Air transportation in Spain: personal experience

The French visa center in the past Shengen visa requested a return ticket from the Schengen zone to Russia and did not satisfy them from the Schengen zone in Chile.

My husband and I bought a return ticket through Iberia Madrid-Moscow for 377 euros + 85.32 (taxes and fees) for each. Total we gave 924.64 euros + 17 euros (for payment by card) = 941.64 euros (I do not remember the course).

I read here and in general on the Internet of terrible reviews about Iberia and was frankly in a panic. But there was already nothing to do – tickets purchased.

When we were given a visa, I turned to Moscow Iberia in order to cancel the ticket. For some reason they do it only by phone. They said that once it is Madrid-Moscow, then you need to call the Spanish Iberia and warned me that the refund will be within a month. I resigned with a month, I raised a couple of days, I got courage and called the Spanish Iberia.

Very carefully, I listened to the text of the answering machine and from the second attempt correctly heard the instructions on how to switch to ingle. As a result, an English-speaking employee answered me, which, though heded, but I even understood everything and was able to wash out her questions. It was last week about Tuesday. Literally 10-15 minutes after the conversation, two PDF confirmations came to me on the mail that I will be returned.

Today, the husband has telegraphed that two strange sums of 15,000 p with kopecks came to the account. Total 30000 with a little. T.E. We lost one third of the cost of the ticket – 75 Euro * 2 (penalty for the return) + 17 euros (for payment by card) + 85.32 = 252.32 euros. Sadly (given that Moscow-Marseille tickets were worth about 7620 p per luggage), but not deadly.

Here is a story with a good end 🙂 I hope someone will help someone. We would still carry out and successfully survive the flight of Madrid-Santiago with this Iberia and then I will calm. And then something frighten the stories about the cancellation and replacement of flights.

Mallorca Airport: very unusual

In Moscow airports, after registration, the customs is usually held first, then passport control, then pre-flight Shmon. Here, after registration, everything starts with a spleh, and passport control is already almost before the landing in the plane. Customs control I do not remember something at all. Maybe with the spum combined? And however, is it important?

Air transportation in Spain Personal experience

It is much more important to ensure that duals are located throughout the shmonation site to passport control. Prices there, however, do not know especially cheap. In the end, bought a liter of the VSOP of the usual (44.5), the liter of the Jerk type is exclusive – also VSOP, and it was sold there with a vision and cost us at 35.6, a liter of Kalua in a set with a shaker (18.7), Liter of Viskary "Chivas Rigal" 12-year excerpts (26.4), as well as on the hedge of three flakes of 0.2 l: Gina Gordon, Viskar J.Walker and Beilisa. Each such a flask cost 7, but 3 these were given for 18. Sold in duty and olivmashlo, however, it costs several times more expensive than in ordinary Maeas Mallorca.

And even not far from the exit from Dudich hangs an ad saying that the products acquired in the duty are prohibited to be used before the EU area leaves. I wonder who and how it will check. In the duty after all, even packages are not sealing.

Barajas Airport (Madrid)

"Iberia" Flying to the terminal 4S, the conspirable, giant, luggage tapes and landing outputs are calculated dozens. With the information, everything is in order, in principle it is difficult to get lost, we only need to keep in mind that 4S (this is decrypt as Satellite) is a kind of appendage to the actual T4, where there is a luggage and registration and where the automatic train is being brought to what goes to Fiumicino (if anyone happened). In all dubious points there are people in bright green clothes and give references in beautiful English.

Right in Terminal 4 – Metro Station. Its station for terminals 1.2 and 3 (one for all three). Tickets are sold in machine guns and at the box office, cost 2 euros. This is called SENCILLO METRO + SUPPLEMENTO (T.E. Metro plus airport). Conventional tickets – 1 euro or 6.40 for 10 trips. It is written to keep until the end of the trip, but really at the exit to poop a ticket to the turnstile only at the airport. If you have a pass, you can pay extra for a trip to the airport right when you leave, in front of the most turnstiles (this is what I am about the way back).

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