Airline safety measures: how to fly during a pandemic

Modern problems require modern solutions, agree? Flights are restored, more and more people rises in the air, at the airports of the crowd. Some fly on business, others – to rest. This article has collected information about safety measures for passengers who introduced popular airlines on a pandemic background.

Air France and KLM

Both carriers track information on COVID-19 and comply with the recommended security measures. Air France Measure the temperature to all passengers flying out not in the Schengen zone, and on flights to the Schengen zone, thermometry is carried out depending on the requirements of the authorities. KLM also operates according to the requirements of the authorities, and does not allow flyers with temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius. By the way, the boundary of elevated temperature has all airlines, somewhere may not be allowed even from 37.5.

In addition to thermometry Air France and KLM Monitor individual means of protection – masks and gloves. For example, for flights Air France, passengers are allowed in three-layer medical masks category 1. And on the flights of the airline KLM Antiseptic bottle included in a set for passengers of world business class and economy class on intercontinental flights.

Look for details on the site.

British Airways

Like many airlines, British Airways cares about their passengers. In airports Sanitary stations are placed, as well as the markups are clearly visible to properly comply with the distance. At landing All passengers themselves scan their coupons on their own, and show the passport of the airline worker at a distance. V Airplane Disinfection is carried out after each flight, handles, tables, armrests and toilet are cleaned. Also, the air in the cabin is always fresh and pure due to the resemblance of filters, it is updated every 2-3 minutes.

Flying S British Airways Transit, specify the rules and requirements for transit passengers in advance. This also includes visa information.


Worst for the safety of passengers at all stages of flight, new requirements came into force on May 21.

Registration and airport. At the airport, Dubai temperature of all passengers is monitored by heat scanners, and there are protective barriers on reception. At the airport necessarily wearing and masks, and gloves, and in the cabin of the aircraft only masks. During registration on the flight, customers are issued hygienic sets with masks, gloves, antibacterial napkins and a disinfectant.

In the cabin you can only transport the things of essentially – laptop, lady’s handbag, briefcase or items for children. It is recommended to take on board a handle to fill the migration and medical declarations that are required at some destinations.

Landing. All employees of the airline are equipped with PPE and help passengers to navigate at a safe distance. Landing on board is a few stages in several groups, given the norms of the distance: the first passengers with places in the tail, the last – sitting in the nose.

Crew. Crew members do not walk at the airport, and delivered immediately on board. After returning to Dubai, all employees go to the 14-day quarantine and pass the tests for Coronavirus.

In flight. Passengers of the first class and business class are provided with disposable menus and wine maps, as well as mattresses, blankets, pillows, headphones and toys in hermetic packaging. Instruments and dishes before feeding dishes are carefully sterilized. Toilet rooms are cleaned every 45 minutes. All Emirates Salons are equipped with HEPA class filters that block 99.97% of viruses and purify air from dust, allergens and microbes. After each flight, the airliners pass disinfection.

Transit zone. Passengers who have to be transit through Dubai International Airport, pass the heat scan after exiting the aircraft. Before boarding the connection, passengers give new hygienic kits, and after flying the flights, all zones have carefully disinfected.

More relevant information is looking for On the airline website .


Before landing. The airline asks for their passengers to be confident in the lack of symptoms of coronavirus, as well as at the front desk, they ask for confirmation that over the past 14 days they have not been contacted with infected. Best before departure to have a certificate with a negative test result in English. So it will be calmer all.

Also, airlines are also recommended to travel with the smallest luggage, it will be very cool if you have only hand-made. In their opinion, it will be so there will be less collision at the extradition of baggage and other gearboxes.

Please note that some flights are limited to the amount of luggage and hand-baggles. Specify the information on the site and when buying a ticket.

Do not forget about face masks – they are mandatory while at the airport and aircraft. Take with you a few disposable masks so that they can be easily changed. You can also take an antiseptic into manual sting, but the tube should not be a volume of more than 100 ml (according to the rules of fluids in hand-made).

In the airoport. His passengers Lufthansa Recommends to register on the flight in self-service kiosks or in the airline application, luggage to dwell on your own on special racks. There is nothing complicated in this, even on the contrary! But if you want to relax in the business hall, it will not work. The work of the lounge at the airports in Germany is limited.

On board. At the landing, scanners are installed that allow themselves to scan the landing coupons. Landing is carried out by groups.

The cabin of the aircraft is disinfected after each flight, much attention is paid to the toilet, armrests and tables. Also when landing each passenger gets disinfectant napkins.

All passengers on board must be masked. There are special protective filters in the cabin, and the air in the cabin is updated every 3 minutes. Therefore, the mask on the face and fresh air allows you to safely be the passengers nearby, without compliance with the distance. However, at the exit from the aircraft, the distance must be observed.

Nordavia (Smartavia)

Nordavia introduced a service on his flights "SmartSafe", which includes the provision of a medical recruit during flight. It includes:

Airline safety measures How to fly during a pandemic
  • plastic envelope with zip clasp;
  • SmartSafe liner with description;
  • gloves;
  • mask;
  • Antiseptic SmartClean.

The service is purchased no later than 3 hours before departure, costs 250 rubles. Details On the carrier website .


First of all, the carrier recommends checking the rules for entering the country in which you are going to. If the entrance is allowed, you can be calm for health.

In the airoport. Some airports before departure and after arrival to the destination, all or selected passengers can measure temperature. If the body temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius, then this passenger is not allowed to fly.

In all major airports in the country, there are autosatases of independent registration and kiosks for contactless luggage. Use them to not stand in line. Where there are no kiosks try to abide by the distance, also in the airport room you need to wear masks. By the way, Casa Alitalia recreation halls are shown so far.

Also, all passengers will have to fill out online form. For countries in the EU zone and out of its form. All subtleties and links here .

Landing. So that everyone did not enter the plane to the time and did not crowble in the passage, landing is carried out by groups, starting from the back. That is, those who fly into the nose – comes last.

On board. Nera filters, disinfection of the cabin after each flight, as well as several measures for contacting the contacts between passengers to a minimum:

  • Protective face masks (take a few pieces);
  • just one place of hand baggings on the passenger and prohibiting the placement of outerwear on the luggage shelves;
  • The number of additional. Services on board are reduced to minimize the walking between rows;
  • Food is served in the individual sealing packaging.

Air Serbia

The airline receives all recommended security measures to flight, during and after. But there is information to pay attention to.

Online registration is now available only for destination passport owners. If you have a Russian passport and you fly to Berlin, you will not be able to pass online registration. But on the way home can, since the country of destination will be Russia.

Also attention: Be sure to check the entry requirements of the destination, as the QR code will need in some countries. Check the rules can be tried here or here .

More information about safety measures on website carrier.

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