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In recent years, rental housing in Thailand is gaining relevance. Most popular questions: Where to live in Phuket, to rent an apartment or hotel? Many prefer to come without the help of travel agencies or relax on Phuket during a couple of months. There are now many different search systems for apartments and rooms in hotels for independent travelers, there are no opportunities for which it was not necessary to dream.

I will tell you about an excellent alternative to hotel booking sites – housing rental system worldwide Airbnb. Traveling through AirbnB I have already been familiar with the last trip to Turkey. Since then I do not even remember when I used the booking site. I want to share with you all the advantages and minuses renting apartments and tell about important nuances.

I remember my first independent travel – right-old century. It was necessary to be written off with the hotel or with partner companies, book hotels on their own on the rack at the airport or search for accommodation in place, because there was no convenient payment on the Internet. However, in those days everything was used by paper tickets, and the electronic caused distrust. How well, that everything has changed, although some countries of South Kazakhstan, for example, Myanmar are still at such a level.

What is Irbnb?

AirBNB system (Air bi & bi) was originally called Air Bed & Breakfast. To save on rental apartments in San Francisco, two American guys equipped their living room with inflatable mattresses and provided guests breakfast. Since 2007-2008, the company has changed: the name has been reduced, and the range of offered housing is rented expanded to 190 countries of the world. Through AirBNB, you can find not only rooms and apartments with several rooms, but also completely unique options: houses in the villages, villas on the seashore, huts on trees, rooms in castles, windmills, old schools, yurts, beacons, yachts, and even under Earth.

Features Iyrbnb

The AIRBNB system is simultaneously similar to hotel reservation sites and a CouchSerfing network, but at the same time it is distinguished. Everything is based on the trust and reputation of guests and hosts. Let’s understand the example of the UU’s profile, as well as what should be. In the profile of each user there are several person confirmation steps: email address, accounts on social networks, phone number, photo and copy of passport. All personal information is encrypted and protected, after full profile filling the user is assigned a confirmed profile status (Verified ID). I always carefully check the classroom profile, I watch the renewal of the calendar of its housing and the frequency of answers. If the calendar has been updated a year ago, and only a confirmed email address is in the profile, such an apartment does not inspire confidence. Together with missing reviews such a profile looks abandoned, I will not even write the owner.

Some hosts AIRBNB notes the Superhost icon. For this, users must seriously refer to reservations, not to cancel the reservation on their own initiative, provide relevant information and photos, at least once a month to update the calendar and as soon as possible response to personal guests. All information is displayed in the owner profile and on the pages of its housing. Apartments of such users I consider first.

Important booking nuances

Pay attention to the status, reviews, recommendations and ranking of the owners. Travelers in reviews describe not only the proposed housing, but also its owner. Such facts will allow you to decide whether it is worth renting an apartment. In turn, the owners also carefully relate to your profile, sometimes they can even refuse to book, if the profile is not confirmed. If you like the housing, but the status of the landlord is not confirmed, ask him to complete verification in private messages.

Iirbnb makes focus on booking security. In addition to the confirmed status of Verified ID, payment is carried out through the AIRBNB system, and the landlord receives the full amount after the day after the settlement. Such a measure allows the guest to make sure the accuracy of the description and photos of housing. AirBNB has 24-hour support for travelers, feel free to contact in controversial cases if the information about the apartment does not correspond to reality. Payment on the AIRBNB website is held after discussion of all parts with the owner of 100% by volume using Visa credit and debt cards, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and JCB.

Pay attention to the rental conditions of apartments and villas: deposit, payment of electricity, water, maid service, and so on. In some cases, it is necessary to make a deposit for the safety of the property, which is blocked on the map and returns after departure. A similar deposit takes in many hotels in Thailand upon arrival. All information about the rules of rental housing is available on the page of the apartment, houses or villas, if necessary, use the built-in online translator. The host establishes the minimum rental duration and conditions for cancellation of armor.

AirBNB website interface Very convenient: On the right side, a map with prices for apartments is displayed, on the left presented available options. Filters will help you in finding housing. Choose the area, the availability of Wi-Fi, kitchen and other amenities, the type of housing, the language to which the owner owns and the other. If you click on a closed apartment, its page will open in a new window. With an urgent booking so as not to wait for confirmation from the landlord, choose the instant booking option.

As well as on any booking site, AirbnB has its advantages and cons. Knowing them, you can decide for yourself, whether you can book private housing.

Pros lease housing through Airbnb

1. Favorable price for housing for families and groups of travelers

Rooms in hotels suggest a limited number of residents. Sometimes it is difficult to book a room for two adults and two children. For traveling the whole family Airbnb service offers unlimited features: two- and three-room homes and villas with their garden, apartments in a complex with a swimming pool. This is not found on hotels booking sites, or family rooms will cost big money.

2. Choice of rooms and apartments for inexpensive accommodation

Iyrbnb service offers not only accommodation. There are hostels in the lists where bed-places are rented, and individual rooms with amenities on the floor. Already you choose, stay in a hostel or in a private house room.

3. Atmosphere of the house in the journey

Indeed, AIRBNB provides options that differ from the usual room at the hotel. In homes and apartments you can find everything you need: fully equipped kitchen, household appliances, comfortable bathroom and even washing machine. Such options, if there are in hotels, then for big money.

