Aghori: Holy Cannibals

The life of each Hindus is the result of his karma. Birth in this or other caste – the result of what you did in the past life. If you were born with Brahmin in the family of the priest, then your karma led you to this. They are neither good nor bad, but leading to this stage of development, and therefore closer to liberation from Sansary, the eternal rebirth chain. Someone’s karma led him to the Kamork for servants, whose is in the rich Rajput Palace, but the total one and the appeal is not subject to: birth and life in a certain caste – forever, and debt – follow the rules of the caste, so that in the next life is reborn where – Lost higher.

There are many species of such "chunks". Naga Baba, who go without clothes; There are those that give a vow of silence, keep one hand raised to the sky or live in the forest, feeding only the energy of the Sun.

But, in addition to the rules of the caste, there are four more goals of human life: Kama – sensual pleasures; Artha – material prosperity; Dharma – Morality and righteousness; and Moksha – liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

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These goals are consistent, and it is impossible to achieve the latter without reaching the previous ones, so the achievement of Moksus devote themselves, as a rule, elderly people. However, this is not always.

Man in orange clothes, out of things – a jug for water and staff, on the head – the years, non-trivial hair, rolling into dreadlocks

There are those that are born with such a high spiritual level that in the achievement of Kama, Arthi and Dharma is not necessary, and only Moksha remains. They are called differently: sannyasins, sadhu, hermits or tramps, holy or criminals.

The strangest and incomprehensible hermits are Aghori. Before trying to understand them, it is necessary to describe them that in itself it is not easy. They are cannibala-terboy, who feed on uncleanness, spend night rituals over the remains of people and animals. As a rule, Aghori dwells from cremation bonfires, so that, by going through the attention of cremators, pick up the underworned corpse from the fire.

They are asked by human ash, their rows of black color, and on the neck necklace from bones. Eyes chosen by opium, alcohol and charas, look out from under the waterproof mat. Under Ryas, the chain wrapped around the genitals, making them inoperable for life.

Hermits kill their male beginnings

On the staff with Trident Shiva hangs the human skull, which Aghori is used as a bowl. Their body is cut by hoochies, because they do not feel pain, their black language – it is burned from the fact that when Aghori eat the corpse, they raise it from hot ridge coals to avoid touching with their hands, because it may be a woman’s corpse, before which they are forbidden to touch.

Aghori is that page of culture that I do not want to turn over and at the same time pulls over. Their dark secrets are tightened by generating more questions than answers than answers. In contact with their history, you feel like she surrounds you, at the same time changing forever. This is a dark room of memories in which you are afraid to enter, and entering – do not want to go out. Immerse everything deeper, allowing a dark sticky space to envelop you, soothing, comforting, sleeping and slowly absorbing.

Aghori Saints Cannibala

For Aghori, the whole world is a big crypt, in which everything, including they are already dead. From the very fact of birth should be the inevitability of death. As death is inevitable, she has already accomplished. The perfect fact of death gives this world the meaning of absolute illusiveness. So think, worse than death, nothing can be, death has already happened, can anything "bad" or "good" in this "life"?

Hindus are very afraid of Aghori. They believe that they have magical forces – Siddy, and not ordinary, and especially powerful. Erasing the line between pure and dirty, Aghori erase the line between good and evil. They are dangerous, they do what they want.

What believe Aghori?
Aghori worship Shiva, the Hindu God of destruction, Cali, the goddess of death or the women’s Ipostasi Shiva. Every month they spend the ritual on which Siviv’s love song and satisfy Kali through someone’s dead body. Smoke and drink they due to the fact that Shiva himself smoked opium, sitting on the top of the mountain Kailas and stopping the heavenly stream with his hair.

To understand Aghori, it is possible to start with Shiva. Cold by the goddess of Shakti, Shiva – Destruction, Element of Fire. However, the destruction of the Hindus is perceived not as us, but as the destruction of all the bad. And without the destruction of the old one does not have the creation of a new.

Aghori covered by ashes of cremation bonfire

Somehow for a long time I talked about Aghor with one yoga in Dharamsale. Everyone sees the world in his own way. Someone sees the world as love, and they see the world like fire. Then I did not understand him. But now his words acquire meaning. If you destroy the border between pure and dirty, many other restrictions fall, the threshold is erased between good and evil. If you look at the world as energy, fire, then there is nothing unclean. As one Aghori said: "If God created this world, it means that each part of his creation is sacred, it means that there can be something nasty or disgusting". Making such strange actions, Aghori break their perception of reality, changing it to this that is not available to our understanding. Say tantrics choose a short way up. Throw back good and evil and change your perception of reality – perhaps this is the first step.

Aghori Saints Cannibala

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