Air transportation in the United States of America: Personal Experience

Although I spent only 67,500 miles + $ 67, served me as well as those who posted such money.

In Lufthansavsky A380 8 Chairs in the first grade with a layout of 1-2-1. At the entrance you welcome and spend on the chair. In the flight, the chair can turn into a very comfortable, wide, long and completely flat bed.

The chair has a fresh rose. Rugs are not lucky. Live her left no more than 15 hours. On arrival in San Francisco, it is likely to be taken back as garbage or burn (the rules of the agrocontrol, so that all Zhukov and Zhukov are delivered in the US.)

Further give you pajamas, slaves and a handbag with all sorts of masks, creams, brushed pasta, and socks. Give noise-absorbing headphones BOSE (which at the end of the flight need to return).

Also offered champagne or water and macadamia nuts. I adore nuts, but champagne (and any other drinks with bulbies) I do not drink in the air. Although this time made an exception and tried, but already in the air.

There was no this snack in the menu, but this is something with Jamon de Bellota – pieces of the most expensive pork ham with p.

Better bread with food butter no. 🙂 Champagne, I still tried, but the impression did not impress me on me. That’s not a findative taste of me and everything!

As usual, many films, music and TV, to choose. Sockets

110V and + 12V (USB), a table lamp, a retractable table, the opportunity to dine with someone (the emblems opposite the TV is just for this. He is part of the bed in the decomposed state).

The enemy menu was: (translation can be almost accurate)

Everything was served on small plates. For some reason I thought it was to choose, but you could try everything. I limited to caviar and shrimp.

Further, program nail – Black caviar. Somehow I am red more to taste. Apparently I have a taste not very exquisite.

Confort from royal shrimp with strawberry salad and green pepper. Shrimps are nothing, well made, but the sweet sauce and strawberries had to serve separately :).

Main dishes (to choose from):
1. Saddle lamb of medium roasted with gorgonzole cheese and greens, baked vegetables, and potato pancakes
2. Pizokel, Swiss noodles with mushrooms, savoy cabbage, and appendcel cheese sauce.
3. Dove strudel in port sauce, with a cabbage broccoli, and puree from Jerusalem artichokes.
4. Florentine hallation fillet with Mornay sauce, spinach and potatoes.

Did not have to choose, chose lamb. From wines, chose 2007 Mendoza Pasionado, Andeluna, Argentina. Meat very well done. I liked the wine too.

Dessert / Cheese:
1. Cheese, in assortment (fruits, crackers)
2. Cold berry soup with forest berries and black currant ice cream
3. Schmidt’s Chocolate Dream: Pavé, Ice Cream, and Chocolate Sauce with Port.

A list of cold and hot snacks that gave the second time before landing:
1. Royal shrimps with stew pepper and zucchini
2. Beef tapes with vegetable julienne and horseradish sauce
3. Sweet chili peppers and tomato confine sauce
4. Robryshki, boiled corn, baked potatoes, sour cream
5. Red perch with zucchini and onion filling

I chose 1 and 4, but very funched and forgot about pictures. Snacks really liked.

Choosing the Dess:
Lymety pie or fresh fruit. And then it is very worthy and tasty. 🙂

And, the most beautiful approach to San Francisco Airport, which can only be.

Air transportation on the United States of America Personal Experience

General impressions:
The service – everything was done in German – was filed and closed on time, quite attention was paid, but the warmth of service did not feel. It seems to be outraged not for what, but feelings satisfying somehow left. In December of the same year, I flew in the Swiss in the Bisklass. There I liked the service much more.

The chair is very comfortable and wide (widths are very often lacking on many airlines in Biz. class). Everything worked as it should have been working (a new aircraft). Entertainment system liked. A new product with which I did not come across it, there were three cameras (forward with the chassis rack, downwards from the tail).

Takeoff and landing were invisible and just do the aircraft are very quiet.

If you understand all this, yes, it’s very pleasant to fly, but I would not spend your money on such money. Mill – Another thing, especially when they can be easily earned (or buy from the airline).

Specificity of sales of air tickets within the US

The aircraft in the Russian understanding in the United States does not exist. Flights are sold through four channels: directly by airport airlines (in office or at the airport, the price is the same, or through the Internet directly, there are discounts, t.N. Web Specials), through travel agents who have wholesale agreements with airlines, through T.N. Consolidators (these are such semi-faceted offices that manage group tickets to individual) and through Internet sites such as Expedia or Travelocity.

Unlike the Russian market, where there are more or less stable tariffs, prices for tickets to the United States float and change almost in real time, while there are thousands of tariffs and they are formed by completely inexplicable rules. There are some common trends, but which one will work in a concrete case, it is impossible to say. Need to try and search.

From the point of view of the deadlines, the following are the following: 180 days before departure, 21 days before departure, 14 days before departure, 7 days before departure and 72 hours before departure. Nic "For 30 days" and "For 2 months" does not exist. The cheapest rates, as a rule, with departure after 21 days, but not more than 180. In addition, on the reasons, tickets from Saturday, which is not logical (T.E., When the return departure is not happening not earlier than the next morning), sold on cheaper rates, tickets with a route through the bush airports of this airline are sold cheaper than direct, and. Market grimaces also have a place to be. On the Internet, indeed, it is cheaper, but to say that Travelocity sells cheaper than Expedia or Orbitz, it is impossible – it all depends on when, where and what airline. In addition, different Internet sites have different agreements with different airlines and different tariff selection algorithms (some sell combined tickets, others do not, alone continue to sell "14-day" Tariffs up to departure and so.) Budget airlines (Airtran, Jetblue) sell tickets only directly (via the Internet on their sites or at their cash desks). If the desired route enters their grid, then they will most likely be cheaper than "Big" – United, Delta, American Airlines, Northwest, Continental. But still this is the case of the case and perseverance. Statements that "In the checkout always cheaper" and "still easier to figure out", Reality do not match. Better in advance and via the Internet (as a rule, again), and time (usually) is more important than the place. And the difference in tariffs can be at times (in the morning it was 240 dollars, and in the evening – 900). So dare. )

Fast queue at New York Airport

Fresh Impressions about JFK: In the line, left even at the entrance to the Hall of Immigration Control (if anyone represents the International Terminal "Delta" – The hall is quite large there, the people from two or three flights placed). In the past experience I thought that they were hanging on one and a half, but they managed to all "Drink" in half an hour. Know-how "Delta" – "Electronic queue under manual control" %): Employees A / K are standing and distributed in the queues, first on residents and visitor, then every racks. I pleased that when the queue decreased by approximately half and all citizens have already passed, the racks were not closed for them, but sent the rest there.

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