Airfare &# 8211; open to all and invisible world

Since information about these tariffs is publicly available, they applied to them, published ICAO tariffs, this basis, the same tariffs listed in reference books and available in all booking systems has every airline. They are called published airline fares. Simply put, this is the price of a ticket for a particular carrier for flight in the first, business class and economy class from point A to point B.

Ticket price

At the same time, the cost of ticket, business and economy class differs several times. However, the real price of a ticket in the usual economy class can also be significantly less declared, since, in addition to published, airlines have confidential tariffs, they are not in public access, and they are considered to be secret for competitors.

  • Cheapest tariffs

Moreover, the cheapest tariffs are offered at the start point of carriage, so that in the Russian office of the company it is impossible to obtain information on the minimum cost of the flight of this carrier on the route, suppose, Vienna – Stockholm – Vienna.

  • Normal and special rates

Normal and special. Usually the cheaper tariff, the more restrictions. Tariffs are divided into normal, excursion and special. The first implies the ability to change the date and route and do not have restrictions on the timing. These tickets can be returned at full cost.

The second tariffs imply limitations (minimum and maximum time) passenger stay at the destination. A ticket discharged across the excursion rate is also refundable and allows you to vary the dates.

The longest international tariff of this class &# 8211; Yee12M designation of the full annual tariff of the economic class, the EE-excursion tariff, 12m – the duration of stay) – breaks off abroad, at a minimum, taking into account the next Sunday and a maximum of six months. And within this time you can change the departure date. Yee1m- the same conditions, but with a maximum length of stay 1 month.

Flight tickets

Airfare; open to all and invisible world

Special rates, their main differences &# 8211; Fixed departure dates and arrival, whose changes can be, but with tangible fines; The need to pay the ticket within 1-3 days after booking, lack or restriction of stops at intermediate points.

  • Three types of special tariffs

There are three types of special rates &# 8211; APEX (APX), PX (PX) and Cuprex (SPX). The latter implies the greatest number of restrictions, but it is cheap, it is usually applied during a seasonal decline. Benefits are? International tariff standards offer two types of benefits – for young people and children.

So the tariffs YZZ and YZZ6M allow you to fly cheaper passengers of a certain age (age framework before). The only limitation is the sale of a ticket not earlier than a certain period, usually seven days before departure. As a rule, at the cheapest discount rates.

Transportation of children

Transportation of children up to 2 years paid in the amount of 10% of the cost of the adult passenger’s ticket. Children from 2 to 12 years, depending on the direction and the tariff applied, can fly either for 50 or 67% &# 8211; on preferential tariffs.

  • Sophisticated tariff

The marriage implies a 50% discount to one of the spouses, while the duration of the air ticket is limited by a month, the return conditions are governed by special rules. Pension provides% discount to people who have reached or 60 years of age.

  • Kompaniy tariff

The company’s tariff gives a 50% discount one of the passengers, but limits the actions of the ticket to one month and you need to register at the same time. Expert’s opinion: First of all, I advised a hundred times to think before flights to the cheapest tariffs with a variety of restrictions on the rules of application, many of them can not be passed back.

Buy tickets only when you’re surely sure that you will give you a visa (better if you already have it) and that you will change the date of departure. Also, when buying a ticket, be sure to require a cashier to familiarize you with the rules for applying this tariff and penalties when canceling it or change the date of departure. Have a good trip!

Airfare; open to all and invisible world

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