Ain Al Saint Resort in Egypt

Resort Ain Sereba (or Ain El Saint) – this is one of the most interesting places to relax on the Red Sea in Egypt. It is distinguished by a unique location of only 140 kilometers from Cairo. For tourist packagers, this resort is almost unknown, but for lovers of independent trips, it represents a huge value.

Location of the resort Ain Serebi

The Red Sea in the north ends with two bays. From the east of the peninsula, Sinai washes the Bay of Aqaba, and from the West there is a Suez Bay (see the map on the right).

It is on the shore of the Suez Gulf 30 kilometers south from the entrance to the famous Suez Canal is the resort Ain Serebi.

The main advantage of this location is proximity to Cairo. From the city of Ain Serebi to Cairo, direct highway was laid, and between cities only 140 kilometers (from the center to the center).

In addition, from all resorts of the Red Sea, it is Ain Seresa’s closest to the second major city of Egypt – Alexandria. Distance is 350 kilometers. One-day bus tour to Alexandria is possible only from this city. All other resorts of Egypt on the Red Sea too far.

The main advantage of the resort Ain Serebi

If you arrived at the central Egyptian resorts of Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh, and you dream of looking at the great Egyptian pyramids, you expect some difficulties.

From Charm El Sheikh to Cairo 500 kilometers and 6-7 hours of the path on a tourist bus. From Hurghada to Cairo 460 kilometers and 5.5-6.5 hours drive. We do not recommend riding a day trip, because almost all day you spend on the bus. You will only make a glimpse of the sights of Cairo, and it will be time to leave back. We will have to leave at 2 o’clock in the morning, and return closer to midnight.

You can fly on an excursion by plane, many tour desks offer this service. This is not cheap pleasure – about 200 US dollars. In addition, tourists need to arrive at the airport in advance, undergo security control and so on. As a result, the aircraft saves time, but not so much. Such an excursion begins in 4-5 am. In Cairo, you will not have much time to inspect the interesting places of the city, it is the same "gallop in Europe".

Good ideas seem to have a two-day trip. In this case, the time in Cairo will be many times more. But, in this case, you lose two days paid "All inclusive", which is unpleasant. Watch the photo on the left that you lose.

For example, you bought a tour to Egypt for 7 nights at a price of 60,000 rubles for two people. It turns out that two days in Cairo cost you an additional 17,000 rubles. It is this amount that you gave for stay at the hotel AI in two days. It’s more than the price of the tour! Agree, insulting.

Of course, it can be considered different, because a significant part of the cost of the tour is the airfare price. Can be taken to account and smaller amount, but in any case, you lose paid services at the hotel.

In case of a trip to the resort of Ain Seresa, the task of visiting Cairo is simplified. By bus, there are only 1.5-2 hours away, and you can go to Cairo after breakfast and return to dinner. The trip is completely tireless. I don’t even need to buy a tour, you can sit on a regular bus and for 100 Egyptian pounds to get to Cairo.

Features of the resort Ain Serebi

For a long time, the Egyptians themselves went to the resort of Ain Srested, and foreigners have not seen here. But, about ten years ago, local authorities and owners of hotels began to attract tourists from Western Europe.

The important feature of the resort Ain Serebi is connected with this fact for Russians – in Russian here, no one speaks and learn our language is not going to. For this, local Egyptians have weighty reasons.

Ain Serebi is not very popular as part of batch tours of Russian tour operators. Let’s say more, now (spring 2021) batch tour to the resort Ain Serebi to buy at all is not possible. There are simply no tours.

Resort Ain Serebi hotels are popular with independent tourists. Europeans first arrive at Cairo, live in a cheap hotel in the city, watch the main attractions and already go to the beach on the Red Sea. It is logical that Ain Serebi in this case is suitable ideal – 2 hours trip by bus for 100 Egyptian pounds.

Among Russians are few lovers of independent travel. The weak knowledge of foreign languages ​​affects, the total fear of other countries – the echoes of the Times of the USSR, inability to work with buying tickets and hotel reservations. Our tourists are very dependent on tour operators and their proposals.

As a result, the Russian is a huge rarity, our tourists come here in the resort of Ain, and our tourists come here only a few hundred per year.

Hotels Ain Serebi do not practice the "All Inclusive" system, so favorite Russian tourists. At the time of writing this review, only one hotel can offer AI. The reason is simple – AI is not as popular with Europeans, like Russians. This resort is simply not needed.

On the other hand, drinks, food and services here are cheaper than in the popular resorts of the Red Sea. Affects the proximity to Cairo. As you understand, neither in Hurghad, nor in Sharm El Sheikh do not grow wheat, nor rice, no potatoes. All foodstuffs are carrying from the Nile Valley, and Ain Serebed closer to the country’s agricultural centers.

Europeans prefer not to buy "All Inclusive", and dine and dinner in a restaurant, good prices. But, there is one important feature.

Hotels Ain Serebi are located outside the city feature on the seaside sections to the north and south. Some hotels are difficult to get to the city. For example, Hotel Regina Elsokhna Resort is 70 kilometers from the city.

In most cases, tourists have to dine and dinner in local hotel restaurants, however, prices here "do not break".

Along the coast, minibuses are held, where from hotels you can get to the cities of Caafaran, Suez or the city of Ain Serebi. There is a lot of interesting things in the city, as this is not a tourist center, but a real Egyptian city. You can go to local restaurants, cafes and to the bazaars, see how the Egyptians live.

Ain Serebi – a large port with a population of 45,000 people. Along the coast go through ships, and if you see in the morning from the hotel window in the distance of the cargo ship or tanker, do not be surprised. Active navigation does not interfere with rest, as trading routes go far from the shore. Sea water ships almost do not pollute, the sea here is transparent and clean.