4. Security

One of the main features of AirBNB is a bid for the safety of travelers and owners of housing. The apartment you choose is paid by 100%, but this amount is held by the service during the day after settling in case the disputed situation arises. That is, you pay accommodation not grandfather on the village, but a service deserving a trust. Always lead a correspondence with the landlord via Iirbnb, so you will have evidence in controversial situations. Give preference to housing, the owners of which have an verified profile, then if they are loaded into the scan profile of a passport or another document confirming personality. All data are encrypted, the owner’s contacts open only after payment.

5. Airbnb support

Phone or chat, where they answer online, the system does not have, but on all my requests to allow one or another question, they answered very quickly through the site. I have not yet been controversial situations with the owners, my friends told that support helped them to return money for accommodation in cases of non-compliance with the description. Another time – you can write in Russian.

6. Help host

In my cases, renting all the owners of the apartments were very helpful to me. For example, Turkey included attractions and hiking routes to see everything, advised inexpensive restaurants with vegetarian food, helped book transfers. And it’s all without imposing services like "buy my excursion". The owner of my apartments on Phuket meets guests at the airport and helps as far as possible. Check off the owners, specify all the details: Is there a supermarket nearby, what infrastructure surrounds the house how fast the Internet works. Live communication always helps. There are owners who are in the map below the description of the housing note the recommended restaurants, attractions and entertainment. I would say the owners at the Airbnb in a sense will replace you guide, help you to navigate in an unfamiliar city and prompt how best to spend time. At the reception of hotels, there are mainly people who work people who are not interested in the tourist component and sometimes do not even know the movement of urban transport. So on the airbnb a good owner – a traveler friend.

7. Long accommodation

Depending on the apartment on AirBNB, options for long-term accommodation are available. For example, rent a villa for two to three weeks will also be as a month. Specify the details at the owners and ask a discount for a long stay.

eight. Airbnb is perfect in big cities

A bright example – Singapore with conscons for small rooms in hotels. At the same cost, I found apartments in the center with a completely different level of comfort. You can also rent an apartment on Phuket near the beach at the hotel.

nine. Reminders and notifications

AirBNB - rental housing around the world, how to rent a house, apartment in Thailand Thailand Guide

When registering on AirBNB, specify your main electronic box and phone. So you do not miss notifications from the support service or host. And the excellent service of the SMS mailing will help you if there is no Internet at hand.

Cons rental housing via airbnb

1. This is not a hotel

Conditions for accommodation in a private apartment in comparison with the hotel room have its own minuses. In some apartments and villas, cleaning is paid separately and is included in the final account. In apartments, sometimes the maid service is not included at all or is provided once a week. Not always you will serve breakfast. When settling in the apartment, check the condition of air conditioner, TV, plumbing and furniture integrity. It happens that the previous tenant broke something, and the owner did not notice. In such cases, when traveling to prove that this is not done, it will be impossible. In some cases, the owner takes a deposit for the safety of the property, which is blocked on your card and returns 48 hours after departure. I would say that such a deposit is not a minus, since all the details are prescribed in the description of housing. Compare that some hotels also take a deposit, but do not write about it on the booking sites. It is better to know about the pledge in advance what you will be notified about it at the entrance.

2. Speed ​​responses

Another difference from the booking sites is the speed of confirmation. The hosts are mostly responding within hours or two, but sometimes messages from them waiting for a day. For urgent booking, if you have already decided on housing, choose the option "Instant confirmation". In other cases, it is necessary to seek and find out the details need in advance. Once I was once a week discussed the details of the rental apartment on Bali.

3. Internet uneducation users

Sometimes the owner fully did not fully understand the functional part of the AIRBNB system, and there will be serious mistakes on the apartment page. For example, the lack of prescribed information on an additional account for light and water can be an unpleasant surprise upon arrival. Or the owner incorrectly filled information about the cost of residence of the second and subsequent guests. Specify these details, if you’re going to rent an apartment in Thailand. Some owners fill in housing information in their native language, of course, the built-in translator will help translate, but in situations with Korean, Chinese and other Asian languages, it seems to be missed.

4. Commission Airbnb

Like many hotel reservation sites, AirbnB service charges a commission of 6-12% of the reservation amount. And the more expensive living, the less service collection. The cost of your chosen apartments or villas will ultimately be a bit more expensive. Take this fact into account.

5. Minimum rental period

Unlike most hotels at the AirbnB service, the host itself establishes the minimum booking period. One is 1 night, in the other 7 nights. Pay attention to this fact.

6. Defined user registration system

The Iyrbnb system is serious about the safety of users, obliging the identity. In general, there is no big minus. Reserving a room on hotel booking sites, you also need to specify your passport details. In Airbnb, it is enough to confirm that you are a real person, not a bot. Although technical support in controversial situations gives preference to those users whose profile is fully verified. Not everyone wants to fill out the form fully and download the scan of the passport, although this information is hidden from other users. For a guest profile, there is enough confirmation of the email address. Some hosts may refuse to book users who have little confirmed data in profile. It will not be superfluous to add a photo, a phone number and one of the social networks, as well as fill in the field about yourself. Write your name, surname and information about yourself in English.

7. Cancellation

In rare cases, the owner may cancel your booking, although the penalty is provided for these actions. All cancellations you can see in his profile. Carefully read the conditions for refusing to armor on your part. There are several of them, it all depends on the conditions and time of cancellation.

As you can see, the advantages of rental housing through airbnb more than minuses. It is worth noting that more than a million unique options are represented in the system – there is always a choice. In my opinion, options to rent an apartment on Phuket exceed the hotel rooms at cost and comfort. Tell me about your rental experience through Iirbnb in the comments.

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