Airbus introduced two new models of aircraft

Today we can observe the birth of the trend unusual for the production market – Now manufacturers not only develop new models themselves, but simply buy ready-made (and tested) developments.

Airbus’s aircorder at the official ceremony, held on July 10 of this year, announced the inclusion in its range of two models of narrow-body aircraft. Actually, «A220» – it’s just a new model name «CSeries» from the Canadian Concern Bombardier. Significant technical changes to replace the name will not be accompanied – this is the first for the company Airbus the experience of renaming already existing aircraft developed by another airline.

Airbus management announced Canadian «CS100» will be renamed B «A220-100», a «CS300» Stant «A220-300» – These liners were presented in Toulouse-Blagnac in the official colors of Airbus. President of the Concern enthusiastically stated at the event:

«A-220 meet all requests of today’s consumer and bring companies commercial success».

Thanks to the administration «A220» In your catalog, Airbus, which still sold aircraft with passenger capacity from 150 to 600 places, these «New» Nerkofusive liners per 100-160 passengers updated its range.

Segment of the aircraft: aircraft, with a capacity of up to 160 passengers

New «A220» Positioned as segment models «up to 160 seats», and perfectly complement the impression of the model «A320NEO» AIRBUS manufactures, which accommodates up to 150 passengers and received admission of passengers.

Presented «A220-100» can accommodate from 100 to 135 passengers, in turn, «A220-300» – More spacious aircraft, you can carry from 130 to 160 people. The head of the division of civil aviation workers in Guillaume, named the day of the aircraft representation of the historical date:

«You should thank the employees and partners of the company Bombardier, who worked not to give up hands over the past few years to bring out this incredible liner. Today «A220» Enters the new phase of its development and, thanks to the possibilities of Airbus, will be popular everywhere».

Eric Schulz commercial director also confirmed with optimism that Airbus, for all forecasts, expect high sales of new liners. Such advantages «A220», Like fuel efficiency and low noise, make them competitive in their segment. Mr. Schulz noted that the available numerous positive feedback on «A220» Allow the company is helpful to hope for the brilliant commercial success of new models.

Mutual benefit: distribution of shares and production of new models

At the end of 2017, AIRBUS concern bought a controlling stake in the division «CSeries» Canadians, but the final transfer of Airbus aircraft took place only in July of the current year. Now Airbus has a controlling stake in 50.01%, Bombardier has 31%, and the remaining 19% are distributed among private investors.

After the transaction is completed all the rights to production «CSeries», According to the law, transferred to Airbus Corporation. However, by this time, 38 such aircraft were already in operation in several airlines, and until it is clear how and who will be carried out by their technical support.

Head of Analytics Department «Airport» Oleg Panteleev assures the most important now for Airbus – Optimize the release and sale of aircraft.

Comfortable and attractive – Travelers will appreciate liner

Airbus introduced two new models of aircraft

Airbuses «A220-100» and «A220-300» differ from each other only with the capacity of passengers: at the first capacity – up to 135 passengers, second – up to 160. Seating passengers will have its own specifics: one row – two seats, another – in three. Limit freight range «A220-100» It is 5,700 kilometers, «A220-300» can fly without refueling over 6000 kilometers.

Famous aircraftpers are assigned to the public:

«This is a comfortable plane, with a modern attractive atmosphere and impressive porthole. Travelers will definitely appreciate this liner».

New aircraft prophesied a big future in terms of sales, besides, the news gave a powerful impetus to the competitive anti-aircraft. In addition to a very significant agreement between Airbus and Bombardier, who, in essence, combined their activities and allowed to expand the line of Airbus’s liners, caught by the American corporation Boeing, finally became the official partner of the Brazil’s aircraft enterprise conglomerate Embraer.

This event makes an obvious future strengthening of the struggle in the market of passenger liners. However, compete with each other will be mainly the flagships of the global aviation market — Airbus and Boeing, however, the competition between them will be rather indirect than the direct.

Rumored that first «consumer» «A220» RED WINGS will be the Russian airline. According to the representative of her leadership:

«There was a statement that the company will additionally acquire other aircraft «CSeries», But I suppose that this question concerns technical moments, and the name will be different. However, such agreements really take place».

Predict who exactly will be on the market new airbus «A220-100» and «A220-300», It is still difficult, because at the moment they are unique in their sizes. It is possible to consider the Russian aircraft dry superjet, but only under the condition of certain technical changes in the latter, in particular – Adventure its fuselage.

Airbus introduced two new models of aircraft

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