Airbnb – to visit for money. Personal experience

Experience number 1. Apartment in Paris. It was the story … It began with the fact that I began to receive failures of the owners, one by one. Already approximately after the 12th revised its bar for the price and requirements, but there was no lumen. Or housing did not suit us, or there was a refusal of varying degrees of goodness. I did not want to take the apartment at all without feedback, so I continued to view the options. When in the end the positive answer was received, I was almost anyway. Conditions for references to booking were flexible, the hostess perfectly spoke in English, the region is necessary and even bedrooms the right amount. As I noted in the review article about AirBNB, an important factor is pleasant, and most importantly timely communication with the owner of the housing. Everything was fine here. So, the first step was to book with the removal of the total amount – the thing is not the most pleasant, as I have already written, but these are the conditions that you initially agree. Next, a day before the arrival, the deposit amount was blocked in case of damage to the owner.

As a result, the first experience turned out to be quite successful. The apartment was exactly as shown in the photos and in the description. And even a little more: we got apartments in a typical Paris building with a screw staircase and a tiny elevator, in which I barely fitted with the child. It is rather a feature of the capital French housing than inconvenience. Used them just a couple of times, because the daughters moved in the box did not like categorically. The hostess met us, told everything that could, about the apartment, supplied recommendations on the surrounding café stores and left. When we had small clarifying questions a couple of times, quickly went on the connection and answered them. In general, it turned out to be punctual special, came at the agreed time for renting the apartment, looked through everything for the subject of destruction and we crossed the expressions of mutual pleasure from dating. By the way, I directly asked the question of the deposit and the absence of claims to us. Notification of the unlocking amount of the deposit came a few days later (according to the rules of the host, there are 48 hours from the date of departure of the guest to declare the damage caused if this does not happen, the deposit amount is unlocked). Everything went without problems.

Experience number 2. House in Brittany.
Here, two feelings fought in me: Fear in connection with the strict rules of cancellation and pleasure from communicating with the owner. A wonderful man caught, gave us a huge amount of information in response to my questions, and just created a feeling of a comfortable conversation. Immediately before check-in, I specified whether I received his recommendations on the route (the house is located in the small French village Ploubalay). Thanks to this, we easily found it and settled in our second accommodation with AirBNB. Here the impression was even better than in the first case. Yves, so the name of our host, turned out to be the same positive, hospitable and ready to help, as in online communication. Prepared to us a bunch of welcome surprises, based on previous conversation issues, such as some local specialists (Breton candy, cookies, French wine on his recommendation). Subsequently, we invited it to the final dinner. He lived near us, so we met and communicated we almost every day. In general, it can be said – made friends and will be happy to come to him again.

Airbnb - to visit for money. Personal experience

As for AirBNB, here everything also corresponded to the description and photographs. The same with the deposit unit / unlocking. Quickly and without troubles.

Conclusion: I liked. As a result, I got reviews of myself as Guest, which in the future should play me in Plus with the following bookings.
However, as before, I am not ready to book a private accommodation for a long time before the trip, because it is still inconvenient when money is removed immediately. The rest of the excitement turned out to be superfluous, but I did not remove the risky options: I took those where there were already reviews, and the price was adequate to such proposals. I was also not traded with the owners, although it is not reborn and they have the opportunity to make a special offer for a particular guest. If you compare with the HomeLiday service, I will not say that I liked more or less. Rather, I will share them like this: Homldeis for long periods (it is convenient to shoot in week), and Eirbnb for a short time (days to 10).

Airbnb - to visit for money. Personal experience

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