Air transportation in the Czech Republic: Personal Experience

Czech Airlines: "thanks" For spoiled rest

I want to share my impressions of the flight on Czech Airlines on the route Moscow-Karlovy Vary-Moscow. It was at the end of September and back in early October 2012. When registering in Moscow, with incredible labor, managed to arrange to put us near his wife, t.To. We were offered 1 place on different rows.

I had to apply all sorts of tricks so that it was for us to removed the last 2 places nearby, reserved for a special case. The most interesting began on arrival in Karlovy Vary.

We are 40 mines. waited our luggage and it did not turn out. Maybe someone disagree with me, but the rest at this stage was already spoiled and there was only one desire to return back, t.To. To rest without things is fully impossible, whoever did not say. Everything is impossible at least for the reason that you just don’t find everything that you need and what is suitable.

Yes, and you need a lot of money on the most needed, not to mention the fact that you will fill everything that lost and it is not clear whether and when will come back! Still, this is no longer a rest, there will always be something to be lacking and there will be nerves. We appealed to Czech Airlines in Karlovy Vary.

They wrote in Czech some paper about the absence of baggage, we left our phone to them. We met a transfer and driver nervous that we were so long. We have been nervous for two reasons. But still with the creak waited for us. On the third day they brought luggage to the hotel, all the edges of the swapped, rummed and scratched!

Customs of the airport of Karlovy Vary: no limit of indignation

With all you undress and feel, especially if you have a metallic plaque on melting or bra. Almost to the pants undress and in the crotch hands are. Humiliation of something else. How to the zeks are.

Air transportation in the Czech Republic Personal experience

And then the clearance of hand-made bags and a sharp opening of the bag, the sample of the hand and release into the trash. It was an expensive shampoo in a bank 200 ml., But half used, t.E. liquid in the bank was 100 ml. At the same time, exactly the same volume on the appearance of 150 ml. The bottle is partially used, but the perfume of the lady to throw out opposite me did not become. Apparently from the Shampoo of Czech, you can do explosive, and from the spirgi spirits – no longer succeed.

Water did not allow 2 throat. Pentalgin from headaches, t.To. brought these Czechs to handle. They say it your problems that the head hurts. Buy after the passage of customs. And if there is no money? If there is no money – you are a loser and idiot. And if there is no money for additional. Unit of baggage? In terms of weight, everything passes and you do not think that you have 1 or 2 bags, on weight orientate. If there is no money 70 euros for additional. Unit (but not a transcendency) – we were offered or not to fly or throw away some of the baggage. Class ratio!

Flight to Pardubice with Krasair

We went to relax in Prague through the tour operator "Rest". Immediately make a reservation: the tourist is reliable, there are no complaints. Everything was organized well. Nic "lining" did not have. Really liked the excursion "Czech Switzerland" (those who love nature and hiking – I recommend).

Separately, I want to tell about the airport Domodedovo and the airline Krasair: Registration on the flight was supposed to start at 12.00, we had to fly out of the airport at 14.00. However, several times in a row register for the flight was postponed without explaining no reason. As a result, after a very long negotiations with the leadership of the airport, we were provided with a plane. Our flight was detained for 12 hours. Special thanks for this airport staff (Ksatati, despite the fact that the aircraft employees are trying to speak Russian and in English, the elementary rules of etiquette and politeness did not yet taught them: when we asked for an explanation from the employee for the delay of the flight, She closed her workplace before 130 passengers and, having heated, just left). Involuntarily think: when in Russia there will be order in everything and when airlines (and not only) will be responsible for their actions?

Air transportation in the Czech Republic Personal experience

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