Airline ‘Victory’ –
– victory over prices or over common sense?

Flights on the flights of the Airline ‘Victory’ flying by negative. Many tourists fall into unpleasant situations when they bought a ticket really cheap, but they are forced to pay extra at the airport. Others scream: "Read Rules!"

All this is the result of misunderstanding by Russians the concept of ‘Low-Cost Airlines’. Several recent articles in my blog were devoted only to China, but now I want to distract a little and tell about the rules of Low-Cost flights. I hope that someone will help to avoid conflict situations.

What is Low-Cost

Winning airline position as a certain triumph of patriotism. At least it is with such a set that the news is written about it, and the name is the corresponding. When I hear this name, I remember the work of George Orwell "1984". If you have not read this book yet, I highly recommend.

Increased by this attitude, the Russians run tickets to buy tickets, thinking that "it’s like Aeroflot, only cheaper". Nothing like this!

The idea of ​​Low-Cost is to sell tickets at the lowest price, but with a minimum range of services. The price does not include meals, luggage, insurance, and these tickets are irrevocable. For everything else you need to pay. Here are from these surcharges and the arrival of the airline is formed.

There are many low-cost air carriers in the world. The most famous is EasyJet from the UK. They have all the same rules.

But is it profitable?

Let’s consider. For example, you fly to Vienna to watch Schönbrunn and Vienna Town Hall.

Open the website of the Airlines ‘Victory’ and see the ticket price. Price – 11 000 rubles.

Open the usual search engine tickets. Price from the company ‘AUSTRIAN AIRLINES’ – 13 000 rubles.

It seems cheap. BUT! The price of the ticket from the ‘Victory’ does not include baggage. One place of baggage up to 20 kilograms will cost you 1500 rubles. There are almost no difference. By the way, the hand-made procurement also in the price of tickets is not included – another 1000 rubles.

Take into account that these are the amounts of surcharge when buying a online ticket. At the airport will have to pay 3000 and 1500 rubles!

Separately, passengers pay airport charges, in Moscow – about 200 rubles. If you are buying a credit card ticket, then pay another commission – 2% of its cost. By the way, there are no ways to buy a ticket for a "victory" without commission.

It turns out that the ticket to the Austrian Airlines plane is cheaper, if you have a manual sting and luggage. In the Austrian plane you will be quit, and in addition we will put together (if you fly together), if you ask for this registration.

And one moment. On a regular flight, you will arrive in Vienna, and quickly by train will reach the city from the airport. The "Victory" aircraft land not even in Austria, but in Bratislava in Slovakia. Before Vienna you are on the train. That is, you lose your precious time.

conclusions. If you fly without luggage and without hand putting, then ‘victory’ will be profitable. Otherwise no sense.

What can be transported with you for free

The list is not as long as I would like. You can carry a briefcase or a handbag, but it should be small items. Umbrella or cane – everything is clear here. Baby nutrition and cradle are allowed to transport without additional charge.

You can carry a camera in a special handbag or case. Most problems arise with laptops. Laptop can be carried free, then only in a thin case. If you have a special laptop bag, then its procure is paid separately. Remember this!

If you fly with a child, you can drive a free baby stroller, but you need to pass it into luggage.

And remember the main thing

Airline 'Victory' - - Victory over prices or over common sense

Your right – to carry one luggage place weighing up to 10 kilograms and sum of length, height and width to 158 centimeters.

Airline employees will measure and weigh. It is impossible to rely on ‘avos’. Start the weights and rules, and weigh and measure everything before departure to the airport.

My opinion

Flying Airlines ‘Victory’ is profitable only if you have almost no things.

If you have a camera and a small bag with things, then you can save. As soon as the ‘victory will begin flights to China, I am pleased to fly again in a great Chinese wall and see the Forbidden City. But the flights with this airline are unprofitable.

And think about what. Is this savings worth 1000-2000 rubles spent nerves? It is not easier to buy a ticket from a regular airline and comfortable with lunch and without problems with overpayments fly to destination?

A ‘Victory’ is exactly low-cost?

Let’s compare. Above we talked about tickets to Vienna. 11,000 in ‘Victory’ against 13,000 at Austrian Airlines and 14,000 in Aeroflot.

And now I look forward to this Low-Cost carrier – Wizz Air. Tickets to Budapest This company has 7,500 rubles against 12 800 in Aeroflot. This is a real Low-Cost!

And here is another real low-cost carrier – EasyJet. Tickets to London This company has 12,300 versus 18,500 at British Airlines and 20,700 in Aeroflot. This is a real Low-Cost!

And what is the airline ‘Victory’? I would use a good Russian expression: "not fish, not meat".

Cheap flights with real Low-Cost airlines, and read other blog entries (Links below).

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