Again Lakersbad: many reasons to return

Looking on the cloud of tag tags and the number of different impressions from Lakersbad described in the texts, it is obvious that we are experiencing special feelings to this place in Switzerland. For the first time landing here with a family landing in winter, we return here for the third year and winter, and in the summer. Our girls with children – ProALPS Junior Team, somehow have already been formulated the reasons that make them choose this particular resort for recreation with children.

Organization and infrastructure

Compact dimerbad dimensions allow you to move everywhere without a car. You can walk to lifts, shops, pools, restaurants. And in general, wherever he wants.

Famillien Willkommen

Lakersbad is marked by the prestigious Swiss label Famillien Willkommen, so that children are hardly waiting for more than adults. Children’s chairs, game zones and menu for the smallest in restaurants, cribs and toys in apartments, special family tariffs and discounts, kindergarten and nanny – all this is presented in the resort in full.

Snow and Spa / Snow & SPA

In the morning – riding in the fresh mountain air, in the evening – thermal baths on the same mountain air. Is it possible to come up with an even more healthy and strengthening program for the children’s (and adult, too) an organism?! Lakersbad is famous for its healing natural waters, which in huge amounts are poured from the depths of the Earth and are available in 30 open and closed pools. In the thermal complex Leukerbad Therme (Burgerbad) for children from 0 years old, a separate pool with slides and toys is equipped.

Pleasure routes

Far from every alpine resort so comfortable and interesting to walk with children, without fear of cars. Well-trained routes are equally suitable for wheelchairs, and for sled, and for walking on foot.

Quality meal

In the local MIGROS supermarket – a great choice of fresh healthy food products. On the farm in the center you can buy a real cow and goat milk. In numerous shops sell homemade cheeses, yogurts, herbal teas, jam and other grandmothers delicacies.

Ski school and zone for children

Children’s Snowpark Snowarena (Erli) riding zone is highlighted in a separate mini resort, which is not needed to rise on the lift, which means there is warmer than at the top. Bougiels, Babi-Elevators and Game Zone are provided. And in the local school there are Russian-speaking instructors.


Again Lakersbad many reasons to return

Lakersbad is noticeably cheaper than other Swiss resorts, for example, in Zermatt.

Entertainment and classes for disadvantaged

As you know, happy mom is a healthy kid. In many resorts, disadvantages feel a little uncomfortable, so that the mother who came with a small child who cannot leave the baby and leave the mountain, risks bother. In Lakersbad, Mom is easily with a child and interesting to the most – in addition to extensive hydromassage opportunities in terms there are several pleasant cafes, art gallery, fitness classes, as well as a couple of outstanding spa centers.

Here is beautiful and sunny

It is clear that it is clean water an emotional reason, but it can not be ignored. Landscapes in Lakersbad – completely space, admire which does not bother at all. We know that experienced meteorologists say that in the mountains nothing can be predicted not that for a week, even for three days, and we cannot guarantee anyone the weather for the next year. However, our personal statistics say that the sun in Lakersbad shines in record quantities – approximately 80% of the time. The remaining 20% ​​comes at night 🙂

Snow and skating

And finally, the most seemingly unexpected for the resort from 50+ km of the roads from dads – we return here for the sake of snow and skiing! For a couple of winters, all the possibilities of the region, including incorporate Mashruhi, are responsible:

Again Lakersbad many reasons to return

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