AirbnB service: how to become superhole

Housing through AirBNB can be a good part-time job or even the source of the main income. But stories happen when due to bad reviews the landlord rating falls, and the stream of customers is dried. In this material Tourweek will tell – how to avoid such a situation.

AirbnB Housing Booking Service – Incredibly popular in the world, since many travelers prefer to rent apartments or houses instead of fabric hotel rooms. Until the pandemic, the number of apartments offered on the service for 3 million per year. Yes, and the airbnb coronacrisis itself moved more mildly than room reservation in hotels. The huge number of suggestions is a certain plus for tourists, because they have something to choose. But the landlords have to withstand rigid competition.

You can attract customers in two ways: reducing the price or enhancing housing attractiveness. Many choose the first option – desperately dumping, not even trying to improve service, and ultimately… Losing.

The negligence attitude to the quality of services inevitably leads to bad reviews and rated collaboration. After that, even the lowest rental price ceases to be a goat: Tourists simply eliminate the proposals of negligent hosts.

How not to get into the number of losers, which are given low estimates, know exactly.N. «Superhossers» – Landlords with a rating of 4.8 and above. That’s what they advise their colleagues on the service that also seek to become superhowers.

One of the most successful airbnb-superholes in 2020. An American Austin Walker: he leases 12 apartments, earning more than 20 thousand. dollars per month

Maximum honesty with tenants

This is one of the main success conditions on AirBNB. In no case cannot be attributed to housing non-existent advantages. If you go to the flag, be sure, the first tenant will expose them in the revocation. He will give you a low assessment, which will still have a negative effect on the rating. Perfectly – For applicants should immediately report on the lack of housing. For example, if there is a creaking ladder in the house or an old bath, it is better to be honestly mentioned in the ad.

As practice shows, customers are not reduced from this, as people value sincerity and with sympathy belong to landlords directly indicating defects. In addition, there will always be wishes to remove accommodation with shortcomings (of course, with some discount), after which you get a good review. Well, the top of the art of drawing up ads on AirBNB is to transform real estate deficiencies in dignity. For example, if in the apartment – Old furniture, why not call her vintage?

Family couple from Norway – Paul and Bente manage to do a good business on airbnb, passing even not a vintage apartment, and the old van Mercedes L 319, converted by a guest house

Housing equipment technique and useful trifles

Even if you got the apartment from my grandmother, and repair there was no 20 years, nothing prevents it from turning it into a cozy attractive housing. To do this, it is enough to bring the perfect cleanliness in the rooms, and set the minimum set of techniques. It is sure to include washing machine, microwave, Wi-Fi-router and cable TV.

In addition, it is worth spending some money to update the plumbing and hang fresh curtains, preferably dense «Blackout». The specified set is enough for tenants to be satisfied with accommodation even in «Babushkina».

Very important not to save «on matches», T.E. on seemingly – Melochaah. Too small amounts of plates and forks or the lack of sneakers may well serve as a reason for negative revocation and bad rating. The same applies to the dilapidated bed linen, the sad kind of not absorbing the water towels or their absence, which is often found in the Russian outback.

It should be remembered that travel times with huge suitcases – long past past. Modern tourists expect such accessories as the same towels will be provided by the landlord. Useful trifles also include: umbrellas, disposable raincoats, ear sticks and cotton wheels, shampoo and shower gel, flashlight, small set of tools, tape, thread with needle, scissors, ear earplugs and other useful things. It is desirable that all this lay in a prominent place.

Also do not forget about the first aid kit – It must be placed in it all that may be needed to provide first aid, the rest on your discretion. And of course bed –According to statistics, it is this place that guests rated most. If you have an uncomfortable mattress or creaking bed – You can’t see a lot of good ratings.

Do for guests – a little more promised

Not only to avoid renewal in reviews, but also get a high rating, make guests unexpected surprises. According to Superkhwanta – This is the easiest and cheapest way to earn a sympathy of guests.

And, really, you should put a few in the refrigerator «Outdoor» Mineral water or a bottle of wine with a welcome note. And imagine that the tenant will feel if after the entrance will get a light breakfast, even if the food was not promised! Small surprises are not worth almost nothing, but they demonstrate care and good attitude. Be sure it will return to you in the form of a positive review.