In addition to hotels, you will see on the coast a lot of private houses. Ain Serebi district is very popular as "Egyptian cottage", having a house near the sea for the Egyptian prestigious. Some Egyptians live here constantly, of course, if they can afford it.

How to get from Cairo

Take a bus to Ain Sereba in Cairo you can in three places. The first is the bus station of blocks in the center of the city, next to Ramses railway station. At the time of updating this article (April 2021) there are 4 flights a day.

But it is more convenient to sit on the bus station next to Tahrir Square, from here there are 5 flights. The station is behind the junction from the Cairo Museum. Not to all tourists quickly succeeds to find it, so we recommend going to taxi, as the taxi drivers know exactly. Use the phrase "GOU BAS Tahrir". Next, the buses arrive to the bus station to Naspsiti, and you can also sit there.

Check Prices, Schedule and buy tickets You can on the official website of GO BUS. Address: http: // gobus.ME / EN / . Site in English, but with a roadbreaker you can easily watch everything and buy tickets.

The fare depends on the class of the bus. If you go on the simplest bus economy bus, it will cost 100 Egyptian pounds, on the increasing. The most expensive tickets are 205 pounds.

You can go on minibuses from Giza, Diamonds, Tagamo Hammes. Schedule Watch there – on the website GO BUS.

There is still a second option to get to the bus to the city of Suez, and then on a minibus (analogue of our minibuses) to Ain Serebi. It will be a little cheaper. But we do not recommend that way in connection with its greater complexity and duration.

Hotels and prices

At the time of the actualization of this review (spring 2021) in Ain Sries, there are 17 full-fledged hotels. 7 of them are classified as "five", 7 as the "four" and 3 as "treshka".

Moderate prices, for $ 50, you can stay at the 4-star hotel right by the sea. Of course, in Hurghada and Charm El Sheikh have hotels with similar prices, but not on the first beach line.

Ain Al Saint Resort in Egypt

The most prestigious hotels here are Moevenpick Resort, Stella di Mare Golf, Spa and Country Club and Stella di Mare Grand Hotel. Prices for accommodation in these hotels start from 200 dollars per night.

Most tourists from Russia have difficulty choosing a hotel in Ain Saint. As we wrote, Russians there are rare guests, and Russian-speaking reviews about hotels units. You have to translate the reviews of the Germans, French and the British. For the translation of the review, it is enough for the automatic translation of Google in Chrome browser. It is best to translate the reviews of the British, as the translation from English is the most adequate.

What to see and what to do

Surprisingly, the excursions to Alexandria and Cairo at the resort Ain Serebi do not enjoy popular. If you think about it, it is logical, since most of the holidaymakers or have already visited these cities before arriving here, or are still going to go, but live in the hotels of Cairo and Alexandria.

The name "Ain Saints" is translated as "hot springs". The city is named so from real hot springs near Mount Gabel Attack. To these sources arrange excursions. In winter, there is even snow, which is an unforgettable attraction for the Egyptians themselves.

Trip to Mount Gebel Attack interesting, as it opens out of here a stunning view of the bay and the valley. On the other hand, sulfur comes from the ground, and the smell just shocks many tourists.

City Ain Serebi is very ancient. In the caves in the mountains nearby letters were found, which mention the pharaoh of Jedcara Isaez, who rules about 2400 BC. This is the 5th dynasty. Recall that the Great Egyptian pyramids are built in the 4th dynasty. That is, Ain Sereba is an almost peer pyramid.

Unfortunately, no significant ruins that would be interested in a simple tourist, there is no. All the archaeologists found are very important for science and valuable for historians, but little remarkable for the average man.

The first attractions next to Ain Serestan are the most ancient Christian monasteries. Monastery of St. Anthony is 125 kilometers from the city, and the monastery of St. Paul is 115 kilometers. They are most often combined into one excursion. This is a local exclusive.

Another remarkable place near the city of Ain Serebi is a Suez Canal. To be honest, he is not particularly interesting, there are no ambitious gateways, like on the Panaman channel, since there are no water level drops.

It’s just a long channel for which 17,000 ships passes a year. Of course, the Egyptians are proud of them, because this is the second largest source of income of the country, bringing more than $ 5 billion to the budget every year.

Another technical achievement that can be viewed is the oil pipeline, which begins precisely in Ain Saint. This pipeline is a solution of two problems. First – not all tankers can pass through the Suez Canal, some ships are too big. The second – the channel is filled with ships, and queues are formed.

In order for large tankers to be needed to pass the Suez Channel, the pipeline was built. Ships stick in the port of Ain Serebi and freeze oil, which in the pipeline enters the port of Sidi-Kerir on the Mediterranean coast. There oil is poured on another tanker, which is already sailing to Europe.

This is one of the most elegant logistics solutions in the world. Of course, the pipeline is not the most interesting thing for tourists, but it is right in the city of Ain Serebya and you do not need to go anywhere.

Active leisure and water sports in the resort of Ain Serebi are not well developed. Only one diving center operates on the whole resort. Windsserphs and kiteboarders there is nothing to do. Those who wish can ride camels or quad bikes to the neighboring mountains and void.

It is important and useful to know

– Although the resort of Ain-Saint is small, one case of shark attack on a vacationer was registered here. Details in our article "Sharks in Egypt";

– Pay outside of hotels in Ain-Saints usually accounted for pounds. Money will have to change. Read our article "Currency exchange in Egypt";

– Official tariffs for trips to a taxi here about the same as in Cairo. Details in our article "Taxi in Egypt".

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