Air communication with Seychelles and Ethiopia opened, where you can fly?

In Addis Ababa, aircraft from Russia will be sent three times a week, and in the Seychelles – twice. In addition, the Russian authorities decided to increase the number of flights to Maldives, Cuba, Kazakhstan and the UAE.

Taking into account the two new countries with which air communication is restored, the Russians are available for direct flights of 17 states. Unfortunately, not in every one of them can be accessed as a tourist due to coronavirus restrictions. In this material – We provide information on the conditions of entry into each of the countries where flights from airports of the Russian Federation will be resumed or in the near future.


In Minsk you can fly from Moscow three flights per week «Aeroflot» or «Belavia». To cross the Belarusian border, it is necessary to make a certificate of negative test on COVID-19, which has passed in the last 72 hours, obtaining a visa, of course, is not required.

United Kingdom

Airplanes are flying at the London at once by three airlines: «Aeroflot», «British Airways» and «Wizz AIR». To remain Britain, you will need to pass a two-week quarantine, for the violation of which a fine of about 1000 pounds is provided. If you use London as a docking assembly for short-term transit to flights to third countries, self-insulation is not needed. On visa realities of Britain, our website told in detail in this material.


In Cairo liners «Aeroflot» and «Egypt Air» fly 3 times a week from Moscow. To cross the border, you should be asked for a certificate of no coronavirus infection. The visa is drawn up at the airport, and to attract tourists – The authorities of the Arab Republic from October 31 canceled visa collection.


Direct flights from Moscow to Nur Sultan are renewed on September 21, but they are fulfilled only once a week. Enterprises are required to show a certificate of the absence of COVID-19, obtained in the last 5 days or pass PCR check in place. Between RF and Kazakhstan acts visa-free regime.


Flights to Bishkek are sent not only from Moscow, but also Rostov-on-Don, as well as Yekaterinburg. Airline «S7» Carriages in Bishkek and Osh from Novosibirsk. With Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation has a visa-free agreement, therefore only a certificate of the negative result of PCR studies is required to enter the country.

Liners of companies fly to the island of freedom from Moscow «ROYAL FLIGHT» and «Azur Air», which target tourist groups. To enter the Cuba, you do not need to have a certificate of pre-passed PCR check, because it is carried out on the spot, and for free. On the territory of Cuba, the Russians can be without a visa within a month, which is quite enough for a beach holiday.


Direct flights Moscow – Male two times a week organizes «Aeroflot». Before reaching the tourist, you need to download a certificate of PCR test to the immigration site of the Maldives. Research on the Cakes must be done no later than 72 hours before the trip, and its results are decorated in English. The 30-day visa Russians are issued at Velana airport, an additional PCR study will have to arrive upon arrival.

United Arab Emirates

Today there are two flights «Aeroflot» and «Emirates» From Moscow to Dubai, the flights to Abu Dhabi should be resumed in the near future. To get to the country, you need to make a certificate of completed 96 hours before the arrival of the Coronavirus test and fill out a healthcare declaration with data into a mobile application. For stays in the UAE less than 90 days, the visa does not need to issue.


Two flights are scheduled for Seychelles per week from Moscow. To cross the border, the results of the test on Coronavirus, made in 48 or 72 hours before arrival (at this stage, are coordinated by the authorities). Also, the tourist should have a medstrash and a confirmation of the hotel’s location in a local hotel for no less than 6 days. To find on the islands within 30 days, no visa is required.


From Moscow to Belgrade twice a week flights are sent «Aeroflot». The Balkan State does not require Russian signs about the passage of tests for the Cake, no quarantine on arrival is also not provided. Between the Russian Federation and Serbia there is a visa-free regime, it is possible to stay freely on its territory to 30 days.


Tanzanian Island Zanzibar flies charter flights from Moscow and Rostov-on-Don, carrying tourists. At the entrance you need to make a certificate about the passage of PCR test, but even with its availability – Passengers can send to additional check if it is revealed high temperature. Visa cost $ 50 is drawn up directly at the airport.

Air communication with Seychelles and Ethiopia opened, where you can fly


This is the busiest overseas direction. Airplanes from different cities of the Russian Federation fly to Istanbul, Ankara, Dalaman, Bodrum and of course Antalya. Certificates of passage of cowid tests hospitable Turks – do not ask how to fill «Profile health». Without a visa in the southern country, you can be within 60 days. Recently, there are serious antivirus restrictions in Turkey.


Flights from Moscow to Prague twice a week carrying out a carrier «Czech Airlines», However, fly there to the usual tourist until it turns out. Through the Czech border only persons with a residence permit, relatives of Czech citizens, as well as arriving in the country for treatment. You need to have the results of the study on the COVID-19, made in the last four days, or the check can be used at the airport, but very expensive (280 euros for express test).


From August 15, flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg are launched in Zurich and Geneva. However, as in the case of the Czech Republic, to cross the border of the Alpine country can only limited categories of citizens, for example, faces with a residence permit. Even after arrival, it is necessary to serve 14-day self-insulation at the place of residence. For her violation, a giant fine of 9.2 thousand. Euro.


In again open Ethiopia, it is planned to launch three flight from Moscow to Addis Ababa. To enter the country it is necessary to present a negative test for coronavirus, made not earlier than the last 120 hours. Interestingly, in children under 10 years old, this requirement does not apply. To cross the Ethiopian border, you need to issue a visa in Russia.

South Korea

While there is only one flight a week from Moscow to Seoul, but in the near future it is planned to open air transportation to South Korea from Vladivostok. Upon arrival, passengers pass PCR tests and regardless of their outcomes go to the 14-day quarantine into a special medical insurance. One day of stay in it costs $ 100. For a period of a pandemic, a visa-free regime between the Russian Federation and South Korea is suspended, and tourist visas are not issued, so flying there for the purpose of rest is still problematic.


In Tokyo, the liners fly weekly «Aeroflot» From Moscow, flights from Vladivostok are also sent to the Japanese capital. To cross the border, a certificate is required about the negative resulting of the CAID test passed in the last 72 hours, then visitors go to the 14-day quarantine. Tourist visas Country of the rising sun is not yet issued, you can fly there with possessors of a residence permit and in rare cases – With business or sports purposes.

Air communication with Seychelles and Ethiopia opened, where you can fly

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