An unexpected surprise at the entrance to the apartment will be remembered for guests for a long time

Information about transport, shops and sights

As a rule, a traveler who has shot housing knows about your city very little. What is obvious to you (for example, having a stop around the angle), for the client can be an important information, fairly saving time and money. Leave a map of the city on the table, a metro scheme, booklets from the nearest stores, museum brochures, and the tenant will be sincerely grateful to you. If you live in a big city, do not be lazy to collect discount coupons from shops and restaurants. You, maybe they will not be useful, and the guest – will bring savings for which he will say thanks in the recall.

Instructions for using home electronics

As the practice of experienced airbnb host shows, a lot of bad assessments are made because the guest cannot use household appliances. Even microwaves of different brands can have differences in management, not to mention the interfaces of washing machines.

AirbnB service how to become superhine

To guest to try to run the air conditioner with a remote control from the TV, do on «lazy» Relevant marks. And if there is a more or less complicated technique in the apartment, make up the use of the same Wi-Fatch and Wash. This advice is especially relevant if there are foreigners among guests. Not only are they not understanding Russian inscriptions, but also prone to template behavior. The simplest instruction for the technique will solve many problems for them and cause respect for the owner.

Be always in touch

Often, very serious for the guest problem can be solved by one call. For example, he needs to urgently enter the Internet (otherwise an important transaction breaks!) but connect to the home network Wi-Fi even according to the instructions. The thing is that router – Older and needs a periodic reboot. The owner knows about it and will help to eliminate the defects by phone.

However, even for a second conversation, the tenant should get through to you in time, so it is important to pass the apartment «Do not disappear». Having the opportunity at any time consult with the owner, the guest will feel protected and will make good impressions of living.

How to file housing visually

The main rule of the compilation of the announcement of housing has already been given at the beginning of the material. However, that the client chooses exactly your option, honest real estate description is not enough. Equally important to show the goods face in photos, especially since airbnb their download almost does not limit. First of all, do not be lazy to remove each room in good quality, making a special focus on the bathroom and the bathroom. Plumbing better capture close-up, showing that she, if not new, then perfectly clean.

Residential Rooms Remove twice: with open and closed curtains. As already mentioned, the curtains need to hang dense: the twilight reigning in the bedroom even during the daytime, for many is an important argument when choosing housing. If the windows are installed external blinds – It must be displayed. In addition to internal pictures, make both external. Photos from the street will clearly show: Does air conditioners capable of creating noise be glazed next to windows, whether the balcony is glazed and t.NS. If there is an intercom in the entrance, it is also worth photographed.

With the presence of a surveillance camera on the staircase in front of the apartment, it is worth making her photo. The fact is that some guests may be unpleasant your super-salary about security, that is “Slot” Behind the entrance door, respectively, it is better to warn.

Almost the perfect photo from the advertisement of the apartment in Paris: a snapshot of a clear and contrast, it shows that the rooms are clean and here guests are waiting for guests (drinks on the table)

When shooting on a smartphone, turn on the mesh option in it to orient the ceiling and walls on it. They should be strictly horizontal if renting accommodation with angle curve, it will cause negative associations. The main rule of internal shooting: the chamber should be kept so that in the frame turned out to be top of beds and tables. You should not lift the smartphone above the head: in this case, the photo will turn out to be ugly and unrealistic. Important facilities, such as air conditioning or advanced coffee maker, should be in the center of the frame, otherwise they can be cropped when published on AirBNB.

But it’s better not to take pictures: the horizon is littered and in addition the lamp flashes, why the cozy bedroom looks unattractive

Put yourself at the Tenant Place

Well, and the chief advice from experienced superhosters can be formulated as follows. See for rental accommodation and related services – through the eyes of guests. Imagine that it is not you pass your apartment, and they are entering it for temporary residence. What shortcomings you get into the eyes right away, and what «get out» A few days later? What are you waiting for the landlord? What you need to change in the setting for a comfortable life? If you honestly answer these questions and make practical conclusions from them, sooner or later – Be sure to get super shryman’s status on the AirBNB service!

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