Air transportation in China: personal experience

There is nothing to do in a clean zone of Guangzhou Airport: two cafes (one expensive, second tolerant), a bunch of Chinese souvenir garbage in Torunoga.

Passage of inspection and passport control – quite comfortable.

Suppose the luggage to the storage chamber less than a day – 15 yuan (almost $ 3) per bag. But if you rent it in the arrival zone and next day you fly out, then it will be transferred to the departure zone.

In the arrival zone – the problem with receiving cash of Chinese money. The only bank offers a good course, but takes the robber commission in 60 yuan ($ 10). Various information racks, local SIM card and booking points of the nearest hotels change dollars at the robbing rate of 5 yuan for 1 dollar. To find an ATM, you need to go to the banks BANK is quite far.

At the same time, if, for example, continue the way you are going to the subway, you need cash money – to pay for the map on the map will not work.

How to buy flights in China

My way to Pakistan lies through Kashgar, which in the Middle Ages was the most important trading point on the Great Silk Road. From there they were caravans to the West (in the Fergana Valley), South (Jammu and Kashmir) and North (Urumqi and Turfan).

In Kashgar, you need to get through the air through Urumchi. You can get on the ground, for example, through Osh. T.To. I am flying from China (Shenzhen), I buy tickets through Chinese There are many other similar services, but I use Elong for a habit for many years. Even made a bunch of useless points that cannot be used for anything.

Usually before purchasing air tickets, check prices through Skyscanner.NET (in the Chinese version it is www.Tianxun.CN) but not on local flights in China. Here he is not a comrade, showing the price of 800+ dollars on the flight in one direction Shenzhen – Kashi (Chinese name Kashgar).

Local Chinese sites show the same more real information, and in the end I buy the same ticket less than 400 dollars. True, it was necessary to buy two separate flights. Payment by the VISA + 3% card.

Buy Tickets for China just.)

Mini metro inside Beijing Airport

Air transportation in China Personal experience

China Eastern Airlines – Nightwall Airline

I had to fly by many airlines in the world, but such a candid banditry as in the airline "China Eastern", never had to meet. In September 2011, I bought on the official website of the company on March 14, 2012 Moscow-Shanghai and on March 25 Shanghai-Moscow on March 25.

January 5 call me from the office in Birmingham (!) and in Loman English report that the flight on March 14 Moscow-Shanghai canceled. Offer to transfer flight for 3 days (!) or return money for a ticket. I ask you to return the money. This is reported to me that money will go to my credit card for 12 weeks (. ). During this period, I have repeatedly called Birmingham asking to speed up the transfer of money. Each call occurred like this: I still ask for a booking number 5 times, they ask for 5 minutes, then switch to another person, he again asks the booking number, again asks to wait 5 minutes, again switches to another person and T. D. After 30 minutes of the conversation, I reported that the money will be listed in 12 weeks.

As you could expect, after 12 weeks I check the balance on the credit card and I find that there is no money there, naturally, no. I call again in Birmingham, I ask me the booking number, again ask for 5 minutes, after which they report that they are at all respects "China Eastern" Do not have that I call to a certain travel agency, and advise you to call back to the Moscow office "China Eastern". I call to Moscow office. There they declare that they are not aware of the case at all, and let the money return the one who promised to return them. By the way, after the abolition of the flight "China Eastern" I bought a ticket for flight "Aeroflot" significantly cheaper, so talk about cheap "China Eastern" – Clean myth.

In China on internal flights, I, unfortunately, I had to use the services of this office 2 times. During one flight, only 1 bun of unknown origin was offered as a duration of 2.5 hours, and during the other (1.5 hours) there was no no (!) Power. At the same time, the plane was shaking all the way so that it seemed to me that I was going on the tractor through a plowed field.

When I safely returned home to the flight "Aeroflot", I learned the plane "China Eastern" Shanghai-Moscow March 25, at which I had a ticket, I had a rolled out of the steering strip in Sheremetyevo. I advise everyone to stay away from this gang of crooks and fear. The best thing that can happen to you if you come across this whip is the loss of money. It’s better not to talk about worst. By the way, I was very wisdom, reading positive feedback on this gang, but, taking into account the dirty methods that this so-called "airline", You can not be surprised. Now I collect documents for submitting to the court to this shop.

Air transportation in China Personal experience

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