"After all, it does not happen in the world, so that children are lost …"

Card with parents’ phones and name will never be superfluous in the things of the child, especially small. Be sure to explain to whom and in what situation it can and should be shown. Make sure the older child knows not only his name and surname and names of the parents, but also home address, telephone and preferably a mobile phone at least one of the loved ones. Put the number of all relatives to his phone, which can be called in an emergency case.

Child’s phone

Put the GPS Locator program on the smartphone, "My Friends"), to any phone for a small fee you can connect your mobile operator to the subscriber’s location service. It is still possible to purchase a clock-tracker, there are two useful features in them: first, it is an opportunity to track where your child is located, and secondly, this is the phone that the child will always hear.


Chief Council – the child should not go for a walk alone. Teach him to take a friend with him when he goes somewhere or even just plays in the yard. Ask him where and whom he went or who should meet and when should come back. If he rides a trip with someone, you should also know where he and what he does.

Ludic place: to whom to seek help

In addition to continuous control over the location of the child in a large shopping center or in any other crowded place, agree in advance where the child will wait for you in case of being lost. Make sure he can at least call this place by contacting someone for help. Tell him that it is safer than in such a situation to contact police officers, employees of a shopping center or office or to passersby with small children. This rule also works in any journey, including overseas.

Transport: who cares

When traveling on transport, agree with the child in advance about where you meet in case someone accidentally went ahead. The main rule – you are traveling for a child, and not he is looking for you (this is especially important if you are in someone else’s city, where the chances are lost in a child much more). That is, if the child goes without you by bus, trolleybus, tram or metro train (the door slammed, the adult did not have time to enter) – So that he calmly went out at the nearest stop and waited for you, did not try to return or get home or to the goal of your trip on your own. If you leave you, and he will stay – so as not to try to catch up with you on the next transport, but also waited for you to return.

Child in Nature: Clothing, Telephone, Whistle, Water

If you go with a child on nature, be sure to prepare it.

After all, it does not happen in the world, so that children were lost ...
  1. Put on bright and waterproof clothes and shoes.
  2. If the child has his own mobile phone, remind that it is first of all a means of communication with you, and then a toy is already that, if he is lost, he should not sit down to play games or climb on social networks, but should take the battery.
  3. Give him a whistle in case he is lost. The sound whistle in the forest is spread much further than the human voice.
  4. Be sure to give him a bottle of water with you and ask not to spend it just like that. Explain that without adults, in no case cannot be approached to the water bodies, even if it is very hot, even if you want to drink, even if he thinks he knows how to swim well.
  5. Also give him a chocolate bar and explain that this is also an inviolable stock in case of being lost.
  6. Tell us that there is nothing in the forest, no mushrooms, no berries – nothing. You can not touch anyone, even if the animal seems small and harmless, especially the cubs – they can come guarding their mothers!
  7. Teach the child that the first thing he should do when I understand that I was lost – staying on site. After that – shout or whistle in a whistle, you can still knock on a tree stick. Listen, don’t answer him, and wait until it is.

In search of a child "uncomfortable" does not happen

With the slightest suspicion that the child was lost, he did not return home on time, – call and survey his friends, relatives and acquaintances, neighbors. Situation of the disappearance of the child Extreme, there is nothing awkward in such calls. Better after half an hour call back and notify that the alarm was false than the precious time will be missed.

And be sure to contact the nearest police station or service 112. You must accept a statement regardless of your place of residence, the degree of relationship with the missing person or the loss of the disappearance, no "rule of three days" no! In the case of persuasion, do not apply, they say, "walks and returns", insist, in case of refusal to accept a statement – call 112 and tell about what is happening, calling the OD number.

He found. Give a belt?

The most important thing after the child was found, not to punish him, do not beat him and not shout at him. You can achieve the fact that, having lost the next time, the child will hide a child from fear of punishment. Explain to him that you were worried, tell me what dangers could he meet on the street. It is important that for the child’s lost, but happily acquired child, the parent’s wrath and perspective of punishment did not turn out to be worse than the rest.

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