer from / to the airport.

Nice apartment in Artemis near Athens


  • Beautiful view from the window
  • Lack of high-profile events even on weekends
  • Excellent owners
  • Pure apartment


  • Little souls
  • No TV

Estimation of guests: eight.2/10

Price: From € 100 for Apartments for Two

Natalie Apartments – from € 50

Another cheap option in the city of Artemis is located 300 meters from the sea. Amenities include an equipped kitchen, a private bathroom, satellite TV. If desired, guests can use barbecue facilities. There is free parking on site, WiFi works. If necessary, for an additional fee you can arrange a transfer from the airport.

Nice apartment near the sea in Athens


  • Friendly staff
  • Great location
  • Comfortable room
  • Beautiful territory


  • Little souls

Estimation of guests: nine.6/10

Price: from € 50 for apartments for two with breakfast

Other hotels in Lutsa

    – from € 50 for a standard villa for two, rating 9.1/10, to the sea 11 minutes – from € 100 per apartment overlooking the sea, rating 8.8/10, to the sea 2 minutes – from € 104 per apartment with breakfast, rating 9.8/10, to the sea 2 minutes

Choose a hotel in Athens by the sea

Not for the first time we will repeat that for purely beach holidays – Athens is not the best option. This option is suitable for those who want to combine sightseeing with a pleasant opportunity to pour into the sea. For example, we are not at all recreation fans on the shore and after 2-3 days we begin to miss. For us, the best option is to spend a week in Athens and see the sights, and then move to the Athenian Riviera and spend 3-4 days by the sea, visiting Cape Sunion and the thermal lake of alluagmena. Although this option is also very questionable: we will better take the car to rent and go again in Road trip to Peloponnes) And we will stop on different bathing beaches. But not all of the fans of museums and car moves, therefore, Athens should be considered as an option for combined rest. Athenian Riviera has everything necessary for this: good hotels, developed infrastructure, good sandy beaches. Depending on your needs and budget it is worth choosing a holiday area: Riviera for the cheapest, but a comfortable stay, and Lutsa for a quiet pastime and much cheaper. Be sure to read the reviews not to spoil your vacation because of any little things, for example, the lack of a kettle in the room. We wish you a warm sea and a clean beach!

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