Air transportation on Sri Lanka: personal experience

Those who are not looking for difficulties fly to Colombo with Fly Dubai or Airarabia. It turns out more expensive, but more comfortable. Those (I) Who is not looking for easy ways, are looking for cheaper and more pervereled ways to deliver tourists to Sri Lanka.

The favorite forum read the popular thing as a visit to the Arab Emirates on the way to the island. Accordingly, the purchase of two different tickets to Dubai and Colombo, and not one, how to offer search servers for frantic grandmas)))

Picked up more or less convenient dates and docking, bought Kiev – Dubai – Kiev. The incident happened to the case, when moving with Skyskaner.Com.UA on the airline website The ticket price has increased twice. What eaten all economic benefits, only hemorrh was left in the form of a long transplant and one more, about which I will tell later.

Mourning spent on the first air tickets money, with such a mood I did not go. How we don’t love it, but I had to strain a gingerbread and guess why Skiskner is trying to deceive me. It turned out that Mihinlanka flies there, back SRILANKAN AIRLINES. And ticket tickets they sell with 100% chest. When the mystery was revealed, I bought two more individual tickets and saved almost $ 1,000 compared with the option for the lazy described above ;-)))

Srilankan Airlines refused reserved places

SRILANKAN AIRLINES Airlines – removed from the flight

Air transportation on Sri Lanka Personal experience

Good day good! I want to warn that for landing on this wonderful airline you need to have a card with you, with which tickets was paid (for those who independently bought tickets on their website). Or make a number of burdensome actions like that: to appear in the representative office and show the map, passport and., To not be asked at the airport. For example, if not the card holder flies, but let’s say his mom.

Carefully read what is written in them on the site (and in English, although the version of the Russian-speaking site) when booking, when you choose whether Cardholder flies or not. I missed these footnotes on my own experience, just noting yes. After all, I’m flying and card, though virtual but my. And read all footnotes, Terms and Conditions, Fare Rules, it is all day you can book a ticket. Especially for the first time we fly. I often fly, but there has never been such a trick with a map. Payment made from a virtual card specifically created for shopping on the Internet. So it is impossible to present it in principle because it is virtual. But a representative of the airline at the airport Yevgeny Balls, Ramish and Naughty, said that, though he knows the card number (and why and my number?), but he needs to hold her in his hands to make sure the card exists (. ).

Despite the fact that I had online registration, with places and so on, I refused to print the boarding pass, T.To. I did not charge the card with which I paid. Then I printed the landing in the Internet cafe (I was sent to me on an online registration, but I could not print at home). However, when landing, I was told that I was already filmed off. And aggressive balls, throwing the boarding pass to me by me, told his girls to cause security, suddenly I start rushing into the salon. And this is with all my politeness and correctness in communicating with them. 🙂

So, no matter how simplifying the procedure for buying a ticket and registration, but difficulties and problems will always be. I offer airlines together with the presentation of a card to take DNA analysis and require a certificate of lack of lice. 🙂 It is strange that the airline, which recently published to the Russian market, independently ruins its reputation by such obstructions. I want to express "thanks" Srilaki Airlines for the hassle and headache! And finally, wish to wish to Srilasky Airlines: maybe it still stands on the Russian-language version of the site this important point is also reflected in Russian and large font, and not imide the footnotes? If your booking rules differ from the rest of airlines, it probably makes sense to focus on this attention to avoid such problems?

Air transportation on Sri Lanka Personal experience

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