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Agia Marina – Small sea resort of Crete, located on the north coast 9 km from Chania’s city on the way to Castel. Resort Agia Marina has a well-developed tourist infrastructure: prestigious hotels, many good restaurants and taverns, Greek coffee shops and shops. Proud of Agia Marina is her sandy beach – the longest and most comfortable beach of Crete with crystal waters and picturesque pine forests. Soft climate of Agia Marina resort and relative shallow water are ideal for family holidays, and sailing centers and numerous entertainment resort Agia Marina will like active pastime lovers.

Agia Marina is the famous Crete Beach Resort. There are many attractions, among which you can note the church of Agia Marina, which gave the name to the whole resort, as well as the cave of Nospirly. The resort city of Agia Marina is built along the main road passing through all the coastal cities of the island west from Chania. Opposite the resort of Agia Marina there is a small island of Agia Theodori, which is a reserve, where the Cretan mountain goats of Cree-Cree are bred.

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What is interesting to see in Agia Marina?

Top sights Agia Marina

Water Cave or Nerospilia Cave

Church Agia Marina

Island of St. Feodor

Agia Marina: Excursions and events

Excursions to Agia Marina are the most diverse: walking tours for connoisseurs of nature and active pastime, bus tours throughout the island or in separate territories, numerous marine excursions with a visit to the famous islands.

As for the excursion to Agia Marina, the wonderful maritime excursion makes it possible to visit the Island of St. Theodore and its surroundings. Among the excursions are popular services for comfortable ferries, which will include excursions the longest in time (about 9 hours).

Resort Agia Marina is located along the road, so there are so popular is the island bus tours, which are accompanied by Russian-speaking guides. Bus tours are held daily, thanks to them, you can see the main sights of Agia Marina: see the island of St. Theodore, visit the fortresses of St. Theodore and St. Francis, the Church and in general to see the fascinating Cretan nature.

In Agia, Marina can also be independently moved and inspecting its main attractions by renting a car, a motorcycle or bike, as well as taking advantage of regular buses (a ticket costs up to 5 euros). So you yourself organize yourself review a tour of Agia Marina resort, paying only entrance tickets. With an excursion in Agia Marina, you should visit her Museum of Natural History Helmi.

History Agia Marina

Climate in Agia Marina

Agia Marina, Greece Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Agia Marina Travel Guide

Climate in Agia Marina Subtropical. The air temperature here in the summer period ranges from +20 to +30 degrees. Winter in Agia Marina is short and soft, on average, the air temperature in winter is +16 degrees.

The climate in Agia Marina is ideal for recreation, there are more than three hundred sunny days a year. The optimal time to relax in Agia Marina falls for two periods: from April to July and from September to November. At these time, the air temperature is most favored by a good rest, when hot days have not come yet or has already ended. Watch the detailed weather forecast in Agia Marina for months.

Agia Marina: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Sport, outdoor activities and entertainment found their place in Agia Marina. Here focused playgrounds for children and adults, golf ride, volleyball and other sports games.

On the coast of Agia, Marina are several of the most popular among the tourists of the sandy beaches of Chania (Ammos & Ilios, Costa Costa, Okeanos), with beach bars and swimming pools, sports beach entertainment (windsurfing, water skiing, beach tennis, volleyball), restaurants and beautiful views of AGIY Theodori island. Among the entertainment resort Agia Marina, you can mark the nightclubs – one of the best of all the islands, for example, DE-Stihl and Island clubs.

Transport Features Agia Marina

You can move around the resort of Agia Marina and you can be on the bus on the bus, the interval of the dice of which is about 20 minutes, and the cost of travel from 2 to 5 euros, depending on the route. Renting a car or ordering a taxi, you can travel on your own about 20 euros.

From the Agia, Marina can be reached by other resorts of Crete Island, for example, with the help of a ferry, which departs on a short route to Evie’s Island to Na Na Strae.

Agia Marina, Greece Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Agia Marina Travel Guide

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