Agadir — The best resort in Morocco. He enters the closed club of the most beautiful bays of the world. Tourists come here from all over the world to enjoy the sun (shines more than 300 days each year), swim, play golf, surf.

In Agadir, there are many interesting excursions for every taste: and for those who wish to learn about the history and culture, and those who want to be active. In addition, it is from the agadir that is the most convenient to start most of the sightseeing programs in Morocco.

In agadir fun, crowded, civil. Women walk without traditional hijabs, the bars are filled with Europeans, nightclubs and discos are noisy until the morning. If you find yourself here, try surfing. There are schools in which you will be taught to ride.

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What is interesting to see in Agadir?

Top attractions of Agadir

Agadir: Excursions and Events

From Agadir, thanks to its successful location, especially convenient to start many excursions in Morocco. Here are the most popular excursions:

  1. Marrakech Royale. All day. About 790-900 Dirham (see. Course of Moroccan Dirhama to the dollar, euro and ruble).
    You will receive an excellent entry into the most charming city of Morocco in this day round. Marrakesh Bagat on tapestry and spicy aromatic bazaars, street magicians, moving food wagons. You will be asked in Koutoubia Mosque to see the minaret. With four copper domes with a height of 70 m, it is one of the most recognizable places Marrakesh. You will also see the beautiful Palace of Bahia, and the Koran School of the XIV century. After lunch – free time.
  2. Half a day in Taroudant. Halfney (in the morning). About 330 dirham.
    Return in time with a trip to Tarudan. Old Moroccan city, compactly located under the vertices of the Atlas, is a place where time is still worth. Inside the walls of the 15th century there is a labyrinth of minarets, small bazaars, pomegranate groves. You will have time to visit Medina, rebuild at the bazaars and try local specialties (honey with thyme).
  3. Atlas 4×4. All day. Approximately 720-920 Dirham.
    Traveling on all-wheel drive cars to the tops of the Mighty Atlas Mountains. With rocky plains and steep valleys, you will not experience a shortage of places for photographing. Stop in the traditional Berber Village with a cochan of a local breakfast with sweet mint tea and freshly baked bread. At noon there will be a lunch of three dishes on the terrace of the Cascades Hotel, and after that it will go down the slope.
  4. Dining show fantasy. Evening. About 400 dirham.
    Arab Warriors Riding, Shine oriental dancers and brave acrobats. All this is waiting for you here. You will sit in the traditional Bedouin tents and will be served dish per dish of appetizing Moroccan cuisine and local wine. Full, with many fun Evening for the whole family.
  5. Journey to Baggi. Hyddney. Approximately 1050 Dirham. For adults only.
    Dress Glasses and Bandana. And forward! Complete your way through the countryside in a double buggy. Fantastic way to get adrenaline and show your skills.
  6. Agadir, Morocco Rest, Reviews, Hotels of Agadir Travel Guide
  7. Catamaran. 2 hours. On average – 400 dirham.
    Enjoy the views of the sea coast of Agadir in this two-hour cruise along the Atlantic coast. You are brilliantly rest, with a glass of wine in hand, on a chic catamaran, absorbing (landscapes) and sea air.

History of Agadir

Climate in Agadir

Climate in AgadirE subtropical, but very dry. Temperature in summer +27°C, at night +18°C. In the spring and autumn from + 14 + 16°C at night and day to +23°C. Winter temperature + 8 + 21.

The temperature of the water remains relatively soft all year round: in winter, about +16°C, spring and autumn +18°C, in summer +21°C. To choose for yourself the best season for a trip to Agadir, look at the weather in Agadir for months.

Agadir: Entertainment and Active Leisure

In Agadir, almost all water sports are presented in Agadir. But not only the ocean is rich in Agadir – here are the famous golf courses and other entertainment designed for the resorts.

  1. Surfing (Imesouane Bay, Devil’s Cliff, Lighthouse, Cro-Cro and many others).
  2. There are many surf schools, surfing store. The best surfing season is from November to March, but if you are new to – you can ride every day throughout the year.
  3. Golf. With three highly professional golf sites, agadir can compete with most other facilities. Ask for any big hotel about the bus transport that gathers visitors several times a day.
  4. Fishing. Here you can try your fisherman skills and hunt for many kinds of fish, especially Sardin.
  5. Buggy. Here you can try your driver’s skills, driving double buggy on countryside roads.

Transport features of Agadir

The main means of movement on agadium are taxi and their own legs. In principle, the city is small enough to move on on foot. Taxi in Agadir There are two species – Grand-Taxi and Petit-Taxi. How easy to understand from the name, they differ in the number of seats… However, if you wish, and some possibility to clothe the wallet in a small triple orange Petit-Taxi, you can boot and twice as many people.

Taxi parking are located near all bus station, as well as near the central market. There are places where Petit-Taxi is not allowed, such as such a place is the attraction of Agadir – Fortress Kasba.

The cost of a trip to the taxi is theoretically calculated by the meter, there is a day and night price. The trip inside the city will cost a minimum of 15-20 Dirhams, to the airport 150-200 Dirham.

In addition to taxis, a small train runs along the tourist area.

Use as transport Local buses are traditionally not recommended as they are usually filled with local residents.

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