Ah, if not worms!

It is not true that black Africans can only fight with each other, bring their states to the handle and rip off as a sticky of European tourists.

Take, for example, the Republic of Malawi. In this small country, the world and order, and safari is so cheap that it’s even a pocket of even the Middle Russian Student. True, getting from Russia to Malawi – long and expensive.

An ordinary representative of the 11-million Malawi people (or rather, six people living in the country) such a road will not master. Annual per capita income there is equal to one and a half hundred dollars.

Rare foreign tourists falling in Malawi, this circumstance is only. Prices in the republic – under the income of local residents.

Entrance ticket to any of the national parks – $ 10, overnight in a park hotel – $ 3-7, two-hour excursion – $ 1.5. Swimming courses with scuba on Lake Malawi – hardly not the cheapest in the world. On average in the country, they cost about a hundred dollars, and at some resorts – only $ 40. (For comparison: in other African countries, this pleasure costs about $ 300, and in Europe – from $ 600 and up.)

Nevertheless: with very modest income of each Malavian separately and the whole state as a whole, the country’s financial system is very thorough. Local currency is stable, currency control rules – liberals, banks have usual guests from developed countries.

The course of Malavian Kvacui (the so-called national monetary unit) is already five years old lasts almost at one level – about 15.4 for 1 US dollar. Quacha abbreviated MKW and divided by 100 Tambala.

Import and export of foreign currency in Malawi is not limited. Its denoteski government is trying abroad not to release. Export (and imported) no more than 20 kvaars are allowed, that is, a little more than a dollar in the equivalent.

But inside Malawi Kwacha fully converted. It can be freely changed to foreign currency and vice versa.

Quachas you can pay for any purchase, including flights to international flights. Make a bank certificate about the acquisition of local currency for foreign (as in many other countries) at the same time not necessarily.

Banks serve and cash, and traveler checks. Those to the poor Russians who have a bank account somewhere in Western Europe, it is useful to keep in mind that the offices of National Bank of Malawi in the capital of Lilongwe, and in three cities – Blantyre, Mangochi and Mzuzu – master the personal checks of EUROCHEQUE systems. They "Go" For the best course, rather.

Banks in Malawi are open on working days C 9.30 to 13.00. Many towns are serviced by mobile banks that come only one or twice a week. In one city, it can be Monday, in another – say, Monday and Thursday.

Ah, if not worms!

In large (by local standards), cities there is a black currency market. It offers a few best exchange rates and functions so openly that it can hardly be called "Black". Therefore, better contact the shops belonging to traders of Asian origin.

In border points, depending on the value and, so to speak, lively, there are either private changes, or branches of banks, or those and others immediately. True, there is in Malawi and borders, on which currency exchange is not carried out. In some national parks, the border with neighboring Zambia is no more than a conditional line on the map.

In such places, to delve into the Zambian territory and return back is allowed without passport control and at all without a visa. But it is not necessary to count on a meeting in Savannah with a bank clerk.

In many respects Malawi – hardly the safest for traveling country of black Africa. There are almost no crime there. In national parks, tourists are allowed to walk on nature on foot, and not just ride in the ceremony cars, as in Kenya or Tanzania: elephants, tigers and other wild animals are not found in Malawi. But there are different cute harmless creatures: zebras, giraffes, antelopes.

But the country is remarkable high level of malaria and AIDS. In the waters of Lake Malawi, just where the cheapest courses of scuba diving work are working, swimsters have good chances to pick up saintosomatosis – a very unpleasant disease caused by worms-parasites type of worms.

The lake of the gadgets for some reason, they love to be embedded through the skin into the human body and settle in it. Some species prefer to live in the stomach. Others – in blood vessels. Exotic and inexpensive beauty of Malawi open only brave.

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